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  1. I just finished Attack on Titan season 3 and, dude ... it was brilliant! 

  2. As an aspiring writer I love creating worlds, complex characters and stories that bring these elements together in order to create a written work that makes one think. I think the best kind of written work is one that does not overtly push a certain view or thought that the writer wants you to come away with but rather one that lets the story and characters speak for themselves in order to allow each and every reader to relate to or realize something new from the story and its characters.
  3. @Asuna Yuki Oh yes, I quite enjoyed watching The Road to El Dorado as well.
  4. I'd say the movies that make me feel the most nostalgic are: 1. Aristocats (1970) This was always one of my favourite movies as a kid and I still just absolutely love it today. The art is beautiful, the music is just wonderful, the characters are just absolutely charming and the story is incredibly fun. 2. Treasure Planet (2002) This was definitely another one of my absolute favourite movies growing up because it was such an original concept with breathtaking art and an intense plot! I also feel like I had/have a strange "I-can-relate" view towards Jim even though my life is pretty much the opposite of his ... I'm still not totally sure why, he's just a very relatable character to me and I can sympathies with him a lot. 3. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) I really loved these old Disney movies when I was younger and Atlantis had that original feel about it as well which I loved. Again, the art for this movie was also beautiful and, having re-watched it recently, I can say that I still love it and the characters. and, 4. Grave of the Fireflies (1988) I haven't seen this movie in a while but I remember watching it multiple times when I was younger and crying every time. It's such a beautiful, heart wrenching tale that was like nothing I'd ever seen before (it was the first ever animated Japanese film I'd ever seen at the time) and I absolutely loved it even though it made me so incredibly sad. Some movies that make me feel good are: 1. Donnie Darko (2001) I have to say this is my favourite movie of all time (I just love everything about it, honestly) and it makes me feel weirdly "seen" due to the fact that I feel like Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), especially in the therapy scenes, captures some of the exact same expressions and mannerism I displayed during my therapy sessions as well ... especially the nervous, crooked half smile that's barely there but somehow still very noticeable because it's just hardly keeping back tears. I also liked seeing a character who expressed resentment and disgust with those around him quite often and who was downright apathetic at points due to his different views on things but was still caring and sweet too. It was just absolutely wonderful to see a character I could look at and say, "He's like me." at times because, although his issues are (obviously) completely different than mine, I felt like I was seeing an honest portrayal of things I've felt for a long time ... I also just love the absolutely creepy and unsettling tone that always transitions so seamlessly into the film at every turn. The music used for these scenes is absolutely wonderful and enhances each scene so beautifully. I also just adore how the movie screws with your mind, unsettles you and makes you laugh so easily ... it's just such a beautiful film to watch that it always makes me feel good and I have so many quotes from it that I don't think I'll ever quite forget. and, 2. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) + Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) Honestly, I'm not really one for comedy movies and usually find them quite boring, predictable and over-saturated with jokes I've heard a million times before. However, I do have to say that for some reason I absolutely adored these movies. Having watched them quite recently with a friend of mine who'd told me they were great I went into them expecting nothing that special (however, I knew I was at least going to like them a little bit since I absolutely adore Keanu Reeves) but, quite shockingly, I found them genuinely entertaining and they had me laughing harder than I've laughed in a good long while. Now, usually I hate movies that have little logic and are just full of jokes to make up for it but alas, the complete lack of any logic whatsoever within these films made me love them that much more, which surprised even me. In the end, these movies were an absolute joy to watch and had me laughing even after they were done so I definitely have to put them on my list of movies that make me feel good since it's so rare for any comedy movies to do little more than make me exhale in a somewhat humored manner.
  5. Redemption In the wake of a million fires I see my own flesh on burning wires And tears come streaming from your eyes For you can't bear to hear these helpless cries And I don't know if they're coming from you or me ... "Oh dear God," I hear you whisper, "Please set her free ..." Waking with a start I find you in the dark You hands cold as ice and your face stark For you're always so stoic even in the night For that's when demons find us and bring fright To our hearts, to our heads, to everything we know And the smell of burnt flesh still hasn't let go So I sit by your side and I wait 'til the morning Watching and waiting as I sit here mourning For I know you are praying, even in your sleep And I know you are crying, for your heart doth weep And when you awake I know you will say, "Tomorrow's tomorrow, but today is today." For you always have the right words on your lips And whenever I falter you appear, you eclipse For the sun is too bright on my sinful skin So you cover it up, with the darkness within And I know you are as holy and righteous as they But you act like you're nothing whenever I say, "Holy knight, holy one, what shall I do? I have lost everything, now I can't lose you too But I fear I have fallen prey to mine own self And I hope, to your God, you stay yourself But if you stay by my side, holding tight to me What good can I do? What good will I be? For I have sinned and brought His wrath down And I know you doth wish to stay, but I fear you will drown For the river is rushing and the rocks doth cry for blood So I beg you, good knight, save yourself from the flood!" But every time I beg for your life and not mine You turn right around and say it's divine This life I've been given, this life I doth live For you say it is mine to hold and not to give For I can't give it up and I can't give it back So you hold my hand and don't let me slack Oh, how you continuously pray for my redemption But when I protest and say it will bring no exemption You say, with a smile, "I know it will not, For your heart hath not a single blot And therefore God need not forgive But I believe it will help you live If you remember I doth pray for your soul Even when you think you are not whole For if there need be redemption for your life I pray for it to save your from your inward strife For you suffer eternally for wicked caused to you And not by the good caused through the things you do ... So, my dear little one, forget the past And instead hold tightly to what which will last ..."
