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  1. classic hand cream masturbation.
  2. Pat yourself on the back, you made it through the week.

    1. viruxx


      It was a rough one to get through, I must say. 😧

    2. Loli


      Which is why not everyone can keep up with life, only the strong willed prevail.

  3. I developed a crush for a new girl that's tending to a store close by, was buying oreos to make a frappe and she asked if I do indeed make em, I said yep and offered to make her one, she agreed so I made her one real quick and astonished her as she told me she didn't really think I'd make it, thought that I was kidding, she knocked on my doorstep to return the cup I made the frappe on looking sideways avoiding eye contact giving me a kinder surprise choco bar. I've never been given something back as a thank you, felt nice. I'll visit the store again and hope she's there again to make small talk as I buy some snacks! :3
  4. Today was a good day, getting paid tomorrow and treating myself!
  5. Share the good things you did, nice things that happened to you whether it's things from before, today, or that will occur in the future! Example: I got to see someone I care about once again in person.
  6. A forum site is only as good as it's community is willling to let it grow by contributing to it be it by striking up an entertaining conversation, making engaging threads or simply making content that catches the eyes of visitors enough to decide to make an account and be part of this home of ours. <3

    1. Myouya


      Precisely! I'm still very pleasantly surprised to see how it thrives in its own way, not by making big numbers, but by having consistent and dedicated members.

  7. There are so many things to learn about in this world, and so many people who can help us learn.
  8. Exodia, Obliterate! @Wild Emotion that's what I first thought of cause of the initial and final prefixes of your word plus your account's forum sig and avatar hehe.
  9. This site has gone through 2 to 3 name changes, Check the wayback time machine site to see for yourself. I enjoyed discovering that fact on my own.

  10. Fun fact: This site wasn't always named AnimeForums.

    1. Animedragon



      So what was it originally called?

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