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  1. so if ive read it right i believe funimation is going to merge in to crunchyroll now with crunchyroll being the streamer

    1. Ohayotaku


      About time, will be glad to have 1 less subscription to pay for. I’m glad they’re keeping CR as the active site since I find it more reliable & they still have forums/comments.

    2. efaardvark


      Crunchy streams ok but the site really, really needs an overhaul.  I mean, seriously, hire a web designer who has moved beyond web 1.0 already!  I haven't seen a web site as bad as crunchy's since MySpace.  Half the text descriptions are unreadable on my phone or pad.  (And Crunchy's own app isn't much better!)  The whole practice of overloading the "season" drop-down needs to stop too.  Random example... currently for "The Rising of the Shield Hero" you have to select "S1" if you want the English dub.  There are 4 separate "S3" entries to select from, depending on if you want German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese dubs.  If you want the original Japanese audio/subs version then you have to select "S9".  🤣🤣🤣  Who came up with this nonsense???  Things like language and sub/dub preferences need to be *in* preferences.  Or at least have their own appropriately-named drop-downs and not be called "seasons".

      I'm also very worried about the lack of competition this brings to the market segment.  AT&T's tenure was bad enough but at least that seemed to be mostly due to benign neglect.  I doubt clueless indifference will be an option with Sony however.  Since they became a media distribution company they've consistently found ways to screw their customers whenever given half a chance.  Remember the rootkit fiasco?  That alone makes me want to immediately uninstall the crunchyroll app from my phone and go exclusively web-based!  Definitely not getting warm fuzzy feelings from this merger/buyout.   :(

    3. Wodahs


      the best platform the parent company owns i feel even tho it didnt have the forums/comments was the animelab one they got rid off when they merged that in to funimation

      ill be glad to see it all in one spot (even tho it fully hasnt happened yet) at crunchyroll finally too

      and yes the rest of their site needs an overhaul too to fix stuffs , neaten things up and help improve navigation

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