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  1. I just saw this for he first time about a month ago. I found it to be a really pretty movie
  2. All we've got around here is HMV. It's a cool store, but they don't really have much of an anime section. About an hour and a half away there's another store stock full of movies and shows, and their anime section is much better. But I've only ever been to that one twice and it tends to be a bit more expensive. Back home though, there's a lot more stores dedicated to anime/manga and you can find quite a lot.
  3. I've never really had hype ruin anything for me. I tend to disregard any sort of hype though. Good hype, bad hype, it doesn't matter to me! I just watch things if they catch my interest and don't generally go in really expecting anything. If I like it, I like it. If I don't, oh well!
  4. Ive never had a dream about anime or the characters. But I have been told that sometimes the contents of my dreams should be in an anime lol
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