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  1. @efaardvarkand @Wedgywell you two went and done it now
    and there will be consequences :o 

    I went and got my self a G933 and seeing I was there I also got my self a new keyboard (also Logitech) a G613

    now (well prob after a nap 😛 coz I can ! ) all I got to so is set up the 933 and all it can do for me and my gaming and what ever else

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    2. efaardvark


      I'm on linux so the details probably differ slightly from Windows, but It sounds like I'm mostly the same.  I like all the noise/voices in my head anyway, and it cuts down on opportunities for feedback/crosstalk if everything goes to the headset. 99% of the time I just have everything audio going to/from a single source, which I set to be either the headset or my speakers. 

      The only time I do it differently is when I'm doing a recording and I want to get the audio levels right.  Capture/recording software like OBS lets you select the input source(s) and mix them separately.  That can get pretty involved though, and when I'm just playing around and/or talking with my friends online it is far more work than it is worth.

      For your second question, some games do have their own audio voice chat system, but unless it is awesome and well-integrated with the game then I always go with a separate system.  I've tried a few, including teamspeak, but right now I'm using discord.  It is pretty easy to set up, is more or less aimed at social gaming, and works well cross-platform.  My brother is a big planetside 2 player and has his own discord server set up with channels for that, kerbal space, and a couple other games we play so we usually use that.  So far it has been working well.

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