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  1. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    wed 25th have watched the latest episode (ep 4) and I'm still not feeling it yet come on fire this anime up already we've been waiting
  2. [mal type=anime id=36028] ok so ill make an episode discussion just incase others decide to watch this and want to discuss ir ive just watched the first two episodes and about to embark on the third and unfortunately that is as far as I can go and be up to date with this anime but if it was possible I think it would be one id binge watch from start to finish I don't want to tell you the story line but will discuss it with you if your also watching it as well
  3. this entirely depends on whether I have an anime or anime's to watch and if I have the time to watch if nothings currently worth watching I may not watch episode up dates even if I have the time until um felling the mood if I cant spare the time the anime wont get any but if there is something that's got my interest and ive got things I can be doing , if they can wait they will and ill watch also if I'm at work and end up with down time (as in waiting for something before I can proceed) and I think ill get enough time for an episode I will - then re evaluate and if I can repeat I will - like if I go to a client to deliver one 20000ltr fluid tank pending that can take between 3 and 7 hrs to pump so what else am I to do and I had one client it was a 12 to 13 hr trip each way so in those two days besides sleeping rime the only time (which became anime time) that I had was dur in delivery
  4. Golden Kamuy

    [mal type=anime id=36028] thought id try this out on a whim and the first episode easily retained my interest , it will be worth seeing where it goes from here its kind of like the Rurouni Kenshin anime's with a hunt for gold and a kind of plot line (so far) added from what id say the TV series prison break or so id say as ive never seen that just the adds
  5. MyAnimeList Module

    just thought i'd try this out , took a few minutes to find/figure out where the id number was but now that sorted its a much easier way to do the anime postings oh and for others having the same problem like me selective blindness (I had to look a few times before my blindness saw it) its in the url address bar just the number in the middle
  6. What anime are you watching now?

    ive just decided to start this and became rather interested after just seeing the first episode , hope it continues well [mal type=anime id=36028] edit and hell this is such an easier way to post the anime's thanks @Optic
  7. its a sunny 10*C morning here j just made toast for brecky and its already gone cold :( 

    1. Wedgy


      RIP toast, it's in a butter place now.

  8. Heyyy...New here :) :)

    hiya to all you new members and welcome to the forums from me too aswell also hope you do enjoy our forums as much as we do and fell at home here making posts and comments and all and above all having fun or just let me lead you astray
  9. If You Hate Someone

    after re reading this thread a little more , maybe its more of a question of how does one handle their inner monster and stop it from raging out of control in such a situation then
  10. Where are you from?

    where I'm from its now the second month of Autumn ~ April 25th a public holiday Anzac day its currently 10 deg C (50F) and to top at 23C (73F) a sunny autumn day I'm in Perth Western Australia the once called "City of Light" by astronaut John Glenn in February 20, 1962 (way before I was born) as he became the first American to orbit the earth
  11. The Random Facts Thread

    I canst say ive thought humpty as an egg but mire indoctrinated to the idea with all the teachings as I grew with pic and what ever of humpty as I grew as others portrayed him to me in pictures as being an egg
  12. happy forum day lil miss


    1. RyePotatoes


      Thank you Oto-san! *gives pudding*

  13. The Random Facts Thread

    ok time for another of my Random Facts !!!!!!!!!!!!! never get on a cruise ship with Violet Jessop Ocean liner stewardess Violet Jessop was on board during the three largest ship sinkings in history: the Titanic, the Britannic, and the Olympic.

    ok since its months to go and months since its the 7th of Dec and on her next B'day Rye will be ........................... 19 Mwahaha sorry Rye honest hope you can forgive me and no your not both Sagittarius !!! the three of us are and just to add to these crazy weird coincidences mines not on the 11th of Sep either now if you were where I'm from Muco answering this would make your B'day 3rd of April now .... Kohloo should I go back thro all my old old posts to see what the date was when I last wished Kohloo a happy b'day
  15. id take out a really relly big bank loan , get the money in hand go back in time with the money and cancel taking out the loan
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