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  1. Was thinking the same thing , but hey Welcome back all returnees and any one thinking bout it and too all we've misssed/lost a long the way too And welcome too all new comers also
  2. the first thing that came to mind (and 1. they wernt all hero's and 2. wernt all females) was recreators [mal type=anime id=34561] oh and hi and welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it here as well
  3. ok ill come say hi and add to the list as I haven't seen them mentioned (and its a thread finally worth commenting on after so long) I rather enjoyed these two the first more so (its a movie not a series) [mal type=anime id=28625] and [mal type=anime id=5034] but with the other zombie animes out there that ive watched and enjoyed these to where up top of the list hope they are to peoples likings one way or another as for zombieland sage sorry dude but after seeing first ep I don't think it will be holding my interest too long but ill give it a few more I probably should add this one too as I just remembered it and had enjoyed it as well but its a little different than youd expect for a zombie series [mal type=anime id=16009]
  4. you tell Optic "ive done such n such and so n so for a forum called AF" so Optic goes to AF to verify this is true which he can as "by submitting this application you permit us to verify any previous experience" this not only helps verify you've done the job , but are also capable or not and if there has been any issues with you doing the job for optic on the flip side its also informing you that well if your working some where that may be unhappy that your looking at this position and they may have a "im not sharing you type of situation" and get their undies out of whack you were prier informed that there could be checks done so you cant get upset at Optic for doing them
  5. i only came for the oppai honest well i saw the title and well some one had to say it
  6. think ill have another nap

    1. XII360



      this a perfecto ost~ (change mario to your name xD)

  7. think im board

  8. *gives @Wedgy a big bear hug and says there there alls ok any ways
  9. ever wondered if your birthday is shared with an anime character and if so who ? http://schara.sunrockgo.com/ click the link if your curious and go to then click the month and then the day of you birth and see who shares it with you ps google translate can help and I don't know if ill share with you how I share my day with but feel free to share yours here if you want
  10. am thinking of maybe trying it out as im looking in to other online games atm and also if you do , do you know if there are servers close to me in australia like an oceanic server or am I needing to join an NA or EU server again apart from the fact um playing on an NA server with my current game the publishers are going thru changes that currently seem to be problematic to the game so im basically going to take a brake and check out some others so id be interested if you play this game whats your opinion and input and yes im currently sown loading the steam trial version also feel free to suggest any others you feel will fall in to this type of mmo category if you feel it will be of worth to fill the situation needed
  11. watched this yesterday and think ill be following on with it any one else seen it and have thoughts ? [mal type=anime id=33012]
  12. you will be sorely missed and we shall await your return hope all goes well with the new job as well , good luck and all
  13. as i have posted un a prier thread here I have a few Studio Gibhli movies on DVD but other than that I stream with Crunchyroll , AnimeLab or Netflix as they are the only ones I can currently get here and all three cost me around $25AUD a month
  14. just for the sake of it when it comes to the Chinese zodiac im a monkey and as for the western one im Sagittarius so make of it what you want or dont

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