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  1. do we have creative contests?

    I'm interested in a creative contest, yes. What did you have in mind?
  2. The last movie you just recently watched

    I just watched Thor: Ragnarok and absolutely loved it! I'm not usually into action movies and the like but I'm a major Loki fangirl so ... Yeah. Any who, the movie was shot beautifully and each scene was vibrant and exciting. The music was great, the writing was great, I even found myself laughing quite a lot during this movie which is a rare sight since I have a slightly ... Morbid sense of humour. However this movie was brilliantly funny while still having some somber moments. All in all, it was beautifully done and gorgeous film.
  3. Where do you watch your anime?

    I use Netflix and Gogoanime.
  4. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    1. I'm terrible at accepting compliments and don't like saying good things about myself because I feel it will raise peoples expectations of me and I don't need that ... 2. I love writing and I'm currently working on a new project that I've spent months working on, however I always have trouble finishing my writing projects due to anxiety and being overly skeptical of my work to such an extent I can't manage to find anything good about it. 3. I'm an overly anxious person and have been since I was a child. I remember getting slight panic attacks whenever I got an ice cream cone because I was petrified of dropping it on the ground ... I also have social anxiety which is just grand! Not. That was sarcasm, there's nothing good about my anxiety ... 4. My interests vary in music, literature, film and just about everything. I listen to metal, rock, pop, rap, bands ... Just anything really. I also love just about any book which is why I've read every book I own and cleaned out almost every library I've been to. My film interests are mostly for shows but I do have some movies I love whether they're complete fiction, history related, mind boggling tales or just mysteries I find interest in it all. 5. I'm an immensely cynical person and quite antisocial ... I'm not very good at keeping conversations going unless we're talking about something morbid, or fangirl related, that's the one exception.
  5. First manga you completed/binged.

    I have read a few mangas but not the entire series, for example, I've read all season one of Tokyo Ghoul's mangas but I'm currently waiting to watch the anime with my roomie so I didn't read any further so as not to spoil anything. I've also read up to season 2 of Attack On Titan's mangas but also stopped reading that for the same reason ... Spoilers. I did read Judge and Rabbit Doubt though. They're utterly fascinating and although slightly amateurish in the beginning since it seems to be the authors first manga, it's really well done and complex. Rabbit Doubt is the first series with Doubt being after it, although the two are different I loved them both and felt the plot twists never let you down. Doubt is practically a manga version of Saw and it's absolutely delightful in a morbid, dark, pretty disturbing way.
  6. Ask the member below you!

    I would enjoy it quite a lot since I'm really into detective work, mysteries and criminals. I've actually got a few biographies on serial killers around here somewhere ... What is one thing you can't live without?
  7. What kind of anime girl are you?

    I got a maid.
  8. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    @Vivi Hyuuga Nice to meet you as well.
  9. Television

    I love Breaking Bad, Sherlock and Prison Break. I have watched quite a few other shows but those three are my favorites.
  10. is water wet people?

    Well actually, it depends on how you're using the word since "wet" can mean that something is covered with, or touching, water, where it can also mean a liquid that makes something damp. So, if we were using the first example then no, water would not be wet. However, water is a liquid that makes things wet, so it is therefor wet if being used in latter example.
  11. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    1. I am, probably, one of the biggest fangirls you could ever find. I get utterly obsessed with things quite quickly and will know pretty much every little detail about the show or character in a matter of hours ... For instance, I can quote characters perfectly on the spot, I can tell you how tall any of my favorite characters are, I can tell you random facts about the show or characters and I can rant for hours on end. 2. I have weird habits when it comes to my fangirling and as I mentioned above I can remember almost any fact about my favorite characters/shows, but the one thing I always end up needing to know after finding a character I love is how tall they are ... I honestly don't know why, I just find it really interesting and I love knowing how tall they all are. 3. When I try to give an explanation for something I find important it will be very long, filled with facts and probably more passionate than most are comfortable with ... I actually get shut down by a lot of people because they think I get too into my debating. 4. I've been told that I seem really nice and sweet by quite a few people but that's probably due to the fact that I don't really talk about anything I'm thinking ... My mind is mine and mine alone. All these cynical thoughts and disturbing things are not for others. 5. I love reading biopics about serial killers and criminals since I find it absolutely fascinating and think it's just down right absurd that most people don't even get a little curious as to what these people are thinking!
  12. How does your anime role model affects you?

    I have a few anime role models but the top two are probably Levi Ackerman and Armin Arlert of Attack On Titan. Levi: I find Levi to be pretty much the perfect role model for me because I myself am a very anxious and regretful person, while Levi always takes everything so calmly and his speech that he gave to Eren with the line, "We are only allowed to believe that we will not regret the choice we made.", was one of my favorite moments in the anime because I have many regrets even though I've barely done anything in life ... I do have the ability to play my emotions off well if I really intend to, but I do always end up over analyzing everything and getting anxiety over it which is why I see Levi as being that person I can actually hold up as a role model since I can relate to him while also looking up to him ... If that makes sense. I just really love his ability to always stay calm both outwardly and inwardly, the inwardly part is what I struggle with, but also his control of everything and keeping everything working even though he barely talks. I can also relate to his introverted behavior around people since I am quite introverted myself, which helps me realize that striving to be like Levi isn't too far out of reach since I do share quite a few qualities with him. Armin: Honestly, Armin is like that little angel kid who does everything but doesn't realize how amazing he is. He's just absolutely perfect. I can hold Armin up as a role model because he's basically a little angel. How can you not look up to someone like that? I adore his ability to always think outside the box and come up with plans during pressure, he's also the sweetest little guy and totally adorable. However, the one thing I would tell Armin to stop doing if I met him, was to stop doubting himself ... I struggle with the same issue, always feeling like I can't do anything right, which is why I can see Armin as a role model since he's beginning to really believe in himself more and more as time goes by. I also just love his loyalty to his friends and his strength. He's gone through a lot what with losing his family and all that, but then deciding to stick by Eren and join the army showed his loyalty and his bravery and being able to come up with that beautiful speech to save Eren's life when he was under a lot of pressure showed his strength. So I can always try to be as kind as Armin, as loyal as Armin and as strong as Armin, while also being able to relate to his struggle with feeling not good enough although he's slowly getting better at fighting it and I love watching him over come it.
  13. I spent an insane amount of time on my new cover photo ... I think it looks pretty good though.

  14. Dreams...

    I rarely have dreams but when I do they're usually really detailed and life like nightmares ... I have even woken up feeling pain from something that happened in my nightmares.
  15. What anime are you watching now?

    I just finished watching Girls Und Panzer and then started Princess Principal. I've already watched 6 episodes and it's quite interesting.