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  1. i can watch everything at the same time of reading im fine
  2. I am a pretty good reader I watch anime that are subbed a lot so ye
  3. Hey so I was watching One Piece it has 516 Dubs and 770 Subs and it takes so long for new dubbed episodes to come out should I just carry on from watching where I was but watch the sub instead?
  4. Trinity seven is kinda crap in my opinion I do not mind ecchi once in a while but 24/7 not my style
  5. so after just reading this now it sparked some curiosity as to what is recommended on the net so did a google search (as I some time do for recommendations) and got some pages of recommendations now some of the recommendations ive seen and some look like watching but after reading the lists , in the ones ive seen I could see similarity's but wouldn't say simular and the closest of them be fairy tail even tho I did enjoy them to me it just seemed that the seven deadly sins seemed oddly I a class of its own bur here's what came out https://reelrundown.com/animation/Animes-like-Nanatsu-no-T
  6. The title says it all any anime similar to Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) I am pretty picky now just like The Seven Deadly Sins it needs MAGIC, ACTION and ADVENTURE Those 3 categories are the main ones i need
  7. one piece hunter x hunter hunter x hunter 2011 magi: labyrinth of magi magi: kingdom of magic fairy tail ^ those are what fall under the category i asked
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