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  1. I didn't really think FMA:B was that amazing, especially since it was so hyped up before I watched it and then just didn't live up to my expectations. Alphonse Elric was a much more interesting and lovable character than Edward Elric. Naruto was definitely not for me seeing as I quit watching it after only 3-4 episodes due to my annoyance with the writing. (This may not be a very unpopular opinion normally but it seems like it is on this forum ...) I actually love SNK and think that almost all of the characters are very interesting and relatable in their own ways. I also think the story is pretty intriguing and although it hasn't shown much yet (still haven't watched S3 so maybe it shows a bit more, I don't know) it's more of a mystery/thriller show (in my opinion) than just a straight up horror show. Armin Arlert is an extremely underrated character. Mikasa Ackerman is an extremely overrated character. ***Some SAO spoilers bellow*** SAO lost all of its charm (for me) after the harem aspect of it was introduced and every female character in the show just seemed to fall head-over-heels in love with Kirito after mere moments of knowing him. The whole Suguha x Kirito arc was extremely unnecessary and irritating. It seemed like just another way for the creators to say that Kirito is perfect and no one can resist him, not even his own family members, because he's just that perfect ... ick. *** Over used chibi or chibi in a serious anime and/or scene is strange and takes me out of the moment so quick. I also agree with @Wedgy and think that the baby-like voices for female characters are extremely irritating.
  2. I'd have to say FMA:B and the Berserk show ... ***Some spoilers for both shows bellow*** FMA:B: Before watching FMA:B I'd had a lot of people hype it up and classify it as the best anime ever. However, upon actually watching the show for myself, I found it a bit boring and semi-uninteresting when it came to some of the main characters. In my opinion Roy and Riza were an absolutely powerful duo with so much rich history and underlying charisma that I could have watched an entire show about them, but instead ended up with little backstory on either of them. I also had a fondness for Scar and found him to be one of the most interesting characters in the entire show, what with him struggling with his past, his morals and his outlook on life throughout the series. He was just such a genuinely intriguing character in my opinion and, again, I felt like I just didn't get to see enough of him. I also found the 7 Sins very interesting but felt like more than half of them were very underdeveloped. So, out of the seven I would have to say Envy, Wrath and Pride were favourites although I still got that "uneasy" feeling, as if they too weren't as developed as I would have liked them to be ... maybe that's just me though. Alphonse was by far my favourite main character though and the only main character I actually, genuinely cared about. However, again, I still felt like he was drastically underdeveloped and this made me a bit upset because I absolutely adores his character and he felt very real to me, in a way that most of the characters in the show did not. Now, Edward Elric was a character I willed myself to like but just couldn't ... I don't know if it was because he got quite annoying after a while of the same "I'm not short!" lines, or if it was because he didn't make me feel for him the same way Alphonse did, or because he got the most time and still didn't interest me as much as even the side characters but whatever it was I just couldn't bring myself to really like his character. He often got on my nerves with his over-the-top and extremely loud personality which seemed to just take front and center every time he was on screen ... I can't say I hate his character though since he did have some very interesting aspects to him, I just can't say I love him either. Winry was a cute character but that was about it ... I was quite disappointed with how they used her character (only bringing her in whenever it would help Edward) and the "relationship" between her and Edward. In my opinion their relationship felt forced and a bit unnatural, as if it were simply thrown into the show for convenience and the fact that it would further Edward's character a bit and be a means to include a female character more. All in all FMA:B is not a bad show at all, it is very interesting and has a unique and creative plot that did keep my interest. However, I felt that too many of the side characters were left underdeveloped and the main characters (other than Alphonse) did little to pique my interest further than a half-hearted curiosity that soon died out after a few episodes. The only reason this show let me down was because it had been so hyped up before I watched it that I expected it to be at least almost perfect in every regard but it wasn't quite there, if not for all the hype I probably would not have been so "let down" by my expectations were pretty high for that one ... Berserk (show) : I watched all the Berserk movies and absolutely loved them. Every movie had beautiful art and all the characters were amazing, three dimensional and extremely interesting. There isn't anything bad I could really say about the Berserk movies but the show on the other hand ... my, my was it terrible. Upon just starting the show I was extremely let down by the diminished art style and clanky looking character models that left me with the inability to see any real emotion on the character's faces ... the characters themselves were also a huge let down with Guts becoming quite unbearably obnoxious and irritating what with his "humans are ants" mind set and his absolute disregard for others lives even though that was, apparently, what he hated Griffith for (I was also extremely unimpressed with the "berserker armor" that felt more like a convenient plot device to keep Guts alive more than anything else). Casca, who had been quite an interesting character in all three movies, was suddenly a mindless character with no other purpose than to further ... "fan service" (???) in the show and that was a huge let down. Also, I know he may not have had a big role in the movies but Rickert was one of my favourite characters and I was personally let down when he was basically scrapped due to the fact that they brought in Isidro, an extremely annoying and somewhat pointless character who did little to nothing to further the plot. The few good things about the show though were some of the new characters such as Farnese and Serpico who I found extremely interesting, as well as Schierke who was a cute character with a lot of potential. Other than that though I'm not sure what else I can say was good ... the story felt oddly paced, most of the characters were badly written, the art was terrible, the whole thing was just a mess and a huge let down especially since I loved the original movies so much ...
