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  1. 19 hours ago, Akane-chan said:

    I joined a few weeks ago, I just forgot to check this- 



    Please refer to the message sent to all 31 club members about this club's status. But all thanks to you for joining!

  2. 7 hours ago, rinxlen said:

    Hello fellow anime fans! What kind of anime are you interested in?

    Hey, and welcome to the forum! I personally am into action, adventure, and slice of life styles of anime especially. My personal favorites that I recommend especially since you like Attack on Titan are FairyTail, Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins, and Naruto. They are very action-packed and constant twist and turns are always happening that will have you on your toes and not able to stop watching. They also have light language (From how far i've gotten), and just slightly suggestive things like their bodies and certain things said. Most of the best animes are cancelled like the ones  I just listed. The Seven Deadly Sins isn't, and a new season just came out btw. If you like those particular styles similar to Attack on Titan I'm sure you'll like those animes so give them a try! Feel free to post a topic like this in ''Recommender Club'' we need new posts, and thanks for joining! I wish you all the best on this forum !

  3. Hello, everyone. Check your inboxes because most of you will have an invitation to the new club (Recommender Club).Please give the club a chance and join, you could enjoy yourself! Make sure to check your invitation inboxes, or notifications for the invitation! 

  4. Hello, fellow anime lovers. I have just created a new club called ''Recommender Club'' it's basically where you tell your favorite anime and why you like it. You then try to convince others to watch it as well because it's the best in your opinion. After the person tries it out they come back and tell how it was and if others should also watch if they want. It's a great place to get together and start getting all the good, interesting, and best animes around so everyone can experience them and their greatness. Please join and start a conversation if you can. It will be a good club with your presence!

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  5. On 11/2/2020 at 12:14 AM, Brandonn said:

    well personally i started off with darling in the franxx and kinda sorta stayed in the romance genre.. I guess it all depends on your personal preference of what you wanna watch

    are you a romantic? 

    or do you like horror or drama or etc..



    I seem to personally like anime shows with a lot of action, and slice of life styles. I'm not really into to the romance side of anime as I'll watch that on a regular show on tv most of the time.

  6. On 10/29/2020 at 12:15 PM, InsertComedy said:

    My dad has actually been a weeb for at least 20 years since i was born, and so when i was really young, it just rubbed off on me and now a lot of the anime I watch is something my dad recommended to me, or is something that we both wanted to watch together. And honestly, I think that is the best way to watch anime.

    I'm liking for your signature at the bottom, lol!!

  7. Yes, I totally agree. Talking about fillers in Bleach and then comparing it to Naruto isn't really even a conversation, lol. But yes I agree this show is very encouraging when, like you said, Ichigo uses power he didn't know he had from inside himself to defeat more powerful opponents (i'm a little farther in now) just to save other lives of people he doesn't know or defend his own.  His love for wanting others to change and be the best of themselves, and protecting his ''society'' from the evil hollows is incredible! On top of that even when he knows the Hollows are now evil and can't turn back into their regular state of their soul but because he knows they were once a person he still shows a bit of compassion while slaying them, lol. Great recommendation and as i'm getting farther into the show i'm liking it more and more. The power and sheer willpower he has is beautiful. Also, peep the pfp.....

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  8. To get this discussion started, my friends were what attracted me to anime. Most of my friends are noobs so when I started becoming friends with them I was surrounded by there anime love, and all the anime shows they were watching and the interesting plots I constantly heard about. One day i decided I had to watch an show. When i did eventually start watching I couldn't stop and I've been loving it everysense. The first show I started off with was Naruto btw, then it expanded to Seven Deadly Sins, then Fairy Tail and I plan on watching much more. I'm watching Fairy Tail now btw and it's too good, in my opinion better than Naruto!

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