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  1. ItsSammy

    Would you rather? Ask the person after you 🙃

    It depends ... do I keep my mental problems and the same out look on life throughout every change, or does it start over completely new? I guess I'd just live for ten millennia though since I wouldn't want to keep starting over and having to rebuild everything from the ground up, I'd prefer to find something I'm good at and continue to do it forever, I suppose. Would you rather want to die peacefully, in your sleep, where no one notices and leave no memory of yourself behind, or would you rather die an extremely horrifying, excruciating death, but leave behind a glorious life that everyone will look back on and think fondly of?
  2. ItsSammy

    What Is On Your "To Watch" List?

    Black Butler Black Butler: Book Of Circus My Hero Academia Psycho-Pass Code Geass Elfen Lied Violet Evergarden Fate/Stay Night Madoka Magica Deadman Wonderland Future Diary Danganronpa Owari No Seraph Charlotte D. Gray-Man Assassination Classroom Re:Zero Miss Koboyashi's Dragon Maid Noragami Steins;Gate Bungo Stray Dogs Claymore Berserk Black Lagoon 91 Days Death Parade Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions Mekakucity Actors Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Shiki BTOOOM! Monster Watamote A Lull In The Sea Children Of The Whales Ergo Proxy Joker Game Serial Experiments Lain Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- No. 6 Trinity Blood Spice And Wolf Karneval Hunter x Hunter
  3. Honestly, Armin's smile gives me life. I love it so much because he's always so nervous or anxious about something and his smile is actually really rare, so when he does look happy I can't help but be happy as well.
  4. ItsSammy

    Unpopular opinions.

    Do you have any unpopular opinions about Anime, or other such things?
  5. ItsSammy

    Favorite Character In Attack On Titan?

    Hun, Armin Arlert is the most precious little angel to ever grace the world of fictional characters.
  6. ItsSammy


    Better My plate is full but I can't seem to eat Just turning the fork over in my hand And I feel too big for this large seat So I'll just excuse myself and stand Go outside, once again, to pretend Like there is really nothing wrong Because I can see no nearing end And this play has drug on too long But I can't stop and I won't stop For if I did, I fear that I'd fail Be even worse, bottom to top I can't have that, so I set sail Into the abyss of my mind To ignore the growls And instead find The cruel howls That flood My blood Oh, I've been sick again today And cast out my retched meal For I fear it affects what I weigh And I'm sick of this, of how I feel I just can't seem to get any better Any worse though and I'd be dead I don't really fit in my sweater But "I'm better." I said For now I look quite thin But they don't think so And I can never win So here, here wo go Once again I will feel This awful, horrid pain But I won't kneel as I Feel my blood drain Am I good enough now? Am I good enough now? I just didn't know what to do ... I don't know what you want I don't know what you want And now I don't know what's true ...
  7. ItsSammy

    What is your worst fear? 🤭😱

    Disappointing people I love.
  8. ItsSammy

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

  9. Thanks for the point donation, @Animesta_MidnightLove

    1. Animesta_MidnightLove


      Your welcome.. :) The poem was wonderful (^^)/

    2. ItsSammy


      Awe, thank you.

  10. ItsSammy


    Anxiety Awake at sunrise Watching the sky Everything once dies But, what then, am I? For pain is unto death And fear is unto the grave I can't take a single breath So please, come and save Me, Myself and I From this terrible fate No longer looking at the sky Now too tired, too late For the sky is alight Yet the world is in black The sun shines bright But I only turn my back For when the sun doth rise I finally take my sleep For in sleep I say my goodbyes And in dreams I doth not weep But only when the sun doth shine I finally lay down my head On the pillow beside me and mine In this grave I call a bed For I stay awake 'til I cannot Then I finally turn on my side For in the dark I doth rot But when the sun rises, I hide For this mind of mine is sick It is twisted and broken For I hear the clock tick And not a word have I spoken For away I ran to my room So as not to let them see This pale, deathly doom That wraps its arms around me Holding tight, evermore Clutching now, my throat Loose me? Nevermore For in the dark it doth gloat Calling my name and taunting me now For it knows I have naught, if not for it But in my bed I doth lie, not ready to bow For still I fight, still I fight, but it will not fit For my fight brings only more pain and fear Only more agony for my heart to endure And I do not know if I draw ever near To the life I hate, or my precious cure For it is hard to tell when your eyes are blind Welling with tears caused by the fears That I suffer every night and can not bind For they continuously whisper in my ears And make my heart race so fast I fear I might fall dead, in this very bed That I have hated, yet loved through the years For I am naught, if I am not this dead ...
  11. ItsSammy

