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  1. Alive-ish.....????? *Kohloo is currently unable to process emotion, please standby while she goes through her start sequence*
  2. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/ColuSeven&view=list&status=4 I have dropped a few along the way ACCA: 13-Ku Kansatsu-ka •I just found it to be very boring Bleach •I liked it at first but then I feel it's just so drawn out and I lost interest Durarara •wasn't for me I guess Fairy Tail •same deal as Bleach Hand Shakers •I was intrigued by the art style, obviously not intrigued enough to keep watching Kanon (2006) •can't be bothered with it Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi •I don't remember why I dropped it. I don't even really remember anything about it either Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt •I find this show to be absolute garbage.
  3. You may! But it might be more fun in my Ask thread~ Favourite genre of music?
  4. I tried it out for the first time yesterday, I'd say it's definitely worth the money (I didn't pay for it though, I received it as a gift from my favourite people), and it does seem to go on sale a lot
  5. Okay, first of all: I'm gonna clone myself Secondly: make like.....at least 16,000 clones, at least. Next step: link all my clones together with me like some sort of hive mind but able to carry out individual tasks (so we share knowledge) Finally: proceed to try and read every single book This might take awhile... Omg I've seen this video before and I actually really like it! Though it makes me even more afraid of the dark than I already am hahaha
  6. Am I allowed to start wearing Depends? Because I'm pretty sure I'd shit myself
  7. Brrr cooold

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    2. Kohloo


      I'd rather go to the core >.> Lol I actually don't know anything about San Diego. Is it humid? Because hoo boy do I hate humid. I got to experience two summers in Niagara Falls, Ontario and it was humid enough to actually cause me to have breathing problems. You can only imagine how much I bitched :D

    3. brycec


      Weather-wise, it is good. It can get pretty humid, but not too bad, depending how far you are from beaches.

    4. Kohloo


      I grew up and love on the coast, so I'm used to moisture being in the air, but there's also a lot of mountains which encourage airflow. So it can be pretty windy here. It results in a really nice climate! That stagnant, maximum humidity of Niagara Falls was downright awful for someone like me lmao

  8. I get to be sandwiched between Cy~ and Histoire? I can dig it
  9. Difficult? Paleese, this is eesy 1) Frost 1) Kohloo 1) Histoire 1) zoop 1) Cy~ 1) RyePotatoes 1) zin
  10. I'm a bit of a weird mix of emotions right now. It's a combination of good and bad. Usually when I'm like this, it just confuses me and I wind up feeling neutral. But right now it feels as if though the good is on the surface and the bad is just beneath. Actually it even creates a vivid image in my mind: a frozen lake. Sure, there's ice, and you could probably get across fairly far if you're careful. But it's not completely frozen yet and has many weak spots, you could fall through at any moment. Aaaand that's how I'm feeling!
  11. @Cy~, we share a similar speech quirk! I can be incredibly annoying to be around because I tend to make random sounds. As for other speech quirks: -I deliberately say "fack" instead of fuck. -if someone near me mixes up their words, I automatically say, "sounds like you're having trouth moubles and getting your mords wixed!" I've said this enough times in my life that I can't say "mouth troubles" or "words mixed" without great effort on my part. -she was all like, and then I was like, so he goes.... -sometimes something will catch my attention mid-speech and that tends to result in whatever word I was saying to be really long and drawn out until I regain focus. Typing quirks: I'm actually not sure about this one. The main thing I notice is that I will use "eh?" a lot more while typing, but I don't actually say it that often. I think it developed years ago where I started doing it as a joke because I'm Canadian. Now it's just habit. But lately I've noticed I'm starting to do it a whole lot less.
  12. What is your favourite part of your average day?
  13. Have you ever seen the aurora borealis/australis?
  14. Hi there and welcome to the forum!
  15. I thought that said goose taste at first and I was wondering what geese had to do with anything
  16. shorts and t-shirt! my shorts are boring (booo) My socks are black and purple (yaaaaay) and my shirt is black with a fabulous pink galaxy thing on it (yaaaay)
  17. When I'm on mobile, it doesn't show people's signatures in their posts (even though I have it enabledddd). So, I only just now noticed your lovely signature xD

    1. Frost


      Do you like being gumi?

    2. Kohloo


      Of COURSE I do. I loooooooove Gumi

    3. Optic


      Ah yes signatures on mobile responsive narrow are hidden but they should appear if you flip your phone to landscape! I also miss @[1363:Kohloo]'s GUMI avatar. ;)

  18. I had to go for Anne on this one. Lovin' that super serious deadpan expression
  19. I find myself liking Jean the most out of them!
  20. Aaahhh I didn't think you would take me seriously! I was just being too lazy to Google
  21. I don't watch attack on titan, would you be willing to provide pictures so I can shallowly vote based on image alone?
  22. Beyond stressed

    1. Tefutakato


      Sorry to hear that. If you can, please get some rest. Get well soon.

    2. brycec


      What happened?

  23. The closest I've seen to non-Japanese anime is Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I've seen a little bit of the Legend of Korra, but I haven't finished it at all (though I wouldn't mind finishing it one day, maybe)
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