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  1. Thanks for the feedback @ArchieKun, I am glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Thank you @SAO LILDOOP, I'm glad you liked it.
  3. When the Ocean Met the Sky Have you ever seen a sky so clear? Morning sun and clouds disappear Over the hills just to get here 'Bout a journeys worth of fear Written on the faces come near Too scared to touch the glass Too scared to think fast And when they come in last Nobody will remember the past For their names don't make the cast Have you ever seen the ocean such a dark blue? Sapphire and midnight, a magical hue Across the ocean just to find it next to you 'Bout a life's worth of fear cuts right through Your pounding heart that's already mildew Now you've become a god in a strange sort of way So now that you're here, they're about to pay Ignorance is no excuse, no, no excuse today Let's see how they feel when they're cast away Society looks down on the crimson lined tray You broke the mold and changed the clay Your name, blood red, on the cast of this play Poetry recited, eyes unblinking in the fray How beautifully you speak with eloquence on display A morning sky as blue as the ocean's waves Last thing they saw before going to their graves And in the night the waters come crashing from the caves No longer to be kept on hold, like unholy sapphire slaves Ocean met the sky, sundown Blood in the waves, might drown Crimson red rain, on the town Bloody one, wears the crown.
  4. Undefined Look me in the eyes For nothing is alright I wish to see the skies O'er the dark city tonight I just want to see them The stars all aligned Watch them, on the hem Of the skies' frame of mind Such beauty in the darkness The moon over head The pitch black starkness Stirs awe instead of dread And thought I can't see them The stars up above, I still can not condemn This feeling of love For blood looks black When under the moon's light And my skin won't crack When I'm still in this fight So I close my eyes And I bite my tongue Envision the skies With stories unsung All the stories of death Moon watching over Stories of breath No longer leftover And on my arms Are the lines Of charms And confines Yet they remind me The past is real And now I see This wicked deal Blood looks so pretty In the darkness of night Lose your mind with me It's quite a delight Who said we need death When they can die instead Who says we need breath When we're lost in our own head So much that is wrong But still feels so right Called by the song Of delicious demon delight Call down the moon To watch over our heart As we scream out of tune Like works of fine art Never do our heart rates quicken For you cannot be feared If you fear what does sicken Those who are so fearfully geared But fear is no foe No, fear is a friend It watches from bellow As we let it bow and bend Imagination and fear The works of an artist Lend them your ear And you'll see what your part is They hate us here But do bear in mind They do not give ear To those undefined.
  5. Inspiration Silly me, silly me Losing myself again Finding inspiration In the black ink of pen Beautiful letters On perfect parchment Reading those words That he was sent Ringing in my ears Inspiration draws near How come I always find you In the darkness of fear? I should feel disgusted Mixed with feelings of fright But who could fear a demon Who's so perfectly polite? And always it comes Just at the worst time Your words of deception Now my own internal chime You stir fear and disgust In most, but not all For in this, mine own mind Your words stand tall Oh, "Inspiration" What a silly word So many options ... Yet yours is preferred.
  6. Happy New Year everybody! I hope your 2019 is full of wonder and joy.

  7. I'd say my biggest habit is keeping a sort of "rhythm" whenever I walk which is connected with another odd habit/quirk I have of completely zoning out often times when I'm walking, this is especially true if I'm walking by myself or the people I'm walking with are quiet. I don't know why it happens or how, but I can usually only hear my own footsteps (really loud, like I'm wearing headphones that block out every other noise) and I just subconsciously start playing a rhythm in my head that follows my steps. For instance, I'll go "One, two, three." at the same pace I'm walking, or I'll just hear the sound of my steps as a sort of beat/rhythm in my head ... I'm not sure if I explained this well but I hope it came across alright.
  8. See the source image

    Fictional characters deserve to have their birthdays celebrated too! (Especially if they're this little angel.)



      Ha, kawaii-desu! Happy Birthday Armin! 


  9. Here's my submission: A young Armin dressed up as a little ghost for Halloween.
  10. Halloween is coming up and I felt it was only appropriate to change my profile picture to an adorable little Halloweeny Armin.

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