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  1. ssjup81

    Do you have IRL friends who watch anime?

    Yep, I do have friends and acquaintances who watch anime. Way more than I do or will. Check my MAL regarding that. lol I don't watch as many shows as I used to. Not sure why I seem to lose my interest easier as the years go by. The only anime I still kinda keep up with is Detective Conan, but only the movies because I grew bored of the actual anime series nearly 10 years ago. I still prefer manga to anime in general, though.
  2. ssjup81

    HEY!!! YOU!!! GUYS!!!

    Hey there. Welcome back. I too just recently returned. lol
  3. Hi everyone, both old members and new. Hope all is well.  I know it's been a while, but I'm back for now. ^^

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    2. Roxeg


      Howdy howdy, welcome back around!

    3. ssjup81


      @Wedgy: Yes, I am back in the US. I returned on May 1, missing the final Digmon Adventure Tri film. I had to watch it online as opposed to the theater. I found a job in June, but it's not very good for my health... ><

      @Roxeg Thanks. Hope I can contribute in some way or form. I started a thread. Hope some people can discuss the topic.

    4. Wedgy


      D : That sucks, hopefully you can find something more suitable for you soon. 

  4. ssjup81

    do you drink Alcohols ?

    I do occasionally, but it's still rare. Last drink I had was in June. I had a margarita. Since I'm back home in general, it's even more rare that I drink anything since I have to drive everywhere.
  5. ssjup81

    Favorite Drinks, foods, and snacks.

    I don't think I have much of a true favorite food anymore, but I guess I can name one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Sukiyaki. Love the stuff. Wish I had a nabe so I can prepare it here more properly. I couldn't buy one before moving back home. >< Oh, I know, sandwiches! I love sandwiches. That's something I missed while living in Japan...good sandwich shops. Favorite type of candy...probably Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, and Airheads. Favorite drink...probably lemonade. Favorite snack food...this is tougher. I have to be in the mood for a snack food. Maybe those White Cheddar Cheetohs? Haven't had those in like a few weeks.
  6. ssjup81

    The Most Gross Japanese Food

    I guess what I meant was that it was invented in the US and expanded internationally, not the other way around. But yeah, it does seem to be very popular in Hawaii and yes, there is a lot of Japanese influence there. I'm sure it's used in Japan, but as I mentioned, I don't recall ever seeing it for purchase in the normal supermarkets, only the stores that carried international food items, like Kaldi's, which is known for its coffee, or Costco.
  7. ssjup81

    The Most Gross Japanese Food

    I actually think Hawaii when I think of SPAM personally. I'm sure it's over in Japan, though, but I've never personally come across SPAM in the normal supermarkets (but it's not something I'd actually go out and buy or look for, so I could've missed it). I have come across it in International stores there, though. That aside, I'm pretty sure SPAM is a US food invention anyway.
  8. ssjup81

    The Most Gross Japanese Food

    Yup. Where i lived (Nagai, Yamagata), horse was a popular regional thing. I never tried it sashimi style (never had the opportunity) but I loved the horse ramen.
  9. ssjup81

    Recommend me a Japanese dish to make!

    I'm late and somehow missed this. One dish I enjoy making is sukiyaki. It's a hotpot dish.
  10. ssjup81

    Japanese dramas

    Hi everyone. I know it's been a while, but decided to make this topic. So has anyone here ever watched any live-action dramas? If so, what have you seen? Let's discuss it.
  11. Happy Birthday @ssjup81

    Have a great day 🎉

  12. ssjup81

    What Are Your Phobias

    I have a few phobias, but my main one is arachnophobia. I have a big fear of spiders, but it's not as strong as it once was, but if you put one in front of me, I'll still scream or shriek. I have a slight fear of heights, which is ironic since I've used a plane more than once. I guess, for me, it's like I'm okay if I'm strapped down or have a seat belt or whatever. I have an issue if I have to get on step stool or a ladder or whatever. I blame it on bad balance. lol
  13. ssjup81

    Recommend me a Japanese dish to make!

    Sukiyaki or any nabe dish, as they're easy to prepare.
  14. ssjup81

    When Did You Give Up on Naruto?

    I know a lot of people felt this way, but for me, I never had a problem with Naruto's filler since they were usually character focused and anime original. Also, for me, the manga was dropped by me for the same reason as the anime...it felt like the actual main plot was dragging and felt that it was time to end.
  15. ssjup81

    Do you like Fantasy anime?

    Hm, I guess I like it in some way. A couple I've seen are and liked are the Tales of Symphonia OVAs, and some of the .hack series. I guess maybe Utawarerumono might count here too. Maybe the Mahou Sensei Negima series as well...but that's so-so to me. Anyone have any "fantasy" anime recommendations that's a bit older? Something before the early 2000s? Early 2000s are okay, but seems for me, I have trouble getting into much after like 2004 or 2005. Stuff dealing with magic in a fantasy-like world has always been a draw for me in general, regardless if it's anime or not.
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