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  1. Fairy tale

    If life were like a fairy tale with which we are so mesmerized Then wouldn't it be a drab tale of life, where no one ever dies? If life were like a fairy tale with it's "Happily ever after" always at the end Then wouldn't life be such a bore with nothing to fix, nor mend? If life were like a fairy tale where the mean are cast aside Then how I would I ever fair, on that side? If life were like a fairy tale where princess' come from bluffing Then wouldn't life just be worthless, since work attains nothing? If life were like a fairy tale, you may wish it were so But I would be lost in that world, with no where to go ... For if life were like a fairy tale I'd be so sick of the sweetness And if life were like a fairy tale I fear the poison would be my weakness. For if life were like a fairy tale I'd be an old witch But fairy tales are full of perfect princess's without a single stitch ... If life were like a fairy tale the world would be a bore, For nothing fun ever comes without a little gore.
  2. What is pain?

    Beautiful ... Honestly, just beautiful.
  3. The Devil.

    The devil tells tales that make us cry The devil tells tales we'd swear were a lie The devil tells tales we wish were true The devil tells tales to me and you ... 'Cause ... The devil is a liar, the devil is a prince The devil is a smile, the devil is a wince The devil is a capture, the devil is a slave The devil is a kingdom, the devil is a grave The devil is a lie, the devil is a truth The devil is death and the devil is youth, 'Cause the devil is one too many things The devil is the fear of all these kings The devil is a plan, the devil is a trap The devil is a land that has no map The devil is a grave with which we lie The devil is a king in his own eye 'Cause the devil was an angel 'til he met his fall The devil was a serpent when he lost it all The devil was a liar but he's no lie ... 'Cause the devil is just as real as you and I.
  4. Tekken 7 and characters!

    Awe ... May I ask why?
  5. Create an Anime character

    @Roxeg I'm not used to dice based roleplays, I've only done written, forum roleplays before ... I also don't really like sharing personal information, such as my email which I saw was required.
  6. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    I don't really use quotes in my every day life, however I have quite a few I agree with totally and usually end up thinking of at least once a day. "I can believe in my own abilities or in the choices of the companions I trust, but no one ever knows how it will turn out. So, choose for yourself whichever decision you regret the least." -Captain Levi "The only thing we're allowed to do is to believe that we won't regert the choice we made." -Captain Levi "I don't like the terms 'good person' or 'bad person' because it's impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone, to some, you are a good person, while to others you are a bad person." -Armin Arlert "People who can't throw something important away can never hope to change anything." -Armin Arlert
  7. Tekken 7 and characters!

    My two favourite Tekken characters are ... 1) Leo Kliesen. 2) Sergei Dragunov.
  8. Create an Anime character

    @Roxeg No net yet, however I've had a lot of experience making characters since I used to do a ton of online roleplays and have worked on a few book ideas over the past years.
  9. Create an Anime character

