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  1. Just graduated and got my Bachelors Degree! ♥ Also, that light novel I mentioned in my last update? I've finished 3 chapters! :D 

  2. Just scored a 98% on one of my college papers and also finished outlining an entire light novel I intend to write. Things are going good! :D 

  3. Just finished, "Your lie in April" and then binged, "Anohana: the Flower we saw that day" and I couldn't stop crying. Your lie in April really inspired me to stay motivated and learn how to play the piano, it gave me something meaningful to hold to and I feel truly indebted to it. Anohana made me cry more than I ever have watching a show in my life, such an impactful story with beautiful characters that will stick with me always, and to accomplish such in only 11 episodes! I feel I have seen two of the greatest anime ever and I just feel so... happily sad right now. 

    Btw, if anybody wants to check out my animelist, here is the link to the account I just made: https://myanimelist.net/profile/PossibilityLives

    1. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      Same thing happened to me the first time I watched Your Lie in April. It was one of the most depressing animes that I've watched (so far in my life).

      I personally was mostly depressed because I didn't understand why, ahem, some things happened, and I still don't. Either way, still depressing.

  4. I am looking for players who would be down to play D&D weekly, I want to join a dedicated group who is familiar with 5E, plays on Roll20.net and is willing to play with a first-timer like myself. I know the basics, I have watched all of WASD20's opening tutorial videos and am somewhat familiar with Roll20. I am not looking for an entire group, per se, but I am looking for players who are willing to join one. I don't DM since I am new, so I would need a DM. My Roll20 account name is D&Diva. If anybody is interested in playing with me, knows any games I can join with them, or
  5. Title: Head in the Clouds One step upwards, two steps down, each time I lift my leg, wait, 1 second passes, my foot hits the ground. Head in the clouds, wish I had glasses, because the fog down here, it's got me movin' like molasses, chokin' down these unnatural gases, quick sand cement how the time passes, and it don't stop, not even when I'm flyin', cause I ain't got wings, gotta stop denying, my floor's risin' but not my ceiling, Michael Jordan how I float after jumpin', but always my feet hit the ground
  6. Title: Bright Red Ink The devil's in the details, at least that's what she said, she wrote it all in bright red ink just to get it through my head, signed it with her signature, a name I once held dear, threw it in my face in front of a courtroom for all to hear, stung me like a bee when I'd been sweet as honey, then took my colony and with it all my money, called it irony for all I'd said and done but when it comes down to it in hypocrisy her fortune's spun, so to the sun bid I farewell and to the moon goodbye, for days and nights come but twice a week for this
  7. Title: Ordinary Man Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me, don't you see, I'm an ordinary man, take a look, if you can at this ordinary man Read a book, watch T.V. I'm too ugly for ecstacy, break a leg, drain the keg, now you know what it's like to be me. I'm to la-azy, what is wrong with me, call me ba-aby, please go out with me, wake me from this dream, neurotic fever scene, save me from myself or let me rot in hell. It's painful here, the end is clear, so I grab my beer to wash away
  8. This is awesome, I have been listening to a lot of slipknot lately so I kinda read this as if they were singing it. Really good and I love the imagery it leaves me with, like a battlefield. Awesome.
  9. Dandelions and Roses do not mix one draws blood the other licks, painful pleasure, toxic measure, thorns evoke the predator. Hunger grows and it shows, stifled blows, bloody nose, pollinate the ecstasy, but from up here its not hard to see. Essence, aura, pheromone, touch it, smell it, like a drone, listen with your senses dear, maybe it will stop the fear. Rain drops from on high, pity pouring from the sky, starving, starving you're not done, drink it down till there's sun. Th
  10. What would you miss the most from you're everyday life if you lived in a post-apocalyptic world without any of the fun things you like to do daily (e.g. text, listen to music, etc.)?
  11. So, I have had long hair for the past couple of years. I liked it at first but recently I have gotten quite sick of it seeing as I almost always wear either a man-bun, braid or pony-tail variation. I think its a well known fact that life is just a little less colorful, a little less happy and fun when you don't look as good as you want to, and I am kind of getting bored with myself; so, recently, I have begun trying to find new fun hairstyles to try for long hair. I am not looking for sexy hairstyles, but instead for cute hairstyles, specifically ones with bobby pins. Anyway, to get to the poi
  12. Title: Cold Coffee Cup The wind whistles, the mill whines, the flesh bristles in these chilled times. The air bites, the sun wanes, from days to nights the earth complains. While mind doth falter, and flesh doth fail, while quiet does psalter, and love doth pale, in the cold, buried all alone, lies an old, cold, coffee cup. While knee's do bend, and feet doth tread, while backs do ache, and earth doth quake, while wind doth blow, and mercilessly so, the old coffee cup doth remain, dully the same. Now, as wi
  13. I just became a Catechumen in the Orthodox Christian Church yesterday! *Mario Voice* Wahoo! Glad to finally be rid of protestantism. :D 

