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  1. My Hands Are so Cold My hands are so cold Your breath so hot In my mind I scold For I've missed my shot Every day is rust, no gold Copper coloured ink blot In the secrets, untold That reside in the bloodshot Eyes, they see but what they wish Tongue to teeth, lips on your fingertip And blood stained clothes make the perfect dish When pain comes before simple companionship Lost in a world of another's creation With my claws continuously aching As I carve a path right towards damnation With no regard for how my own mind is breaking Under the pressure of securing a nation That, with my own eyes, I will see as breathtaking Yet, even still, I struggle to glimpse salvation For I had it once, in your eyes, there was no mistaking A beautiful love, grown from hate and starvation But I fear I will never have the chance of retaking Such, for I cannot argue with your rightful accusation I just wish this goodbye wasn't so heartbreaking ... My hands are so cold, covered in dust and ash And even the fire raging on, leaving Hell in it's path Leaving no chance at love, rather only this immanent clash Cannot warm my fingers like your hot breath's aftermath ...
  2. Let Go Pop the champagnes And roll out the chains Fire in my veins Hold a gun to my brains And go! If three is a crowd we're waging war tonight Riot in the streets under flickering candle light And no one can stop us, no matter how bright For we see the world through touch not sight So if anyone dares to interrupt our delight This vision of vampiric gluttony will sure ignite Fire in the halls, who would dare fight? Listen to the calls and come, take flight Let go! It's an epiphany, the way we live One day at a time is all we give No regrets brings no need to forgive So we live in lust and in lust we outlive In this castle we drink blood: our own, another's, unknown But if you do not wish to taste it, you can give up your throne Take solace in the knowledge you are safe, both blood and bone For when you give up your commanding and assertive tone The power you'll feel under another is just the stepping stone Let go! Too many delicacies to list in word alone, my boy Come, take joy in knowing you can be our eternal toy With words sealed within our throats we surely enjoy Every minute, every moment every second we employ For pain, for pleasure, the line between we doth destroy And if you wish to join us ... I could use a whipping boy Lust is ever lasting and in this castle we adore it Adorn it in blood covered jewels that glow when moonlit For we riot in the midnight hours when God himself has quit When candle light is all we have to see each misfit Eternally clothed in the roles of submissive and dominate For who can hear those preaching the holy writ? Holy water hath no power if it cannot stop the hypocrite So in the dark and wicked hours we all, in some way, submit To our masters, to our lovers, to the lustful acts we commit For no one has ever escaped this moonlit candle pit Wherein we all indulge on the blood where our hearts split Let go!
  3. I recently acquired two different anime series (Say "I Love You" and Haibane Renmei) along with a new manga (Black Bird).
  4. Cotton Cotton hands wrapped around my throat And my mind's control is on remote Cotton fingers pressing on my pulse Can you feel the blood blocked by your impulse? You look so sweet while you strangle me And I can't help but beg and plea For more, for more, for more and more 'Cause everything I want is right at the door Cotton lips pressed to my skin Watch you sink your teeth right in I guess razor blades can't cut your tongue Or else this feverish dream would come undone You sound so sweet while you devour me And I can't help but beg and plea For more, for more, for more and more 'Cause everything I want is right at the door Cotton soft and candy sweet Everything about you knocks me off my feet Knowing eyes and a sympathetic smile Knows when my tears are crocodile I've got nothing to lose and so much to gain So I let you take my heart and my brain Watch your teeth sink deeper into my exposed flesh Body carved open as you hold my organs, so fresh Cotton hands wrapped around my bloody entrails My heart's still pumping, brain's clear in it's details But I don't look away or beg you to stop Instead I watch you start from the top Cotton fingers tracing over my now outsides Teeth digging in, making them your new insides And your cotton lips, now stained with my blood Make me want to taste them, oh, how I wish I could ... Cotton lips, so softly, press against my skin And I accept you, I let you, I let you right in Flesh carved open and, with my own blood, arrayed So climb inside this cave you've so carefully made.
