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  1. As Rye said Always thought in that pic , they didn't show her mouth just the nose between the two rosey cheeks and the chin below as she pouted
  2. BEATLESS - Episode Discussion

    Nothing really to add after the latest episode Another HiE sister mad an appearance and other to that to me was more a filler to what ever is going to happen Oh and a little male bonding
  3. I have been watching this series , and have so far enjoyed it even with the sexualised theme attached to each episode And I did enjoy where the end of episode 5 led us to
  4. Made in Abyss - General Discussion

    My fave was Nanachi Yes loved it too and it seems as quite a few did as well as the announced season two real fast , so here's waiting
  5. Opinions on Clannad?

    @brycec where do you watch you VN's as if it's online I'd be interested to see this one , as I enjoyed Clannad an after story what can I say.i enjoy sad/tradgic anime's like this
  6. Thanks for the follow

    oh and now looks like I'm not the oldest here anymore

  7. ok may seem a silly question but seeing I cant use spoiler tags as I just tried how do you do hidden content tags ??

    1. Optic


      Hi @Wodahs

      On this platform spoilers are called "hidden content".

      To use spoiler tags you need to type it out manually e.g.

      Text here

      There is no button on the editor anymore for it.

    2. Wodahs


      yep that's what I did and it didn't take but maybe coz I did [spoiler=bla bla bla] expecting it to say in the tag box bla bla bla , and it never hid the spoiler just showed the tags at each end like normal text

    3. Optic


      Ah I see the problem. This platform doesn't support custom spoiler name buttons like the old one did. You have to just use normal spoiler tags sorry.

  8. BEATLESS - Episode Discussion

    Ryou Kaidai and the HiE discussion in ep4
  9. Windows 10

    ill Revisit this topic too I don't use the live tiles either in my Start Menu (removed) nor do I use Cortana (disabled) also. I also have problems I believe with the UI system and it doesn't like to play nice with the UI on/for an MMO I play since a fairly recent win 10 update and for some reason also (and I don't know if this is windows side or the other) but around ta similar time frame its decided to every aprox few weeks throw a wobbly and the device drivers for the Nvidia 1080 video card will fail and cause the system to reboot and will need to reinstall these drivers more so than any other system ive had this ones had me cracking the sh*ts at it for some reason or another
  10. Anime, just for kids or all ages?

    for entertainment purposes if one isn't rich they shouldn't like the opera and if they are rich then motor sports is out hey if they arnt fit they shouldn't be viewing phisical sporting events so who makes the rules that anime is only for kids ~ and if so does that mean normal movies isn't for kids and how do we rate the age that we class them as "kids" or not ?? not just anime but yes there is entertainment avenues that can be age specific out there but I think you will find its more related to whats not for kids rather than "just" for kids
  11. Summary of your day

    sleeeeeept abit and when I wasn't I was busy taking naps
  12. BEATLESS - General Discussion

    ok now I'm not sure if Kouka is bad ass or just psycho yes its starting to seem interesting if not just to find out where its going but I did like episode 4 and what I think ive now figured out , or think I have
  13. Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk?

    I'm a bit of both But then again I mainly drink coffee , and I don't mind chocolate in that After all it's chocolate and I do like chocolate , who doesn't
  14. Ask Optic

    why don't you bite ?
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