  3. Thank you @Seshi, I am glad to hear that.
  4. Pretty blonde hair and fair eyes, she is mine Like a summer day, she glows like sunshine I'm lost in the blue of her eyes, so fine And her sun-kissed skin is just so divine Ocean in her eyes, still by the shoreline Unmoving in her beauty, walk the line Just as summer fades, seasons realign But she just goes untouched by the deadline Eternal summer, got me on cloud nine It's the very fabric of her design Watch as the sun sets over the skyline Perfect summer day got a new design And her eyes are the true dividing line Between eternal summer or snow line. (Don't know if summer related metaphors count but I gave it a shot.)
  5. @Illusion of Terra There does seem to be quite a few things I could apply my degree to upon graduating so my earlier statement of not knowing how to apply it to my life is more of a personal lack of not knowing exactly what I actually want to do with it, rather than a lack of use for said degree ... @The History Kid As I said above it is a good degree with practical use and therefore I think it would be a much worse waste of my time if I simply gave up on it due to the fact that I personally don't find much enjoyment in it. There are many things in life that we must do out of necessity not personal enjoyment or passion, this seems to be one of those things ... in this day and age it seems vital to have a good degree in order to make it in any well paying job and if my not-so-enjoyable days in college help me achieve that then that's all that really matters. Ps. I do believe my first statement may have depicted my view of college in a worse light than I meant it to. I do not actually view college as a waste of time, it simply feels like I have often missed out on many important experiences in my life since I am instead focused more on building a stable structure for my life and/or career rather than just enjoying life for the moment ... also, although school does cause me extreme amounts of anxiety it isn't rare for anything with any sense of importance in my life to cause anxiety as well, so that isn't as much a worry as is the fact that I desperately hope I can manage to make it to graduation and actually earn a degree in something useful.
  6. I'm currently enrolled in college for a degree I don't actually have much/any interest in and have no idea how I'm going to apply it to my life after I've graduated (if I even make it that far) ... school in general has also just been causing me copious amounts of anxiety that have led to absolutely horrendous sleeping patterns due to the fact that I feel like my entire life is passing me by while I waste precious time working towards something I have no passion for or interest in ... On a more lighthearted note one of the shows I was watching ended on a pretty big cliff hanger so I guess I'd say I'm a bit annoyed by that.
  7. One Year Years pass by in the blink of an eye Close my eyes for one night and I say goodbye If you want me to wake up, I swear I’ll try But sometimes it’s hard to make it by ‘Cause for the longest time I’ve told a lie Tightened my jaw and swore I wanted to die Clawed at my skin till the blood ran dry And now it seems I’m ready to testify … I’ve lost years of my life I’ll never get back Stuck in my mind with this anxiety attack But no matter how I try it always turns black And the light in my eyes slips out through a crack … One year, one year of gain One year free of this pain One year my eyes didn’t rain One year not spent in vain One year in a new lane One year with a new train Of thought in my brain And I thought I’d go insane But it looks like I’ve slain The monster in my vein … No more blood on these hands of mine No more embellishing the carved out line No more excuses of just being fine No more lost hope on an empty sign No more, no more, no more of this design … One year and it’s May’s Three hundred and sixty five days Yet I can’t even count the ways I made it through this to today’s Special celebration of praise … One year free of that blackened night One year free of the stolen light One year free of my own hearts fright One year free of all the spite On year free and I feel … alright.
  8. I have trouble letting go of things so I have a box full of birthday cards, old gifts, little mementos and other stuff like that ... I also have a stash of colouring books, random instruction manuals from things I don't even own anymore, tags from clothes, semi-important papers from a while ago that I don't actually need anymore but for some reason still keep and probably some other things I don't even remember at this point.
