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  1. Exodia, Obliterate! @Wild Emotion that's what I first thought of cause of the initial and final prefixes of your word plus your account's forum sig and avatar hehe.
  2. This site has gone through 2 to 3 name changes, Check the wayback time machine site to see for yourself. I enjoyed discovering that fact on my own.

  3. Fun fact: This site wasn't always named AnimeForums.

    1. Animedragon



      So what was it originally called?

  4. Would love to see a floral/nature like background on one of your future works, trying out different stroke techniques and poses is a nice way to to give your works life. Lovely outfits!

  5. Say or post the first thing that you think of when you read the above user's post. Example: Pineapple My response: Spongebob
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