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  1. I just had a wonderful birthday, (Shout out to @Roxeg for the sweet message!) and finished Attack On Titan S2!

  2. ItsSammy

    Panic! at the Disco: High Hopes

    I absolutely love this song/music video and I think you have broken it down very well, pointing out all the important symbolism and appreciate the great choreography as well because, honestly, it was truly beautiful.
  3. ItsSammy

    R u a Yandere, Tsundere, Kuudere or Dandere?

    I'd say I'm both Kuudere and Dandere ... I'm not sure about percentages and I suppose it depends on how I'm feeling on that day, but definitely Kuudere and Dandere.
  4. ItsSammy

    Piercings and Tattoos?

    Everyone has different opinions and different likes and dislikes, I personally don't have an objection to tattoos and I think some of them can be extremely artistic and meaningful, however, if someone's just jumping on the 'band wagon' and trying to be cool by getting a tattoo that is ... well, disappointing. I have the same stance on piercings. I don't dislike them and find that they can even be quite beautiful, however, as I said above about the tattoos, if someone's just getting piercings to be 'cool' I find it extremely stupid and a waste of money ... The only reason I would (probably) refrain from getting tattoos and/or piercings is because of the medical problems that can occur and the fact that they are permanent. (Mainly because I do suffer from anxiety and having something permanent that may also cause medical problems would ... well, not be very good.) I don't have any problem with anyone who does have piercings or tattoos though and I, honestly, find them very intriguing and even attractive when done the right way.
  5. ItsSammy

    Character Alignment?

  6. ItsSammy

    Help Name the Kitten!

    What about Necahual? It's from Nahuatl/Aztec descent and means 'Left behind' and 'Survivor', which seems fitting since the kitten has managed to survive even after being left behind by it's mother. Or perhaps Pluto. The planet (technically not considered a planet anymore) was named after the Roman god of the underworld and is the smallest planet in the solar system, which is also seems fitting since your kitten was the runt of it's litter.
  7. Currently watching Voltron: Legendary Defender and enjoying it very much. Pidge has absolutely stolen my heart.

  8. I just started Voltron: Legendary Defender and I absolutely love it. I have binged the entire first season in one day and I'm actually surprised at how good it is. I usually stay away from anything Mecha because it's one of my least favourite genres, however, this show has gone above and beyond my expectations and I'm extremely glad I gave it a chance. The characters are also all very interesting and complex, even though it revolves around a team of characters with the 'leader', the 'smart kid', the 'funny' one and what not they're not just the cookie cutter stereotypes of those personality types, they're all layered and manage to have different quirks and traits about them that make them very lovable. I would actually recommend this show to anyone who says they hate Mecha shows because it's actually really entertaining, the art and story is good and the characters are all really lovable.
  9. I'm not sure my profile accurately depicts my obsession with Armin Arlert ... perhaps I don't have enough pictures.

    (Here's another.)

    See the source image
    1. AniMeFReaK


      Armin with his hair tied in a ponytail is literally THE cutest thing ever! Where did you find it, by the way?

    2. ItsSammy


      "Armin Arlert alternate hairstyles" or "Armin Arlert ponytail", be careful though, every single picture is pure cuteness.

  10. I'm currently watching Durarara! and it's quite interesting. The characters all seem well written while the story is complex and intriguing, all around it's very good from what I've seen.
  11. ItsSammy


    Yes, the other one was mine and I'm glad you liked it.
  12. ItsSammy


    Congratulations @Roxeg, your poem was absolutely beautiful.
  13. ItsSammy

    I bought my first manga book!

    Oh, wonderful. Death Note is astoundingly grand and I loved the manga as well as the show. If you like that I'd recommend (Rabbit) Doubt and Judge which are psychological thrillers mixed with horror and mystery aspects as well.
  14. Definitely date, he sounds like a fun guy and it seems like we'd have similar interests. King, a young mute tech genius who communicates through texts and, although highly intelligent is extremely inept/awkward when it comes to emotions and romance.
  15. If I'm being realistic then I'd want to have green or blue eyes because I think they're absolutely beautiful. However, if I could pick any colour then I'd say pure black.
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