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  1. with having a lack of new anime to watch and streaming services to offer anime , i was playing with the random button offered by crunchyroll and found an older anime that ive taken a liking to to

    Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars


    its out there but seems to keep you wanting to find out whats next

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    2. Wodahs


      yeh ive been watching that (tho im alittle anoyed with the 17.5 and 18.5 eps)

      crunchyrol this season ive been watching well

      86 EIGHTY-SIX of course

      The Faraway Paladin

      The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an aristocrat


      The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

      had some others but dropped them

      there are 3 others im watching on funimation but let my anima lab sub go as funimation has a shit streaming viewer and other problem so i cant see why im paying to use and told them that (they should have kept the animalab player in the takeover atleast)

      but was bored enough and with a lack of material to watch i binged re rewatched SAO up to season 3 alicization

      then came across Shingu


    3. Ohayotaku


      I’m watching all of those CR titles myself. Though I Keep swearing I’m gonna drop Fruit of Evolution (total garbage fire). Same with Platinum End. Went into it knowing it wouldn’t measure up to Death Note, but 😬 

      Production delays keep getting more frequent (Paladin had one over the weekend too). There are ways to make recap & cast/crew specials entertaining, but when it’s just clips cobbled together, it’s an obvious stall tactic. Personally I feel like if they need more time to finish or try to maintain quality, it would be  better to just skip a week. But I guess that would leave gaps in the tv schedule in Japan.  New Demon Slayer arc is supposed to start Sunday, so fingers crossed .

      Agree about Funi’s player. Increasingly the subtitles cut out on the Roku app & I end up finishing on my phone. I consider it worthwhile largely for Mieruko-chan & Mushoku Tensei. And while Rumble Garandoll  is a harem series, it’s at least funnier & less cringe than Fruit of Evolution.

      On the Netflux front, 12 eps of Girl Jojo is supposed to go up tomorrow & new season of Aggretsuko in a couple weeks. 

      The upcoming anime season looks pretty sparse except for the conclusion(?) of AOT. Maybe I’ll finally make a dent in my backlog list (I keep saying that too 😂 )

      Sorry for the long response :P 

    4. Wodahs


      Platinum End is one of the ones i mentioned i dropped

      and if i had more to watch id drop Fruit of Evolution too

      but for me its a bit thin this season with anime to watch

  2. and i see other faces still here i remember too 👋

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Hiiiiiii! How have you beeen? It’s been soo loong Oto-san! 

    3. Wodahs


      same as usual not bad thanks , Hime~sama , you ?

    4. RyePotatoes


      Hihi, I’ve been here and there but I’m doing fine. It’s nice to see some familiar faces here! Yay! 

  3. haha im a newbie , cooooools

  4. ok ok i know its been a while between drinks for me here (even tho ive popped in and lurked from time to time) and hey look being as an old account as i have ive become a noobe again but enough back to the topic with the closing of Animelab , or if you prefer the take over by (not)Funimation i ask how did you take the change over are you happy have you stayed or went other places , and id hardly say Crunchyroll as another place and its also owned by Funimation now too or do you just find/put up with there being a slow slide down under away from anime availability
  5. so dam frustrated as i have to keep working in my frontline job and the rest of the world goes in to lockdown including the delays of my fav simulcast animes ~ just as well im not in lock down i suppose as id be out of my mind with nothing to watch long before now

    1. Q-Tip


      Right there with you mate, though on the other hand, times like this we ought to reserve a certain humility in recognising we are among those who still have jobs. I'd rather miss out on the free time and extra sleep than struggle with little to no income.

    2. efaardvark


      I know the feeling.  I'd sure like to be "working" from home myself.

      At least the freeways aren't (usually) jacked up.  Finding a parking space isn't a problem either.

    3. txGemgal3084


      I feel your pain but as I am on the other side of the coin I have been out of job since second week of march and I honestly would much rather be working especially since I'm a single mom. Plus side I am getting assistance so money isn't completely dry yet. Thank you though for all of your hard work whatever you do it is appreciated!! Also there is older anime you could watch so while you are waiting for the newer stuff to come back on.

  6. Was thinking the same thing , but hey Welcome back all returnees and any one thinking bout it and too all we've misssed/lost a long the way too And welcome too all new comers also
  7. the first thing that came to mind (and 1. they wernt all hero's and 2. wernt all females) was recreators [mal type=anime id=34561] oh and hi and welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it here as well
  8. ok ill come say hi and add to the list as I haven't seen them mentioned (and its a thread finally worth commenting on after so long) I rather enjoyed these two the first more so (its a movie not a series) [mal type=anime id=28625] and [mal type=anime id=5034] but with the other zombie animes out there that ive watched and enjoyed these to where up top of the list hope they are to peoples likings one way or another as for zombieland sage sorry dude but after seeing first ep I don't think it will be holding my interest too long but ill give it a few more I probably should add this one too as I just remembered it and had enjoyed it as well but its a little different than youd expect for a zombie series [mal type=anime id=16009]
  9. you tell Optic "ive done such n such and so n so for a forum called AF" so Optic goes to AF to verify this is true which he can as "by submitting this application you permit us to verify any previous experience" this not only helps verify you've done the job , but are also capable or not and if there has been any issues with you doing the job for optic on the flip side its also informing you that well if your working some where that may be unhappy that your looking at this position and they may have a "im not sharing you type of situation" and get their undies out of whack you were prier informed that there could be checks done so you cant get upset at Optic for doing them
  10. think ill have another nap

    1. XII360



      this a perfecto ost~ (change mario to your name xD)

  11. think im board

  12. *gives @Wedgy a big bear hug and says there there alls ok any ways
  13. ever wondered if your birthday is shared with an anime character and if so who ? http://schara.sunrockgo.com/ click the link if your curious and go to then click the month and then the day of you birth and see who shares it with you ps google translate can help and I don't know if ill share with you how I share my day with but feel free to share yours here if you want
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