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  1. I follow Space Boy on Webtoons, and I just purchased the first volume (volume 2 is coming out in October)
  2. Oh, that's super neat! I don't know what most of those mean, but it's still really cool nonetheless
  3. Hello and welcome to AF! I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends here, very nice community
  4. Hello @Miiyell and welcome to AF, plenty of friendly people here
  5. @Frost Welcome back, I love you so much! Sorry I lost touch (I'm bad for that, like, reeeeaaaallllyyyyy bad). I'm glad to see you again
  6. Well darn, guess I gotta work on my delivery!
  7. You can also do PSNow on your computer, as I recently discovered
  8. People like to preach, but oftentimes they don't put into practice what they preach. Everyone has to look good nowadays, eh? I'm very sorry to hear about your experiences though!
  9. Oh my god, I've played Hot Shots Golf, I found it hilariously entertaining lmao. And oh for sure, it's the perfect option for me
  10. Not during the summer! Forest fires are a very serious problem here during the summer and everyone wishes for rain. Once Autumn comes around though, we'll get rain again (and floods in certain areas).
  11. This is a really good way of putting it! I've never thought of it like that before, but I totally relate to it
  12. Oh yeah, I totally get that! It's hard to avoid in anything, really. For someone as myself though, I haven't encountered it too much, because I just haven't seen that many anime!
  13. Hello people!

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      I'm doing great! You're all such lovely people 😘

  14. I've never really had much in regards to anime paraphenalia. I have two physical copies of anime though. DVD of Texhnolyze and Bluray of Ben-To.
  15. I'll honestly watch either sub or dub, I don't have much preference. There's been a few instances (not that I can remember any) where I prefer one over the other for certain shows, but it rarely comes up. Really, it depends on who I'm watching with or what's available. Or heck, sometimes even just my mood
  16. I used to gravitate more towards older shows that are already finished. A big part of it was that I found it hard and overlwhelming to try and watch newer things. Keeping up with something ongoing is basically impossible for me, and I just never really had much interest in trying to choose something that was new but finished for the season. Lately though, I've started to explore a little bit more into newer stuff. I've been slowly watching Hinamatsuri with someone
  17. I'm fairly indifferent if something is 2D or CGI or whatever as long as I enjoy the show
  18. Hello! Welcome to AF, I hope you enjoy it here
  19. The overall attraction to anime for me is the nearly infinite amount of variety there is. You can tell basically any story in anime format. I mean, it's semi-true for other formats as well, but then we're getting into visual aspect. I really like animated shows, I find them highly enjoyable. For specific anime, it's usually a combination of story and visual appeal
  20. I don't know if all of Ontario is like it, but where I was (Niagara Falls) the weather was awful! My biggest problem was the extreme humidity in summer (I could hardly breathe because of it). I'm very much happy to be back in BC haha
  21. Thanks for letting me know @XII360
  22. Don't mind my ignorance here, but I'm not entirely knowledgable in a lot of things, what is a doujin?
  23. Hello @Kingdom122 and welcome to AF! There's plenty of friendly people here, so I'm sure it'll be fun. I too hail from Canada (west coast born and raised, but I did have a brief stint in Alberta and Ontario). What's your favourite game, if you have one?
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