    Also, I have decided to really start working on my art again; I haven't practiced in forever and lately LavenderTowne and Creepshow art have been getting me very inspired. I may even attempt drawing a picture a day, however, with school starting up again we'll see how motivated I feel. I think listening to Lofi oughta keep me in high spirits, wish me luck. 

    ♥ Please remember, you are having a great day ♥


    1. Seshi


      Good luck



      Thanks, I am trying to find my art-style. I haven't drawn in a long time and want to really perfect my art, so I am starting to copy artists I really like and get some new styles down. Working on Ghibli right now, I love Studio Ghibli's art-style. Ghibli's characters to me personify joy, peace and just an overall sense of, kind of a childish nostalgia. Its simplistic yet beautiful, honestly, Kiki's delivery service is my main source of Ghibli inspiration right now. :D I am feeling very happy right now, a lot more productive than I felt before. Also, I just started (a couple days ago) the dormition fast for the Theotokos, or, Mary the mother of God as most people know her. 

  14. Inactivity lately prompts me to give a lil' status update to those who care, :D 


    What I've been up to]

    School, lots of it and boring as frick, lol. Um, I have started learning to play the Cowboy Bebop theme on piano as well as memorize the C-blues scale. I actually just finished watching Cowboy Bebop, maybe I will write a review of it later. 

    What else? Oh yeah, I have been reading the flowers in the attic series, and if you know me that's kinda crazy because I do not really enjoy reading real books; anyway, I am on book 2 and it is amazing! 

    My dad bought a bunch of Orthodox Icons and we have an icon corner now so we can speak to and venerate the Christian saints of orthodoxy. I know, it probably sounds weird to you, but it is truly amazing, a window to heaven. ♥

    Just celebrated the 4'th of July yesterday and watched Forrest Gump for the first time ever; honestly, I love Tom Hanks so I don't know why I didn't watch it sooner, I think it was that 2 and a half hour time-stamp staring me down that kept me away for so long, lol. 


    AF Activity]

    I've posted some new Poems in poetry club if anyone wants to go and check them out. Other than that, I think I've mentioned I've been a bit inactive, lol. 


    Life update/Resolve]

    I have been feeling kind of lazy lately, so I think ima make a point of doing all of my workouts daily (no more skipsies) and really dedicate some more time to piano practice. Also, I intend on really getting serious about learning Japanese, no more of this anime-japanese like in Cilvanis video's, lol. 


    New Interests] 

    I think I may want to learn Ballet, idk though, I don't want my feet to get ruined so I think I might just want to learn the basics. I really just want to be even more elegant and I think Ballet helps a lot with balance, I don't really need it, but it would be cool. 

    I would like to learn how to sing as I kind of suck at it right now. I mainly want to learn how to sing because I am learning how to play piano and I want to learn how to play guitar, violin and the zither later (I love music) and if I could sing along to my playing I think it'd be great. Also, I feel like I could sing some of the poems I write. 

  15. Title: Say What you Want ♥♥♥ I said you could drown if you wanted to, drown in my love, I don't got a clue, say what you want, but please, please don't forget the view. Oh yes I cried when you walked right out the room, and I tried but its just too much to sweep, with just one broom. So say what you want, I don't got a clue, I don't understand what you're meaning to, do to me, I can see, who you are, who you'll be, and I know you'll be with me, as I'm with you... So say what you want, I don't got a clue,
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