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  1. Would i be a moster if i say i created something i call teaffee? I don't know if i was the first to try but i put tea and instant coffee together and the results were surprisingly very good! But i must say it took a lot trail and error to get the perfect amounts of both the substances XD. You should try it maybe but be warned its not always good, sometimes i felt sick after tasting it

  2. I just read Metamorphosis... Left me depressed 

    DISCLAIMER!- this manga contains highly sexual content! Im not suggesting this manga to anyone underage to watch it!

    This manga is extremly dark, it is clearly not meant for light hearted ppl. The story was quite sad from ths begining

    The plot is dark but sadly it is very relatable to the real world. ShindoL who is the auther has tried to call out flaws in our scociety

    Many of you are probably going to think "Oh my god this mans so perve! He read a hentai!" But trust me, this manga provides no pleasure, at least not to me. It has a cold harsh message which is quite disterbing and i think it was conwayed in the best way possible, as it potrayed a very dark picture to the young generation which is the most likely to go through something the protagonist went through in the manga. The auther himself said reffering to the manga  "This could happen to anyone."

    If u r old enough u should give it a go BUT i warn you it is NOT censored and contains a lot of nudity.

    DO NOT HATE ON ME! i just watched a really great review video about this manga i wasnt looking for horny content!...Please?

  3. On 9/6/2019 at 11:13 PM, Xyro said:

    ....I usually hate drawing cute little things...... but here's Kanna sitting on ploosh cushions....



    Thats amazing! I always wanted to learn pixel art guess ill start soon. Keep up the good work. Kanna is so cute

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Argas said:

    from what I've seen its a matter of where you live and type of people living there. Where I am currently its treated as odd unless you in teens.

    For me both my parents are animators so they like animes wwith good quality animations or just a different art style... tho yeah some ppl still think i watch kids tv shows 

  5. These days there are so many anime series produced and some don't get the attention thry should be getting, while there are mediocre shows which get a lot of attention thry don't really deserve. Also there are so many old anime series which have an old animation style which are bring compaired to other newer animes and are being criticized which i think is just dumb.

    Which animes do u think are not getting attention they deserve and which are those which are not as great but are ranked higher than the well developed shows and why?

  6. Hello there! Im new to these anime forums and stuff and i saw ur post which was the most recent.

    i think you will really enjoy Gleipnir, i know it sounds kinda weird but it is very cool.

    other anime you might like-

    bleach, danganronpa, black bullet, darker than black. man ive watched too much anime past 2 months i could go on for ever.

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