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  1. Been a while~ How is everyone?

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    2. Nectar


      Okay thank you! :3 It has been a while! :O It's not the same without you and your frosty sprinkles ;-; I hope you're well!

    3. Frost


      I have stepped down as a mod and have been focusing on real life issues. I do miss everyone though. Hope you are well.

    4. brycec


      Hopefully, it's not due to lack of duck horse.

  2. Apologies for the delay in collecting- That being said, it seems to be pretty much a tie all around! With that being said, I will grant all entries 10,000 credits! Thank you for all who participated. I was hoping for a larger turn out, so I appreciate the 3 of you who entered!
  3. Yeahhh!! Let the random accusations begin
  4. Was my reasoning really all that sound? He made a vauge threat, one of which he retracted. My main reasoning was because he was "too disgustingly sweet." I was the first to pick John Jobs. People jumping on the bandwagon was just a plus for me. :3 Maybe in truth all my decisions are rash and unsound. Maybe I am just picking people off slowly. Maybe I am the killer. :3 Or maybe I'm a sadist and I'm bored and I'm ready for some pain and suffering. Let's get to the good parts. Who knows. ;3
  5. I dub thee zinnie bear. ^-^ I could have. But aren't we all going to die at some point? Maybe my rash decision making will save another life. Or maybe it will get me killed in the process. No matter what his reasoning would have been, I still probably would have suspected him. Because the fact is, we all can lie here. Maybe I'm lying. Maybe you are. Nothing he says is completely valid until we know the ultimate truth. :3 Also. I'm not one to much calculate and think before I make decisions as I am quite impulsive. :3 *shrugs* Ahhh~ Yes. I suspected you. You are quite
  6. ^-^ ah my sweet zinnie bear. You bring up some excellent points! Here is my rather blunt reasoning behind it all (besides what I already stated): Why wouldn't I be first to vote so quickly when no one else is stepping in to make the votes? I could just wait it out. But inevitably this game must move forward. With everyone waiting around so cautiously to point accusations since there have been little clues as to whom is the killer, I figured why not take it upon myself to get the ball rolling. Nectar may have been a rather haste choice, but one that I don't regret making. Would much
  7. Aight aight. I do dis. @Nectar ...I vote Nectar. You seem busy, however, you also don't seem as calculating in discovering who the real traitor is, in comparison to last game. Which has thrown some flags up for me. It could be due to the fact you're just busy. But it's also slightly unlike you. Also, I feel like your change in vote last round could have been a ploy to appear like you're actually trying to narrow down the killer, when it may very well be you and you're trying to keep up with appearances. Just a thought~ could just be speculating. Also. Nothing personal. I wuv you
  8. Hmph *crosses my arms as I sit on the potato couch*

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Yayyyyy! Nee san noticed Me

    3. Frost


      *sprinkles with love*

    4. RyePotatoes


      *blows glitter confetti* Awwww sankyu Nee saaaan

  9. ^-^ beautiful!. Thank you for entering
  10. Frost

    Welcome to AF, Jax. I hope you stick around our forum. If you wish to advertise your forum, please contact @[1:Optic] to see if he would like to be an affiliate.

    1. Frost


      We ask that you do not join just to promote your forum here. I have approved your posts but removed links to your forum. As mentioned above, please contact our admin @[1:Optic] for promotional purposes. Thank you.

  11. You can murder me any time as long as you make that face whilst doing so
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