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  1. Capture.JPG.9d0c46985f5804043c95011a69a9e30d.JPG

    One of my first digit arts...tried to keep it simple a lot of the details of the suit are missing and the line work is quite a mess but over all its pretty good for an absolute beginner right?

    1. XII360


      seems way better than my art

      i give it a Zero/Zero (seewhatididthere?)

    2. Omega-Sama


      @XII360 hell no! I don't know if you remember but I think I commented on your art saying you have a different art style which is quite unique and I really like it.

      Also should I keep making more?

      (Very clever you are sirūüĎĆ)

    3. XII360


      @Omega-Sama i-i cant remember that far in the past (i tend to forget things, so i most likely forgot >_<)


      Also should i keep making more?

      i would have to say...

  2. Myth & Roid nailed this opening for Overlord III...Plus it just screams Albedo 

    This song is very, very tasty, very...

  3. 6 year old cousin bought me this Steins;Gare t-Shirt....absolute Legend she is 20200814_212922.thumb.jpg.d5cc6d0badd5cb2677d6273c50c32af7.jpg

    I need to buy her some Pepa Pig merch man! 

  4. I sometimes just watch a anime show just for the music...Am i the only one?


    1. Argas


      Not at all music is a big draw when it comes to anime.

    2. Omega-Sama


      Some hit the spot tho... some soundtracks which remind u of some anime are too good too good to listen to

  5. Fire Force has some good music and the fact that it was related to sister Iris makes it better


  6. My lil 6 year old cousin asked me what my favourite anime was, i told her Steins;Gate was one of my favourites so she and her mom made me this t-shirt with a quote by Rintarou Okabe who is a character from the series....


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    2. OtakuKid


      Oh okay. Good. I was worried there for a second. 

    3. Omega-Sama


      u were worried about me having a favorite anime??? :) 

    4. Omega-Sama


      i mean yeah after you watch so many absolute materpieces picking one is impossible, steins;gate happened to be on my mind i guess...

  7. Fellow otakus you might like it. Its nice even if u haven't watched or played the series.


    1. XII360


      ah yes, danganronpa

      haven't watched/read the anime/manga, but i have played the game

      so i atleast know that monokuma is....

      an evil bastard >.>

    2. Omega-Sama


      Even if you haven't watched the anime you should listen to the music its too good 

  8. Just read ur gosick review. So glad to know you liked the series it i one of my favorites. I think it is very underrated and needs a lot more possitive attention.

    1. RuthisianCodex


      I thought it was amazing. The depth of the characters was so well done & I agree that it is quite an underrated show. I wish there was another season of it, but I liked the ending a lot. 

  9. Super cool

    Kinda addicted 


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