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  1. Can I have like.... *looks at bed* seven more?
  2. It doesn’t have any impact on my lifestyle
  3. I’ve always chosen loved ones over loved things
  4. I watched the first episode recently. That combined with previews from season 2 really has my interest piqued. So I’ll be watching it at some point
  5. In the bathtub while I’m having a soak
  6. I collect tea sets. I use my tea sets. So the obvious conclusion then should be I drink more tea than coffee right? Wrong. I drink both about equal, though maybe tea a bit more.
  7. Oh, this is awkward. I haven't watched any "current" anime for several years now. I made an attempt a couple seasons ago, but quickly gave up. I have a hard time getting into ongoing shows, so I usually don't even have any idea what current or recent shows there are!
  8. I've only watched one Asian drama, I really liked it though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W_(TV_series)
  9. Kohloo


    I make breakfast muffins for the week so I can just grab one and go in the morning on my way to work
  10. I always find it fascinating that Alice is such an iconic character. You can find adaptions in practically any medium. What’s the project for? (School, work, personal, etc)
  11. Yeah, I always stop watching for several years before finding interest in it again. It's nothing new for me. I've never really been super into it anyway though
  12. Actually, at this point, I may as well say I've dropped anime entirely. Who knows when I'll ever bother watching it again
  13. I slept in a bathtub once because I drank too much and wouldn't stop puking. All I remember is starting this godawful drinking game, complete blackout in the middle, then going to sleep in the tub. I don't recommend it
  14. Gettin' hangry. Feed me.

  15. Hi there and welcome to the forum
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