    Here are my two latest characters ... Merus Angelicus Soter. (Meaning: Pure angelic saviour) Merus is the first and only heir to the snow elf throne. His mother and father both look down on him however for his runty appearance and inadequate mind set ... upon reaching 6 years old (In elf years) he was given to the church in order to learn about religion and the like. He was taken care of by the monks up until he was 12 and then his parents sent him off to the woodland region, giving the excuse that it would help him learn how to interact with other races and understand different cultures but in reality his parents were attempting to raise up another heir in his stead. Merus has spent the last 3 1/2 years in woodland territory, studying under the highest and most respected elf there. He has learnt some magic and become wiser, now being quite learned in diplomacy, strategy and elvish magic although his lessons are sometimes interrupted when he sees cute woodland animals, for he has a great fondness for anything fluffy. -Merus is 5'4 (which is really quite short for an elf) and has an icy grey tone to his pale skin. -He has large dark grey eyes with a hint of blue in them and a (somewhat) curly mess of bright white hair on his head. -His large elf ears point outwards instead of up like most elves and he sports three earrings in his right ear, four in his left. -Aside from his earrings he also has two thin stripes painted on his right cheek in a greyish blue colour, along with a small but noticeable beauty mark under his right eye. Here's a drawing I made of him ... Scitus Scius Sanguis Sylvestris. (Meaning: Cleverly skilled bloodshed of the forest) Scitus is the smartest woodland elf around. He's a master warrior and the kings own supervisor, making sure everything gets done right around the palace and keeping diplomatic problems in check. However, once Merus arrives in the woodland palace the king puts Scitus on the job of watching him and teaching him ... This is mostly to help Scitus become better at teaching others, since he's supposed to raise up the next royal supervisor and has, as of yet, scared off every entry so far. Scitus was born to the Sylvestris family, a renowned family of wise elves who have, since anyone can remember or records record, always held positions in the palace. Scitus himself however, even after becoming the kings supervisor, has studied elvish magic, alchemy and even some dark magic along the lines of necromancy and the like even though it is a somewhat looked down upon act/profession. -Scitus is 6'2 and has a very light complexion, such as is natural for woodland elves. -He has narrow pale blue eyes which seem to change colour depending on the lighting and his expression. (Usually changing to brighter blues or even shades of green) -He has straight golden blonde hair that falls just a few inches past his shoulders. (Usually worn in a partial ponytail or with a few braids on the side) -He has large pointed elf ears that are positioned upwards, in the natural way. -He has rather defined cheek bones and a sharp jawline along with a thin, slightly pointed nose.
  10. Currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and falling in love with Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye.

    Image result for roy mustang x riza hawkeye cute



      Kawaii-desu. ♥

  11. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    1. I once had a huge break down over a fictional character in front of quite a few people ... Now, I'm not very open with my emotions normally and I try to hide them as best I can but I just ended up bawling that time. 2. I'm an avid reader and have actually been working on a book of my own for a year/year and a half now. 3. I get obsessed almost instantly and end up falling head first into fandoms ... it usually leads to hours and hours of reading up on every little fact I can find about my favourite characters and then telling everyone I know these facts whether or not they want to know them. I'll just walk up and be like, "Random *insert character name* fact time!" and throw out a bunch of facts no one actually wanted me to tell them. 4. I've recently begun watching FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and I've fallen in love with Roy Mustang ... 5. I'm partial to stoic, emotionless male characters who actually turn out to be really cute and caring once you look close enough, like two of my favourite anime characters ever! Roy Mustang and Levi Ackerman. (I also find it down right adorable when these characters end up being exhausted from working too hard or not getting enough sleep and then trying to hide the fact that they secretly take little naps here and there)
  12. I feel like we'd have to many differences with our views and opinions for it to work out, but I'd be flattered.
  13. Share your Writing!

    The Garden's Ghost In the pale moonlight of a winters night I often walk through these gardens with my heart in my hands, touching each flower and letting the roses thorns prick my fingertips. Watching the little droplets of blood emerge and drip down my hand is something I've become accustomed to after all these nights of long walks in the dark. Looking down at the tough earth, it's green grass bracing for winters snow and the cold wind that will soon flatten it lower 'til it is beaten down and bent in the storms, I leave my boot prints behind. I walk these grounds in the dark, for that is when no one notices this ghostly figure who appears every night on the same hour. No one notices the trail of crimson that is left behind on those pure white lilies, nor the boot prints left in my wake. No one else wanders these grounds, for the gardens are forgotten by most ... it is instead home to the ghost who walks these grounds, his lips sealed shut from his desire to keep his sobs from sounding out. No one notices this ghost, nor do they notice the graveyard ... for on my lips a thousand words have died and on my tongue a thousand screams have wished to be uttered, but not a single one has escaped my mouth. My lips are cold and blue, perhaps from the winter breeze or perhaps from the ghosts which haunt me, for my mouth is a graveyard full of all those words I should have said ... all the words I wanted to say but never could. Now they lie in their graves, hidden behind my lips. These lips that utter only few words for fearing of giving too much away. These lips that barely open for fear of the ghosts tumbling out. These lips always turned down in a frown for fear of crying once more ... for it is easier to hide my ghosts behind a façade of contempt, rather than let them out and pay the price.
  14. Which Song Are You Listening To?

  15. Which Song Are You Listening To?

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