  6. Thank you so much, @SAO LILDOOP!
  7. She's A Witch! "She's a witch! She's a witch!" they cry "She's a witch! She's a witch! She better die!" And in the fiery glow of the sunset They watch and wait to see her yet For she's got short hair, just like a boys And she walks around without any poise For she wears winter clothes in summer sun So no one knows what she is until they're undone And she looks at me like I've got "demon" written on my face And she looks at me like I better step back another pace And she looks at me like she's got magic in her veins For she's a witch, she's a witch, but I've brought no chains ... "She's a witch! She's a witch! She's a witch!" they scream "She's a witch! She's a witch! Kill her quick, and stop here scheme!" And in the darkened gloom of the night's shadow moon They watch and they wait to see if she'll rise from her tomb For she's got eyes like a demon, they see everything And she's got nails like a dragon, they'll kill the king For she curses his name and refrains not from treason She's not bothered by his laws, no, she doth not see their reason And she looks at me like I've got something hidden within And she looks at me like she's got some hidden sin And she looks at me like she wishes she could For she's a witch, she's a witch, but she seems so ... good. "She's a witch! She's a witch!" They proclaim "She's a witch! She's a witch! End her game!" And in the foggy dew of the afternoon They watch and wait to see her soon For she's gathered an army of those they hated And she's bringing them up to be something elevated For she's buried the righteous and healed the damned Now she is theirs and they are hers to command And she looks at me like I've brought her hope again And she looks at me like I've made beauty out of pain And she looks at me like I'm her equal through and through For she's a witch, she's a witch, but she's still better than you ...
  8. Lonely. In this daily life everyone's searching for their creator Too bad for me, I already met mine, I'll see him sometime later But for right now, he's dead and gone, somewhere in the ground And they all say "My creators above!" but mine is nowhere to be found ... I think I left him in the garden, but my memory is faulty still For he looked healthy at the time, but now he probably looks quite ill And I wonder if the worms have got him, probably crawling through his skin Too bad I had to say goodbye, for he still hadn't put a heart within And I wonder if he ever would have bothered with such a thing For I am but a simple man, what good could a heart bring? So as I sit upon the floor, my eyes wide open as before I wonder of my destiny, then I wonder some more For I was created with such a curious mind Which is something really quite rare to find Especially in those with this model type And somehow it just doesn't seem right ... Why would he give me these thoughts and feelings? Emotions are nothing if not idiocies dealings Right? For what else could they possibly be? Why would the creator give them to me? So I sit and I wonder, letting days pass by For I need not stop to get some shut-eye So instead of lying in bed and getting some sleep I clean my eyes and watch as the sky doth weep For it seems so sad and it seems so lonely We could be lonely together, if only ... And as days pass by with no sound or voice I finally stand up and make a simple choice To see the world and all within it Before I change my mind or just forget ... These people seem so lonely, like I was up in my room They seem as bleak as the garden, now the creators tomb And I wonder if they were created with the same design Perhaps the creator forgot their hearts like he forgot mine Or maybe they too just had no need for such frivolities For, as I've said, what doth a heart bring in good qualities? So once again I sit back down, unsure of what to say For now I am lonely again, just in ... a different way.
  9. Indescribable. There are so many words in this world, yet none of them seem to fit So many ways to describe your face, but I still can't quite convey it ... I've tried so many times to write words and write rhymes that could express But nothing I could ever say or write would ever rightly address That which is so beautiful, like a moonlight shadow on the water's reflection Clear as glass and still as ice, a beauty so untouched by time's infection No, no words in my mind or in ink on paper could ever rightly do Justice to that look of peace that stills my heart and cuts right through Like a sliver of sunshine shining through all the dark, bitterness and grey So beautiful, like a summer's day, now what else could I ever say? Oh, much more, so much more but I fear I find myself so dumb For I cannot but write that which is seemingly static and numb ... For as I've said, in my word and my head, I cannot write your angelic grace For everything I have ever seen or said, cannot depict you nor your face For when one looks upon an angel, they cannot speak of what they've seen And when one looks upon your beauty, they cannot find words to depict that scene For I could spend my entire life writing strings of words both real and fantasy But still, I fear, I would not find a way to truly depict your beautiful majesty ...
