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  1. ssjup81

    Anyone got Pinterest?

    I have one that I seldom use, but I was originally using it for work to find other art or projects I could do with my students.
  2. ssjup81

    Unpopular opinions.

    I'm not fully disagreeing with the poster, though. I just corrected the poster. JKR never said she should've had Hermione end up with Harry (Harry x Hermione fans jumped to that conclusion...she just said that maybe the relationship wouldn't work out in adulthood , due to Hermione being so critical and Ron wit his self-esteem issues, unless they worked hard at it, which she never said they wouldn't or couldn't) and she DID hint at Ron and Hermione as early as book 1 and the two DO fit the "bickering couple dynamic" and the two DO enjoy their bickering sessions on some level because JKR showed that in book 5 that both were bothered and offended when Harry got on them for their bickering.
  3. ssjup81

    Unpopular opinions.

    Actually, this isn't true at all. Nowhere did JKR say that Hermione would've worked with Harry. She just mentioned that maybe she wouldn't have worked out with Ron in the long run or something like that, who knows....but Harry was NEVER mentioned and given Hermione's personality and Harry hating to be nagged, it probably wouldn't work out at all which is why Harry only saw her in a platonic way and almost like an older sister/mother figure. Also, JKR was hinting at Ron x Hermione as early as book 1 and pretty much slapped us in the face with it in book 2. Kinda hate when people twist what JKR said regarding that. Book wise, though, Ron x Hermione works since they fit the bickering couple dynamic and in book 5, you find out they actually LIKE it on some level. Movie wise, imo, Ron x Hermione doesn't work. Hermione seems better suited with Harry.
  4. ssjup81

    Unpopular opinions.

    It's difficult for most anime series to hold my interest if it was made past like 2005 and just isn't interesting to me? Does that count?
  5. ssjup81

    Spaghetti or pizza

    I think I've just outgrown pizza over the years and prefer spaghetti.
  6. If I were a kid being asked this question, I would've probably said Victorian London or either the Medieval times in England as I always had a fascination with both back then...but knowing what I know now, NO WAY! I'd also be scared of time traveling because I'm black and would probably be treated like crap anyway and probably be accused of being "uppity". I'd stick to the present-day. At least I know my limitations in the present....but maybe I'd jump into the future by a couple of weeks just to get winning lottery numbers or something and return back with that knowledge. At least I'll be able to visit Japan again sooner rather than later and maybe take a European vacation. lol
  7. ssjup81

    50 Shades Of Rant (literally ranting) *SPOILERS*

    Actually, I figured it was due to our having a hetero-male biased world. Most guys don't want to see naked dudes. Women have been subjected to being "sex objects" for centuries now, so it's expected for them to be shown off as such in certain mediums.
  8. ssjup81

    Cartoons that you've watched..

    I totally forgot about South Park. I still watch that. I miss when the show had normal-length seasons, though. The most recent season was pretty enjoyable. Anyway, the reason the show matured was probably because Matt and Trey have. They're both in their late 40s now.
  9. ssjup81

    What is your view on other ethnic group?

    I view everyone pretty much the same. If you're nice to me, I like you. If you're mean to me or completely rude, I avoid you and don't give you the time of day. I guess I'm equal towards everyone in that regard.
  10. ssjup81

    Cartoons that you've watched..

    I don't watch many shows in general, but some that I do like are... Adventure Time Sonic Boom Ducktales 2017 I think that's all I'm currently watching and I really like those shows. Looking forward to more new episodes of Sonic Boom. The only other shows I can think of that I watched, but ended months ago, was the 2012 version of TMNT.
  11. ssjup81


    Think of all the positives in your life and focus on those. Everyone has stress in their lives, some have more than others...we just have to learn how to deal with it. Focus on things you enjoy when you have free time or focus on what you can do once the day or your mandatory tasks are finished.
  12. ssjup81

    Dark Anime Recommendation

    Is Tokyo Ghoul considered "dark"?
  13. ssjup81

    Family Feud survey time - Need lots of help

    I filled it in. Hope I did okay, even though the number question was difficult to answer. I would love to know the results.
  14. ssjup81

    When Did You Start Watching Anime?

    The thing with me is that I was watching "anime", by today's more common definition, without knowing I was watching it. Nickelodeon in the 80s (some early 90s) aired imported shows all the time, which included some animated titles from Japan, like Adventure of the Little Koala, Noozles, Grimms Fairy Tale Classics, Mapletown, the Mysterious Cities of Gold, the Lil Bits, Maya the Bee, etc. I watched all of these in some way or form whenever I was home from school or during the summer holiday, but I didn't know that they were originally Japanese shows dubbed into English with Canadian voice actors (I noticed the accents as a kid, but didn't realize it was Canadian until much later on). Now I was watching stuff before the Nickelodeon stuff in the mid-80s (from my memory), like Voltron and G-Force with my older cousin (against my will), so...about 1984-ish? I guess that's how long I've been exposed to anime, albeit unknowingly.
  15. ssjup81

    When Did You Give Up on Naruto?

    I gave up on Naruto about 100 eps (I think) into Shippuden. By that point, I'd just gotten bored of the franchise. I was at the point where I wanted them to GET to the point and finish the story. Bleach fell into this category as well. About 100 eps in I was just bored. As for fillers, I didn't have a problem with them too much since I liked episodes that stepped away from the plot and maybe focus on one of the other characters, like that episode where the kids were trying to unmask Kakashi or the episode that showed that Neji had a fear of the supernatural and ghosts. These are still two of my fav eps of the series, especially the former. That aside, fillers of that nature didn't bother me because of the type of filler it was. It's something anime original. I didn't like fillers done in the DBZ way, where they continue to pad out a canon arc. Seriously, how many eps did it take for Planet Namek to finally blow up? So yeah, filler that extends out a canon arc, I didn't like. Anime original filler, it's cool with me. This is one of the reasons I grew bored so quickly of Sailor Moon Crystal. Even though the 90s version had its flaws, the series actually benefited from having filler episodes. You got to know the girls more through them and made them either more relateable to the viewers or more likable. It wasn't always "Sailor business" like Crystal was doing (I heard for season 3, it's supposed to have a feel closer to the 90s version). So yeah, I didn't drop Naruto because of filler or whatever, I dropped it because I felt it was time for the story itself to just end.
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