    The skeptics love

    The skeptics love Frost in the heir The cost of the crown Being lost isn't fair Tossed right on down ... Are you willing to pay in blood, my dear? Have you counted the cost of this crime? Are you willing to let yourself live in fear? Or will you take what is rightfully thine? A kingdom of fear A king of his own No one comes near Nor bows before the throne. A criminal child Lost in this place Alone and mild Yet caught in a chase. His crime I condone The plan I doth make For his crime is mine own And I will partake. Unstable, enabled Crying those tears labeled, fabled Lost in those years. Are you willing to pay in blood, my king? Have you counted the cost of this crime? Are you willing to let yourself do this thing? And harm this poor child another time? A kingdom of fear A king of his own Oh, come my dear He'll soon lose his throne. Fairy tales, fables A self appointed king Let us turn the tables On this unsuspecting thing. We can not say 'I am the victim, therefor I shall do not.' Just because we are but scared of what's to come Instead say, 'I am victor for what I have wrought!' And leave your jailer feeling immensely dumb. So, my dear child, so cold and so frail So lost in this world, full of flashing lights Take heed, take courage and remove the veil Do not fear what's to come, as you fear the nights. Pull back the curtain to reveal the trick Hide not your face, nor your fear Instead, with bravery, take the candlestick And shine a light on the lies, my dear. For a crime is thought up by one higher than thou But, pray tell, who appointed him this privilege? Who gave him the right to say what we allow? Who doth say his decision is not sacrilege? For why is one's word seen as better than thine? And, placing his judgement, what if we doth not agree? Why can't I say 'you're pardoned, freed!' with mine And his word be found as nothing, in respect to thee? For is it truly fair that they make decisions on what we can and cants' do? Why can't I step up and say, 'your word is but word, such as mine, such as thine.' And break down their dumb, ever changing rules? Why cants' I break through? I know this is society, the way that it's built, but who didst' make it's design? These words from mine mouth have been seen as heresy So hath I been cast from mine own gilded home Labeled unfit, unwell, no longer a clerisy For knowledge is but lies, if outside of their dome. Now, take heed my little one and listen close to my words Never go with the crowd just because it's preferred For they hath been like sheep for centuries, stupid herds Following blindly into pits, but you must fly like a bird. For you doth know I am a skeptic Reserved in my trust Pulling apart every brick And questioning the dust. So too should you question their every breath Watch them close, my dear, and never blink Always taking care, up until your very death For they will, in a second, push you off the brink. So, forgive me now, if I speak too plain But I've loved you for a thousand years And your life is not to be lived in vain So I shall protect you, through a thousand fears. And I know, 'tis true, they will damn you and your crime But please, my dear, do not fear, for I will take the blame And, standing in the gallows, I will remember every time You smiled my way and made me say, "Your praise I will proclaim." So do not fear, I'll hold you near, even if this one last time And I will kiss your cold skin, breathe in the frost Then, marching to the gallows for this crime I will, for you, pay this bloody cost. For on this day a skeptic has found love And on this day I will stand, taking the blame For all my pessimism leaves as I stare above Realizing I'll never be skeptical of thy name ...
  12. I realize how odd my last status updated sounded without context ... I'm just dealing with some stuff right now.

