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  1. The rainbow text leads me to believe that is a lie.
  2. 1.) I would go madly insanely because ticking from clocks annoys the crap out of me. I would probably hang myself from internal rage. 2.) Wanna go on a date? 3.) I would probably investigate where the crying came from. If I couldn't find a baby, I move. 4.) I would hire a priest to cleanse my house. 5.) HELL YA. KITTIES. 6.) I would again, poop my pants. *kisses*
  3. I would understand because if there is a God, I understand that he is not some magical sky genie that grants my every wish. As a moderator, I can see anything that is deleted or removed 1.) I would probably first, poop my pants. Then 2nd, I would investigate where the knocking came from because maybe, magically, I'm not the only one. 2.) HELLLLLLLLLLL NAW. I ain't messin with no ghosties. 3.) Use Phoenix down to revive you.
  4. Well, good night-

    1. brycec


      Good night. We'll try to keep things relatively peacefully, though I might have to teach a few people a lesson.

  5. My harem. So I could slaughter the world in the name of love @shady in response to your question, which I didn't find too personal so I will respond. I believe to some extent we can shape our own destiny by simple every day actions or decisions. We are capable of free will, since we, as humans are capable of pretty complex thought processes. I believe that each choice I make can alter or change my destiny. Of course, there's other things that can be unavoidable. Whether it's hereditary disease or, let's say someone comes up to me with a gun and blows my brains out. Sure. I could have avoided that, possibly by not walking down that street. But I chose to walk down that street, thus altering my own life; destiny. As far as God, I can't say. I was born and raised Catholic. I believe in the possibility of a higher being, but cannot say for sure either way whether I believe it to be completely factual or whether or not it shapes the outcome of my existence. I prefer to live each day, as morally good as I can be, in the hopes that my life will end up the way I allow it to be. Free will.
  6. Kirry is dead. I murdered her. Nah just kidding, she's in the BDSM chamber. I see myself going all out. Fight or flight would kick in and I'd have to do what I could to survive. I'd become a total badass for sure.
  7. I would miss everyone terribly. Every time we lose a member it truly breaks my heart.
  8. I always miss you. T_T
  9. Just posted this months first gfx contest! Check it out!

    1. Frost



  10. Hard to vote when most of the members are inactive
  11. You're a strong, independent woman, @zin ~
  12. No offense taken! You are absolutely right. I would murder any single one of you without a second thought, if it meant keeping myself in the game. But, this is how it is played, yes? Especially with me being casted off first last game, I have no intentions of dying out so quickly this round. That being said, I am suspicious of everyone. Especially my special @zin flake, as precious as she is, I trust she can murder me if it came down to that. Much like one of my favorite waifu's @Histoire did last game. In all honesty, me having such a large harem, it is more than likely I am going to be the initial target for anyone passing through, simply because the majority of the attention will be put on me. Not that I mind it. As for not suspecting @John jobs I would have to disagree. Just because he appears to be completely, utterly, disgustingly innocent in all of this, that could be the exact game he is going for. I would be more cautious, @Nectar But. Feel free to keep one eye on me at all times. I'll be sure to put on a show~
  13. Or maybe you want to divert with random chatter. Let's discuss some stuff. I believe you find me intimidating and consider me a potential threat, if anything to your precious Saffue. Why wouldn't you? I'm charming, intelligent and manipulative. I get what I want. I also have the greatest amount of pull here, considering half my harem is behind me. With the exception of @Histoire who I'm actually proud of for slaughtering me last game in such a clever and manipulative way. Let me blunt. Are you daring to actually vote against me? Trying to get others to cast me out?
  14. *sniffs the air* Waiting for people to actually start speculating and rip each other to shreds. Where's @Nectar when you need this?
  15. Because you know how I like my death. Brutal and deep. NOW PUT SALT IN MY WOUNDS AND CALL ME A BAD SENPAI. Okay, now I'm leaving.
  16. You're too adorable. My heart. Ahhh *clenches chest* TIME TO SLAUGHTER THEM ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE. Nah, but seriously, good night everyone! Be back tomorrow to rampage and stir the pot!
  17. Good night everyone~ Have a pleasant night/day and no anarchy if you can help it~ :P

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    2. brycec


      No!!! Anarchy is fun. Will you get me duck horse, if I am good?

    3. Frost


      You all get my attention. :P and maybe like. Some cookies.

    4. Kohloo


      In that case, I was a perfect angel

  18. yuri kuma arashi huehuehue Holy lawd. (o^.^o)(o^.^o)(o^.^o)(o^.^o) I KNEW YOU WOULD FIT IN. Also, this explains why you were so eager to join.
  20. Zin is learning quickly. So cuteeeeee.
  21. Nah, if anything I'd just try to get her to join my harem.
  22. Interesting and yet not the answer I was hoping for. Do you feel the need to defend yourself from me?
  23. So, curious question. Would you murder for love? I might.
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