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  1. yep i really like a heap posted here and mostly the older anime ones but one that i really really like is the Love Hina ending Kimi Sae Ireba for some reason (dont know it its been posted before) , it just seems to be the right mix of every thing maybe oh and i think a mention of Porter Robinson's Shelter is worthy (also if it has been mentioned previously) but i think this needs the video to tie it in better to help your feelings flow
  2. ive just not been in to the anime's i thought i would be this season , even havent got in to some that ive watched previous seasons of , and i seem to be struggling for content to watch ๐Ÿ˜’

    1. prettyboy


      Same but probably worse. Anime just doesn't seem to be entertaining to me anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ญ Not even shows that I used to like. I find myself checking the time or letting a series run in the background while I distract myself with other things. I used to watch when I was younger, then somewhere in high school I took a decade long hiatus from it. Casually got back into it but in the last two years the same lack of interest has crept back.

      Streaming shows and old television series again put a lot into perspective. I really missed living, breathing people on the screen. The reason I couldn't even keep an anime character/art pfp up as well. It didn't resonate. There's only a small number of anime I still like. One or two per year I end up watching all the way through and liking but the newer anime I seem to drop like flies. Didn't even finish the new episodes of Attack on Titan, an anime I ended up enjoying a lot over the course of its run. Don't know why but the Sports genre seems to be keeping steady. ๐Ÿ˜† Probably the only genre I still get enthusiastic about.ย 

      Tried everything but I think my love for anime is something I'm growing out of entirely. It's a little bittersweet...ย 

      Still love manga though! ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. Ohayotaku


      The latest season of Kaguya-sama in particular has been underwelming for me, though Science Fell in Love & Shield Hero havenโ€™t been that engaging either. Bookworm has probably been the best of the sequels so far. While Iโ€™m still enjoying Spy x Family, itโ€™s been sillier than I expected & wish it would take things a bit more seriously. ย The ones Iโ€™m enjoying most at the moment are Executioner & her Way of Life, Birdie Wing & Heroines Run the Show.

  3. it is something that has to be imputed still but only see-able to your self and i think certain mods (maybe only optic him self) i can see mine but i cant see yours
  4. @notEli anything and everything from heavy wide loads like mine machinery to explosives and dangerous goods to general to 3 - 45 foot trailers @25 tonne pay load each , livestock long distance or not australia is ad big as the us just a lot less populated the 3 shipping containers is solar panels for a solar farm , which was at the time the biggest in the southern hemisphere (i dont know if it still is)






    1. Wodahs


      in the company i currently work for im a yard supervisor so i do the load ups/unloads i operate all types of machinery , and im the senior driver as to all the tickets i have and thats also why with the big jobs it me thats usually doing them as the others arnt as qualified

      all tho my department is currently a sub department of 5 people with around 130 in the department completly , working for a small company of around 3500 tractors(rigs)

    2. prettyboy


      That's incredibly impressive! I've always seen how difficult the work is and have so much appreciation for the drivers.ย 

      My uncle, well he was actually a friend of the family's but I grew up around him, was a driver all his life. He would stay over at my father's when he was passing through. He'd tell all kinds of stories about being out on the road or just the trouble him and my father got into during their youth. ๐Ÿ˜† It's funny because his family comes from a long line of wealth. Bunch of doctors, architects and lawyers. They offered him work that would have set him for life but he loved driving and getting his hands dirty. ๐Ÿ˜† He was pretty old school and tough as they come. Unfortunately he passed two years ago from complications with Covid. Being a heavy smoker with a bad kidney didn't help him much. ๐Ÿ˜ž I miss his booming, cheerful voice. I'm always reminded of him when I see a driver! Good memories. ๐Ÿฅฐ

  5. just finished first ep of A Couple of Cuckoos think ill see how this one goes as it seems one worth watching atm
  6. needing something to watch atm , so was flicking thru crunchyrolls random button section and came across something i was going to watch but somehow didnt , apart from doing the opening from the first episode still surprised that ive opened the first episode but never actually watched the anime so now im watching Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits) and have just finished the first ep going on with the second https://myanimelist.net/anime/36754 so now in my mal account i can change it from planing to watch to watching
  7. if thats how the letters translate my name would be Tokachirikato
  8. originally it was not an option but showed it amd a lot of people didnt want the year shown tho your free to tell people if you want , how ever its a bit hard for them that dont want it shown so it was disabled and unfortunately with this sites setup you cant have the birthday shown with out the birth year i dont think the sites founder (optic) comes in here much anymore but still pays for it to be kept open
  9. i cant , i got expelled so its out there , but most prob have forgotten now just watched second ep of this and the ending was the best part 2 eps and im pretty sure im in for the undercover surveillance of this operation
  10. ok ok ill confirm , no more torture im in , but shhhhhh dont tell anyone its a state secret !!!!! im watching Spy x Family
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