    1. Viper


      I hope you feel better soon 😊

  13. If there was a prize for being the most anxious, paranoid and suspicious little freak ... I would win.

  14. ItsSammy

    Faded Blue Jeans

    Awe, why thank you, @SAO LILDOOP.
  15. ItsSammy

    Faded Blue Jeans

    Faded Blue Jeans I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who everyone thought, lived with kings and queens But he spent his days living in his dreams 'Cause everything isn't always as it seems Looking in from the outside it seemed his life was grand Looking out from the inside he knew everything was out of hand 'Cause everything's not always as it seems and what we see is what we know But what we know is all we see, and what we see we can't always believe ... I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who should've been living with kings and queens But he spent his days living in his dreams 'Cause everything isn't always as it seems He wore a smile and glanced at the ground Always torn between being alone and being found 'Cause people scared him and the dark made him cry So he didn't know where to go, whether low or high Yes, I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who was born to dance with kings and queens But he had to live inside his dreams 'Cause everything wasn't as it should be ... So I taught him to dance and taught him to fight I took him by the hand each and every night Because his dreams turned to nightmares And his brain turned to death 'Cause when he tried to fight he'd lose his breath And when he tried to dance he'd stumble and fall But I never gave up, I was there through it all 'Cause yes I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who was destined to dance with kings and queens But he'd always lived inside his dreams 'Cause everything isn't always as it should be ... Now he's up there dancing with kings and queens And he's up there following all his dreams 'Cause now everything is as it should be Yet he still wears those faded blue jeans ... Oh, I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who I swore was destined to rule with kings and queens 'Cause his heart was pure and his heart was gold And now he's not just doing what he's told He's following his heart and following it true He's doing what he really should do ... Oh, I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who'd never seen the kings and queens Only ever lived in his dreams But now he knows what love means ... He used to cry every night He used to feel oh, such fright But now he knows I am here And I swear I'll never disappear 'Cause he's an angel sent to earth Didn't get what he deserved 'Cause life was cruel and life was wicked All these scars and bruises, afflicted ... I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Use to cry in his teens Wasn't scared to dream his dreams But he didn't believe in kings and queens 'Cause he felt he wasn't good enough Felt so bad he shut himself up Wouldn't come out of that Hell 'Cause he felt it did him well To live in fear and live in pain To scream every night, all in vain So I took him to the side and told him that they'd lied When they said he wasn't good enough ... 'Cause I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans And he'd have died to know he was born of the queens 'Cause he felt so alone and he felt so afraid Didn't know, of what he was made So I held him close and held him dear I told him everything he needed to hear 'Cause he deserved everything that'd kill his fear He deserved Heaven, he deserved grace He deserved knowing his exact place 'Cause it wasn't at the bottom, lying on the floor It was on the top, sitting safe, forever more ... 'Cause I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans And I told him of the kings and queens Pulled him out of his dreams And showed him that life can be what it seems ... 'Cause I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans With his hands in the dirt and his hair in the breeze His face marked with mud and scrapes on his knees 'Cause he'd been pushed around like a stray with flees But I picked him up off the ground and asked him what was going down And he told me, so sweet and pure, that he just fell and landed here He wouldn't tell me who had done, such a thing to this little sun 'Cause his smile light up the whole night and his eyes shone so very bright Even though they were black, black as night on the old track Where the sun doesn't shine and the grass doesn't grow But the old cars are still there, so ... I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Just like the cars and the metal machines Left in the dark, left in the cold No longer used, but still not sold 'Cause they used to carry such heavy loads But now they're alone and their life unfolds But unlike them he wore a smile and said "Will you stay with me for a while, instead?" 'Cause even though I was alone, with no family and no home This little one, with a smile like the sun, and a heart of gold, didn't scold He didn't look down on me for being so odd, didn't look down on me for being so off He didn't mind that I snapped at times, or called others 'trash' at times He really didn't seem to mind that I was harsh, rude and confinded He didn't even tell me off when I cursed and hissed and hurt and lost He sat there beside me, wearing those faded blue jeans His hands in his pockets and his head on my knees 'Cause he would sit there, lying still Making me hope he didn't catch a chill 'Cause he could sit for hours if it meant I'd calm down And he could sit for hours if it mean't I'd come around ... Oh, I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans Who told me I was better than kings and queens 'Cause I wasn't made up or fake I was real and there to take ... So he took my hand and held it tight Held it close through out the night 'Cause he said it helped him feel alright When his nightmares caused him fright And I swear to God I did all I could do 'Cause I loved him, through and through It didn't matter that he'd cry, didn't matter that he couldn't lie In fact those things made me love him more 'Cause he was the thing I was looking for He made me better, yet he was the best 'Cause I could pass every test But he was the one who taught me not to lie He was the one who taught me how to cry He was the one who showed me what love was And he was the one who mattered, 'cause ... I met a boy wearing faded blue jeans And I thought "He doesn't know what loves means." 'Cause he looked so sad and his heart shown through Worn on his sleeve and torn there too 'Cause you could see all the scars he bore If you looked close enough you could see even more 'Cause he could never fight back if he never tried But he didn't wanna fight, and he never lied 'Cause he wanted to be good, a good boy, he said But that's how good kids end up dead So I took him aside and tried to fix his head But he ended up fixing me instead 'Cause it turns out I was wrong And the boy with the faded blue jeans Was right all along ... **This is a poem/song I'm working on that fits with a few of my original characters I've been writing for a book**
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