  5. Lightning Pillowy soft Neon signs City loft It all aligns ... Watching the rain come down like it's about to thunder But there's no way either of us are going under 'Cause a little lighting never hurt anyone And you've got the marks to show it, you son-of-a-gun! Fingers circling skin lit up by the night sky Everything and everyone has a time to die But in this moment, we own it, and death won't get by 'Cause lighting doesn't strike twice unless we get high I'm busy in the bedroom fluffing pillows for tonight And you're busy in the kitchen trying to get dinner just right 'Cause we've been in bed all day just taking in the sight Of you, of me, of each other snuggled up all cozy tight Neon signs cast shadows on the walls Reminds me of horror tales about halls Haunted by ghosts and caterwauls That send shivers to the heart as it stalls The sight, so haunting, looks gorgeous on you And I wouldn't trade this city for a million or two 'Cause money can't buy the things we've gone through In this city and it's alleys, all the fantasies we've made true Sitting in your soft bed with my feet off the floor Dangling 'cause I'm too small to reach anymore And you're standing in the kitchen, back to the door And I wonder if you know how long I'll love you for 'Cause every time I stand on tip-toes just to kiss your cheek You smile like an idiot and tease me about it for a week But when we're hiding in alleys and trying to sneak Your lips are sealed like you'd die if you even made a squeak Like the lightning pattern on your skin I think that's about as far as I've fallen in Two become one, lightning for the win 'Cause you set my skin on fire with a simple grin Neon signs Electric lights Everything aligns In neon light nights.
  6. Routine? I feel like I've lived a million years but my card says seventeen And I feel like I've seen you before but maybe it was just a dream 'Cause even though I remember your name maybe it's just a scene I made up in my head when I was lonely ... lonely on the balance beam But then again I feel like I've said your name before, under covers when I was nineteen Nineteen? Can't be, I've only lived seventeen years, see, it says so right here in my bloodstream And I know we couldn't have met 'cause you say you've been sick since you were in between And you couldn't have made it out of the hospital, not even with the best darn scheme But, still, in my bones, every day, I feel like I've touched your hair while we were in the limousine You looked so nervous on the way to the prom even though you fit the "Beauty Queen" theme And I knew right then and right there I wanted to marry you with a wedding like the ones on the silver screen And when I think about it hard enough I can kind of remember sitting outside in the middle of a daydream And you came up to me, smile so wide, you looked so darn pretty and said, "My name's Jean. It's real nice to meet ya, I don't mean to keep ya, but would you like to be on my team?" So we played all day and your skirts got all muddy but you still looked as elegant as a queen And when you went home that night I remember, I was sitting in my room late December gleam And I couldn't forget the way your eyes lit up like the 4th of July when you said you were a year older than my fourteen But now that I recall I'm a year older than you, June ... can't be! I vividly remember you bathed in a moonbeam Hair tied up with curls framing your face, freckles on your nose not a single one out of place, something I've never unseen So how then, tell me, how can this be? You're a year younger than me? Sick in your room with a sickness so extreme You can't leave the hospital for a second. Where did this go wrong? Tell me, who changed the leaves? They're no longer evergreen ... Now I'm sitting on your bed, my hand on your head, watching your eyes tear up and you light up like a sunbeam "Marco ... is that you?" And I feel my heart tear in two, why does that name sound so familiar? Is this simply routine? "Jean?" I whisper, my lips trembling with the effort and I feel like I might scream Seeing you their, your name unknown to me, I feel like I'm next up for the guillotine "I knew it," you whisper, your voice so soft, "I knew you'd come back!" you say all agleam And I can't manage to do anything but cry as my shoulders shake and I feel like I swallowed gasoline "Don't cry," you smiles and though it's weak it calms my soul, "I know we'll meet downstream And when I see your smile, next time we meet, no sickness, death or things unforeseen Will have the power to keep me away from you, for I will break out midstream If that is what it takes to live a life with you, in love, like when we were nineteen."
  7. Pretend, Play, Puncture ... Pretend The feel of your skin against my tongue Devilishly sinful yet so delicious I've always had trouble, ever since I was young But watching you squirm under me has me feeling avaricious And I can't think of a single thing that has ever been sung That sounds better than you when you're trying not to be suspicious ... It's like the feeling I get when I claw at your skin just to see if you can persevere It's the feeling I get when I bite your lip just to taste the blood The feeling I get when I burn your eyes so it's a struggle just to see clear Yes, it's like the feeling I get when I tighten the rope just to hear your heart thud ... Everybody likes to play pretend but none like it as much as I 'Cause I can be the sweetest little boy who would never do wrong Until I flip the script and decide it's the time you either cry or accept the lie Because even though you may sing the chorus I'm the one writing the song ... Devil in me or devil in you? Who really cares to tell? I'm too busy downing whiskey to set your lungs afire So if you think I'm the devil just wait 'til you're his shell So you can try to put out Hell's fire before you expire. Hush now, don't say a word ... I'll show you how to handle it Breathe in, take a breath, hold it 'til it hurts your lungs Feel my hands around your throat, sorry sorry hypocrite Tried to sell me down the river just to speak in tongues! Nobody lies to a liar and escapes the devils wrath Don't try to trick a trickster or they'll trick you right back But no matter what I say you won't learn your lesson in the aftermath For my greed is more than king Midas' and without the drawback I have no need for mercy, empathy or tears when I have a bloodbath And if I can bathe in your organs when all is said and done I'll gladly attack No mercy for a liar, no mercy for your tricks, no mercy from a psychopath Who's sick of your detestable melody and harmony, no longer my Prozac I'll write a better song anyway, and she'll sing it like she's on the warpath Little nymphomaniac, angel turned devil, yeah she'll be my insomniac! The feel of your skin against my tongue Devilishly sinful yet so delicious I've always had trouble, ever since I was young But watching you squirm under me has me feeling avaricious And I can't think of a single thing that has ever been sung That sounds better than you when you're trying not to be suspicious ...
