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  1. *slams head against the wall repeatedly and groans*

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    2. Kohloo


      I've been to Seattle once! From the brief glimpse I got there, it was exactly like Vancouver except somehow even more rainy (at the time anyway) :P I've rented bedrooms before in the past. I absolutely hated it lmao. I ended up eating real cheap and easy just so I wouldn't have to use the kitchen. And I showered at odd times so I wouldn't have to risk conflicting with someone else lmao.

    3. Kohloo


      Also, I did everything at odd times for awhile there because I was working the graveyard shift for about a year. Everyone would be leaving for work just as I was getting home lmao. There was one roommate that stayed for a couple months and I never even met them once because our schedules were so ass backwards to each other lmao

    4. zoop


      Sounds like me when I had the world's most awkward roommate for two years. It was a large one bedroom apartment, I had the bedroom, she had the living room. Without getting into an excessively long story, let's just say that I ended up living in my bedroom and only very rarely coming out for air. ^^;;

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