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  1. ok , it seems like Date A Live is getting a third season now too

  2. Mahoutsukai no Yome

    how could the leave the end of episode 7 like that now I cant wait for ep 8 oh another week

    1. AniMeFReaK


      I watch anime which are completely released, so I don't know the feeling. What does it feel like? Frustrating? 

  3. No Game No Life Zero

    like I posted in fate stay nite thread might see if I can see this either fri 1st dec or mon 5th dec Monday be the better as I have to drop the car in for warranty work
  4. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

    I have some time off early dec , might go see it in the cini's for a change haven't been in one for a while
  5. well todays kinda the opposite of yesterday , all tho the brain is more functionable id still be happy to go back to bed

  6. Cat Girls

    what about a honey badger girl ?? Killing Bites will ne a new season anime and Hitomi Usagi is a honey badger hybrid in it its lookin like it may be a darker anime tho Edit :- actually just thinking after posting the Killing Bites post and how this cat ears post has covered animal eared girls too I wonder where the persocom twin sisters Freya and Chii would fit in to a category like this as to their "ears"
  7. Thanks for the follow

    1. Drewan


      You're welcome. 

  8. all of what you mentioned heaven lost its property and he found it (them , the girls) the anime is about a perverted guy that catches a strange angelic like girl that falls from the sky (the heavens) and begins to call him master , the rest goes on from there
  9. since waking , haven't been able to get the brain out of park all morning , its still idling asleep

    1. RyePotatoes


      Oto samaaaaaaa! :D 

    2. Wodahs
    3. RyePotatoes



  10. Help! Can Only Reply in Pictures??

    thought bubbles with @SoullessMarshmallow and no its not happening here , did you try Ryuji's suggestion ?
  11. https://myanimelist.net/anime/9062/Angel_Beats_Specials?q=Angel Beats!%3A Hell's Kitchen
  12. They did two ova's , stairway to heaven and hells kitchen
  13. Anime Food

    I had thought about trying some of the ones from sweetness and lightning but anime it self has never put me in the mood for cooking , and I do like to cook when I have the time and I spent a lot of time on a farm so had a lot of beef lamb and pork to use in the dishes
  14. How are you feeling right now?

    first time in a long time ive had a nap after coming home but hell I started at 430 this morn and ive had 3 shift changes just this week and its only Wednesday and tomorrow brings another change
  15. Dreams...