  9. I have yet to cosplay due to the fact that it's quite time consuming, expensive and something I just can't really do right now. However, I would absolutely love to get into cosplay someday due to the fact that I view it as a way to pay homage to the creators of the characters I have grown to love and adore, as well as celebrating said characters. I also love seeing other people's cosplay and just admiring how much hard work must go into making such detailed outfits or doing ones makeup to look like an anime character. Some of my favourite cosplay:
  10. So far my absolute favourite ships are: 1. Levi x Hanji (I absolutely love the dynamic between these two and although their personalities are so drastically different I feel like that somehow endears them to each other even more. I also just love the friendship between them and how they seem to understand each other so well, it's just really cute all around.) 2: Roy x Riza (This ship is equal parts badass and adorable. Both characters were extremely strong and commanding however they never struggled with who was in charge, it always just seemed to happen naturally and whoever took the lead was the leader in that moment. I also just loved the dedication both characters showed to one another and their love was clear through out the entire show which made it extremely tough not to fall in love with them.) However, there are a few other ships that I find very cute even if there hasn't been much development for them yet or I am still kind of iffy on them, such as: 1. Armin x Annie (Still a bit iffy on this one since I need to see where their characters go but so far it seems rather cute and their personalities seem like they'd fit together quite nicely, oddly enough.) 2. Ymir x Christa (This is just an all-around cute ship and I adore both of these characters, however I feel it still needs a bit more development for me to truly get invested in it.) 3. Sugu x Shinichi aka Leafa x Recon (*Some spoilers for SAO s2* I thought this was an absolutely adorable ship and I was actually kind of upset it was glossed over so quickly and barely given any time or attention at all. Honestly, the whole Sugu x Kirito thing was completely unnecessary in my opinion and felt like just another way for the creators to show off their main male lead as being absolutely perfect and loved by everyone ... anyway, I personally love Sugu and think she's extremely cute and feisty which seemed to contrast Shinichi's cute but timid personality. It's an all-around cute ship in my opinion and made a lot of sense, too bad it was just completely ignored ...) 4. Eren x Mikasa (This ships has its cute, heartfelt moments but I'm still quite iffy on it due to the fact that I feel like Mikasa's character may stay underdeveloped if the creators do decide to go the route of making this ship canon. In my opinion Mikasa's character is already quite bland, dull and boring with her only saying about one word, that being "Eren", 90% of the time ... I do however feel like it could be a very well done ship since it has such a rich background already and it is clear that both characters love one another, even if they show it differently.)
  11. @Seshi I absolutely loved the soundtrack for Donnie Darko as well and Mad World, I must say, is my favourite song. Also, yeah, I agree with you on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo not being for everyone since it is quite graphic as you said, but it is still just such an amazing series.
  12. My favourite one-off movie is Donnie Darko because I absolutely love how it is both a little unsettling, humorous and thought provoking all at once. I just adore the character of Donnie and found myself absolutely loving him because he was so complex and strange, yet somehow still extremely relatable while still being completely unique. I also love the writing in the movie and especially love the line: "Why do you wear that stupid human suit." I also love Donnie's outright disregard for the complete and utter idiocy that is taught in his school and pushed by everyone within the town. For instance, when they have Jim Cunningham speak about fear and the school pushes this narrative that there is either love or fear and anything negative comes from fear and anything positive comes from love. I hate this way of thinking, always have, so seeing Donnie call both Jim and his teacher out on this was just quite enjoyable to see. I also just absolutely love the end of the movie and find it quite inspiring. My favourite movie series however is either the Silence Of The Lambs trilogy or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I just love both of these series so much and they are quite inspiring as well.
  13. Congrats on taking top score on my MCU quiz 🥇

    1. ItsSammy


      Awe, thanks! 

  14. For me to really like a character I have to be able to either connect with them on a personal level or be inspired, moved and/or affected by them. This is why I love Armin so much (if that wasn't clear enough by my profile alone), because I can both connect with him and be extremely inspired and affected by him at the same time. Most of my favourite quotes actually come from the little blond genius, such as: "A person who cannot sacrifice everything won't be able to change anything!" and, "There's nothing wrong with valuing your own life." I especially like mentioning these two together because as someone who deals with anxiety and depression it is often hard to over come the fear of losing something you love, but it is also extremely tough to value your own life or the things you want. So, while watching AoT and hearing these quotes for the first time they impacted me quite a lot and I began to focus more on how I felt as if placing value on myself and the things I loved was extremely selfish of me and therefore wrong, while also believing that if I sacrificed those things I loved I would also be being selfish because I did not deserve them and should not take them for granted. However, these quotes helped me to realize that it is important that I value my own life and things I love while also realizing that sacrificing them is important and does not mean I do not value them or that I am selfish in giving them away, but that I am working towards my goals and paving a way for my future and the change I so desperately want in my life. (I hope this makes sense, I tried to describe it as clearly as I could) Another one of my favourite quotes from Armin is: "Willpower alone isn't enough in battle." This one, although it may seem quite negative or even somewhat disheartening, was also another quote that really impacted me in my struggles with mental illness. I know this may not be in the exact context or meaning of the quote but I personally view this as a reminder that willpower is not enough when it comes to the struggles I have faced and will continue to face in my life. When I was younger I often thought that it was my fault I was struggling with my mental illnesses so much because I wasn't strong enough or brave enough. However, I now know that the message of this quote is extremely true. Sometimes willpower is not enough, sometimes you're going to need help, sometimes you're going to have to reach out and trust in others more than you trust in yourself and that's alright. The last quote I'd like to mention from Armin is: ""I don't like the terms 'good person' or 'bad person' because it's impossible to be entirely good to everyone or entirely bad to everyone. To some, you are a good person, while to others, you are a bad person." This is yet another quote that I often think about and remember when I'm dealing with anxiety and depression because it reminds me that I'm not perfect and I'm never going to be perfect. I can never be 100% good to everyone or 100% bad to everyone therefore I shouldn't beat myself up over my mistakes or the people I've upset. It is good to try and be as good as we can be but there's no point in feeling worthless and unlovable when you make mistakes and mess up because no one is perfect and that's alright.
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