  8. My Girlfriend is a Garden. My girlfriend is a garden and she grows every day Her green hair looked so pretty when I watered it today And her brown skin's sprouting flowers just like it's child's play I just hope she doesn't get too big to keep this way But if she does at least she won't have withered away ... My girlfriend is a garden and she likes when I sing my song They say music helps grow flowers and she says it helps her along 'Cause she believes I could never sing a single note wrong And I just hope she doesn't get too big 'til she can no longer belong But if she does at least she'll have heard my song for so long ... My girlfriend is a garden and she's started growing trees The flowers on her fingers are the same as on her knees And she's got birds coming to greet her with happiness and ease 'Cause I opened up a window so she could feel the breeze And I just hope she doesn't get too big for me to please But if she does at least she'll have the birds, bugs and bees My girlfriend is a garden and I give her all my love and time For she makes me so overtly happy, especially in the springtime When she lights up with flowers and holds her wind chime I just hope she doesn't get too big for me to kiss at bedtime But if she does at least she'll have natures company and thyme ... Yes, my girlfriend is a garden and I love her with my whole heart She's eternally joyful, full of light and such a sweetheart And I just hope she never grows too big that it keeps us apart But if she does at least she'll know my love for her will never depart.
  9. Dangerous Game It's a dangerous game we play Up late at night when no one's awake Yeah, it's a dangerous game to stay This close to you when we might break And it's a dangerous game to look your way When I know we're both hiding, so fake Yeah, it's a dangerous game for us to lay Under the stars, back of your car, beside the lake ... What a dangerous game, but I can't stay away When you look at me like that, I begin to shake And even though it's a dangerous game we say, "Nobody can catch us if we make it back by daybreak." What a dangerous game we play in the middle of the day And sometimes it's too hard to wait, oops, my mistake 'Cause this dangerous game is starting to weigh On my heart, my lungs, causing this headache And this dangerous game may just get us today And I swear, I hope this doesn't end in heartbreak 'Cause this dangerous game feels like a holiday When you're the one I see right when I awake And in this dangerous game we're no longer targets or prey When we're in the back of your car, we don't have to hit the brake 'Cause in this dangerous game you get my mind back on that hallway Before your puffin' on a cigarette like you need the smokey intake Yeah, in this dangerous game you live like such a castaway That the smoke makes your lips taste like an earthquake 'Cause in this dangerous game you make my earth sway Every time you look at me like you have to do a double take ...
  10. Ash. Cigarettes as painkillers, why did I think that would work? Drown my sorrow 'til tomorrow with the flick of a spark And I'm working on something that needs more teamwork But I'm busy choking on smoke out in the dark ... Alcohol and painkillers mixing in my throat Choke back the pills just to fight back the smoke And I thought I could calm my shaking with a coat But my bones seem to ache as if they've been broke She says I taste like ash when I kiss her lips I guess I don't taste the same as I did when we met And she says my hands shake when I touch her hips So when she falls asleep I smoke another cigarette I can't keep her happy anymore, I think that happened a while back 'Cause she used to kiss me like I was her world, everything she needed me to be But now she stares into space when she thinks I'm busy with another pack And barely kisses me at all when we meet ... so why does she stick around with me? Swallowing back another round of painkillers I try to force my hand to stop shaking It's been trembling all day, the veins visibly pulsing with alcohol and ash Every breath and every step sends my head reeling with thoughts that send me quaking And I can't seem to figure out how to fix my problem, I'm down to my last bit of cash ... She says I look like I've been crying but I swear it's just the smoke 'Cause I'm on my last pack of cigarettes and the rooms filled with their scent She says my eyes look darker than usual and I can tell she hopes it's a joke But I've never been good at those, jokes I mean, they never come out how I meant In her eyes I see the coldest shade of fear and she takes my shaking hands in her steady ones, tight She looks me right in my cold, dead eyes and swears she's gonna make this night worth my time So I try my best to focus on her, on the way she's focused one me, but my mind wanders back to the sparks light Sitting beside me she looks so heartbroken and I know my silence is nothing if not a crime Standing outside the store I can't help but wonder how my eyes must look in this light Red shades casting shadows over my face that I fear make me look like a devil And as I look up at the sky with smoke in my lungs, I let this cloud out into the night Watching it twirl, separate and vanish I go back to our springtime revel ... In the smoke filled room she caught my eye with the way she kept on dancing Like some sort of mystical creature enclothed in smoke and lights Her eyes locked on mine and she flashed me a smile so entrancing That I kept coming back just to see her light up even the darkest nights And as I sit outside, my knees aching as they press into the concrete I can feel the blood in my lungs starting to rise and I clench my teeth Imagining her finding my body sends me down a backstreet And I hope to God, if He's up there, he has pity on those who're beneath ...
