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  1. Happy Bday to you. Be it today, tomorrow or the next day!

  2. Taiga vs Sumire was a shocker to me. This show deserves a sequel.

  3. If you made it through the day, Give yourself a pat on the back

    1. Hällregn


      🥰 After doing three yards (mine, my mother's and my sister's), coming home and doing light cleaning, cooking dinner, washing up the mess, I honestly didn't think the day would end. 🥱 I did manage to make six hundred dollars today. 😆 This applies to you too though! Hope your day was manageable. 

  4. A hug from me to you. :) Please don't be sad.

  5. Really really, yes. Me right now:
  6. How do you feel now? I feel joyful. I wanna know how you feel.
  7. Let's make this a thread for everyone to post their drawings. Here's my fanart of Charlie and I hope not only the thread grows more but so does the community that wants to find a place to share their work.
  8. owo

    Express how you feel in the new forum games thread.

  9. Why settle for one when you can have a 20 piece (chicken nuggies) hehehehe.. Back on topic: One Girl.
  10. We gained 22 active users, yay!

    1. Soramee_


      Let’s goooo!!! I thought this forum was nearly dying when I first join so I’m happy to see that 😁.

  11. If the worst they can say is no without consequences.. ask what's on your mind, they might say yes. I've asked for the impossible and I've received it.

  12. Sometimes nightmares are future warnings, mostly to be careful and mindful of your actions.

  13. @w@ But there's a side to you that I never knew:
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