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  1. Frost

    Hello! Welcome to AF!

    1. mun


      hi! thanku ^^

  2. Not a problem. Official art is always nice but it's still pretty gosh darn cute. I personally wouldn't really get one of these, but if I were to, that one is pretty rad.
  3. Death the Kid < 3 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/291958270286?_mwBanner=1
  4. Season confirmed for 2018 and honestly, I'm thankful for that. The gap between season 1 and season 2 was brutal to say the least. From what I understand, the initial gap was so long because the manga was still fairly new, and so there was not enough content to push season 2 out so soon. But regardless, I'm happy that I won't have to wait like 3 years for another season. Was not aware of that? Now I feel like I missed some important details, if true. Of course, I admittingly have not read the manga even though I keep saying I will. So. I'm only going off the animated series here. Generally speaking, I can agree with a lot of the points you've made. I actually preferred season 1 over 2, though. When season 2 initially started, I had really high expectations, and at first, I was really happy with the outcome. But it DID slow down.. A LOT. And there were even points where I felt like it was just jumping around as a means to keep things going but not progressing as far as plot. I was happy to see more character backgrounds. But I felt like they were more drawn out than necessary in order to basically stretch the series out. 12 episodes was a joke to me. And I honestly can't stand the fact that most anime nowadays is 12-13 episodes. I did not expect a long season, but I did expect more content than what I was given. I won't lie, I'm an action junkie as well. There were moments I grew bored. Overall, I just felt like things were a little more thrown around. And that made me a little frustrated. The last episode, that cliff hanger ending really pissed me off, I won't lie. However, necessary in order to keep people gearing for season 3.
  5. We could have a social awkward party on the couch and watch netflix and sit in silence for hours.
  6. YES. YES. OMG YES. RAVE MASTER NOSTALGIA AROUSAL. Not a dubbed series but the OP is english- I like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyL5qrFuugk SEL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9CXmEUwvgM
  7. I'd take you out on a walk and then just talk about life.
  8. I'd hug them both. Or let them sandwich me between them.
  9. My list is probably a lot different now so I will update it here~ I would snog: Everyone in my harem. So hard. @Kohloo @Sekkarou @zoop @Cy~ @RyePotatoes @zin I would marry: @Davis and bust his balls for all eternity. I would avoid: @Nectar because you tried to lick my frost.
  10. Welcome again! I hope you enjoy it here! Time travel for me and get me another one of those burrito's I just had, please.
  11. Oh, gawd. You're making me want to re-watch Chrono. Tbh, I thought I was one of the only ones here who watched it. But I agree... I was really really sad with that ending. LIKE WHY?! Yeah, Maka x Soul should have been more of a legit thing. But.. Shounen-y anime almost always does this. Death Parade, Decim x Chiyuki. I mean, I enjoyed the ending because it made me cry. But, yeah. You know. Also, Princess TuTu. One of my favorite series and the ending. THE ENDING. THE FUIN ENDING. Fakir x Ahiru. If you've seen it, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Like... That was crap. I can't say I hated the ending completely. But... Could have let Ahiru stay human.
  12. I like to think so. Still as morbid as ever. Too many directions to follow. My answer is, kill everyone. If we are talking Nazi Germany, gas chamber style. Take all their money. Then I win everything. Run away. Start a new life.
  13. Well, we are like a small tight knit family. We do the best we can~ I appreciate your kindness
  14. I definitely plan on checking out the manga, so I can at least fill in some of the gaps. Because genuinely, I really did like this film and the overall concept.
  15. I like to think so. Still as morbid as ever.
  16. Frost


    1. Histoire


      I DID NOT NOTICE THIS, I'M SORRY LOL. Happy Birthday to you as well, you pretty lady zoop. From your neighborhood loli master, Sekky.

    2. zoop


      Aw, thank you both.

  17. Since it seems we have a few more members that do gfx, would anyone be interested in AotW (avatar of the week) contests?

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    2. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller

      I would surely be interested in this. I am not too good but i can certainly try.

    3. Histoire


      I cannot absolutely make a wallpaper, so if ever, I'll drop out on the last one. Lel

    4. Frost



  18. The worst part of doing laundry is when you have to travel to do laundry.

    1. Kohloo


      The worst part for me is folding the laundry when it's done xD

    2. Frost


      Or putting it away once it's folded.

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