  11. Isn't She Perfect? It's a cold, cold day in late, late fall And you look so pretty walkin' through the mall Hair let down past your waist, your high heels makin' you tall And I can't help but think about everything I love about you, I love it all! You long hair curled around your finger as you talk with your friend Laughin' like you're an angel and I hope that beautiful smile never has to end 'Cause you look so beautiful, rosy cheeks, a beauty I can't even comprehend And I know you're perfect in every single way, 'cause you're the perfect girlfriend And every time I see you, I can't help but stare 'Cause you always look so pretty and it just isn't fair It's like God sent down an angel who walks on air So perfect, so beautiful, you answer every prayer And someday I hope to have a child with you, my dear I know you'd make the perfect mother, I can tell from here And I know someday we'll be married and I'll cry when you come near 'Cause I know you'll look so pretty, all in white, so perfectly pure and clear Yeah, it's a cold, cold day in late, late fall And you look so pretty walkin' through the mall With your high heels makin' you look so tall And I just know it's my name, not his, you're going to call ...
  12. Moment of Peace Reality gives way to fantasy I can be everything I want to be And in this moment there is safety In the space that hides inside reality Not everything is always as it seems Sometimes happiness is only found in dreams Sometimes safety is found inside of the screens And almost always that is where my heart leans Evading reality like the black plague Diving in deeper 'til my heart starts to drag But it brings me such peace, I can't raise the flag No white colours waving, on the branches they snag "Sensory overload!" my mind starts to shout Too much time spent in reality, I need to get out So I turn away again to return to my hideout Where I am free in the space between reality's roundabout A million miles away somebody says my name Somebody sees my face and somebody knows my pain A million miles away somebody plays the game That leaves me smiling ear-to-ear as I do it all again Detaching from reality I find a moment of peace Suddenly all my insides start to increase My lungs coughing up blood create a masterpiece And I don't bother wondering when it will cease I have safety in my land of fake friends and memories And these moments give way to momentary remedies So I'll wear these smiles like their my accessories And when I return to reality? They'll go in the treasuries.
  13. Dream Dreams. In a world full of melancholy, I could not sit around Just watching every day pass as the world turned upside down It was my wish to make it, create it, and build it up from the ground A magical moment, a mystical sound, a thriving ocean in which for us to drown! Behind the glass lay the desolate kingdom of smog Humanity let the world rot and vanish in the fog But I built a new one, a perfect prologue To the pre-post-present world of my own monologue! With magic and whimsy alight in the air And perfect pink parasols light and fair I started a tune and didn't stop there For I needed a song so impossibly rare ... With my mind on over time I wrote a symphony Lyrics over lines shall play for all eternity And to this perfect tune I spin dizzily 'Round and 'round into infinity! Dreams on dreams creating dreamy dreams of dreaming Every time I close my eyes my mind is teeming With so many dreams I could never stop screaming Lyrics and lines, dreams and visions eternally streaming! Forget the world I left behind so many years ago I used to lose my mind on alibis and eternally insolent woe But, as you may be able to tell, I've learned to let it all go Lose my woe on this eternally imperfectly perfect one-man show! With so many thoughts running through my mind I have to find the time to stop and rewind Take my brain out and write down all I find So every room is full of this intricate design! In this, my perfect world, I find no one to stop me Not a single soul can ever, the things I've built, see And, on the tip of my tongue, is ever present glory Looking on in wonder at this vision of ecstasy! My creation is mine own and this world mine own creation If I deem it impossible to meet it, no one ever shall see this nation For I have built it with mine own two hands and formed the foundation By my own work I've created an entire world of eternal liberation! So in my dreams I dream of dreamers dreaming of my dreams But instead of the thoughts that fill my head, their own burst at the seams And with my dreams within their dreams they dream of dreaming streams Streams of gold and lilac sunshine on the world's face as it beams ... So forget the world with all it's woes, lies and alibis Instead dream dreams and believe in all you fantasize For you will bring it all to life through your very own eyes So, my dear, dream dreams of symphonies you will bring alive! "We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." -Willy Wonka (1971)
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