  10. The Split. There's a split in my lip, from where? I know not ... But it's surely slowly growing and peeling, like rot It's on the underside of my top lip, you never would know But it's slowly growing and peeling, I fear it will soon start to show And I do not know why I worry so much, that this split will tear me apart Perhaps it's because this one little split is where you look at the start ... For I have many a split in my soul and my head, but no one can see at a glance And I have many a split in my heart and my being, but those are not seen by chance No, I fear this one most for it would bring attention, if anyone were to see But those within, buried in my soul, no one ever notices but me ... And I'm scared they will see it, this terrible thing, so gruesome and gory, aghast! Yes, I fear they will see it, this horrible thing, so ugly and scary, at last ... Oh, a terrible thing, yes, a terrible thing! It truly is horrendous to see For slowly but surely this little split lip has completely consumed me ... Now I stand on the corners and hide in the alleys, waiting for someone to come But no one ever stops or listens to me, for I am lost in the daily hum-drum Drowned out by the noise, drowned out by the views, drowned out by everything new Yes, I am drowned out by the cries, drowned out by the cheers and drowned out by you For no one wants to see, little ol' me, no, not anymore, for they fear what I now be For any time one of them doth simply see, a glimpse, a gaze, a glance of me Their eyes go big, their jaws drop down and suddenly it's all around That split, that scream, that call, that cry, that plea and that horrible sound For once they get a look at me, just a shattered split of what I used to be Their eyes roll back, their bloody screams crawl out and soon they see ... Fear is etched in all of us, like nails on the blackboard, screaming Yes, fear is burned in all of us, like nails in our eyes, weeping And now they know, yes, now they know I am to be feared For I am everything they wish to forget but I cannot be disappeared For though they cry, though they scream and they die They still realize that I am here, I am there, I am low and I am high I am this horrible split that over took everything I used to be I am the man on the corner, watching you, too scared to watch me I am the woman in the alley, calling out your name in the night I watch your turn, your eyes so wide before you flee away in fright For you are them and they are you, both scared to see today ... But I am me and I is that which is forever, continual and alway For I am the being that hides in the cracks, bellow each smile and lie I am the split in the underside of your lip, from where? Who knows but I?
  11. Best Friend, Worst Enemy. No one has a best friend quite like mine Their feet firmly planted right on the line Best or worst? I can't read the sign ... Which one's which? Mixed in their design. No one has a enemy quite like this Their eyes as black as the abyss Their words as sharp as a serpents hiss And no one knows who this really is ... No one has ever seen a being like them Crimson in their hair, blood on their hem Beautifully deranged in their mayhem So much so that I can not condemn ... No one has ever seen a boy pretty as he Big brown eyes and that innocent plea Pouty little smile when he looks at me And now his wicked grin is all I see ... No one has ever seen a girl as dark as she Jet black hair that falls past the knee Those black abyss eyes are trained on me And now her soft smile is all I see ... No one has ever met a demon like they A best friend, an enemy all in the same day They cut, they deceive they pull me away To the point of no return I happily stray For no one has ever met one creature as two Black abyss eyes before they become new Big brown eyes and a smile untrue 'Cause no one has met anything quite like you ...
  12. Honestly, I seem to prefer the more androgynous looking (or even just genderless/not canonically gendered) characters (e.g. Armin Arlert, Griffith, Suzuya Juuzou, Hange Zoe, Envy) so it is tough for me to really figure out if male or female characters are my favourite since: 1. I don't care what gender the character is as long as it's a good character with development and the ability to make me truly love them. 2. I find male, female and androgynous characters attractive and therefore don't have the "I find this gender more attractive so I like these characters more" line to fall back on ... I've just gotta deal with knowing I'll be in a perpetual state of "Oh no, they're ALL attractive!" This is also a problem with other things seeing as I have been completely infatuated with a certain not canonically gendered, androgynous character from a video game for a while now ...
  13. Priorities. In this world of pride and fame Where everybody knows your name Or no one cares about you at all ... Please let charity stand tall In this world of lights and frenzied screams Where you're in everybody's dreams Or left in your own mind's archive... Please let humility stay alive In this day and age, where everyone's idol Is a perfect celebrity that makes them suicidal Or makes them feel like they need more ... Please remind them kindness is the real core In this world focused on wealth and mass Where one's pride is simply rooted in upper class Or how much money they have rather than their morality ... Please remind them that wealth means nothing without personality In this world where we idolize those who sell-out for cash And use their important platform to spit out simple trash Just so they can focus on their money and fame ... Please remind them of that important inner flame In this world where no one has respect for their trade Where they push out sequels just so they can get payed And brag about just how much money they've collected ... Please remind them that true happiness must be protected In this world where we idolize predators and killers Where we set these people up on pedestals and pillars Without caring one bit that they're selling us shit ... Please remind them that real purity will never submit In this world where our priorities have become blurred And where money, over everything else, is preferred Where no one really cares if they're simply selling lies ... Please remind them real priorities shouldn't warrant a prize

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