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  1. Wow! Can't top this. lol
  2. Digimon Adventure Tri. (2015)

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well, it was okay. A couple of Japanese guys were hitting on my friend and me. Said they were "bankers" but they were obviously too young for that. Looked to be in their early 20s or university students. I'm also pretty sure there were a couple of Yakuza guys there based on how they were being treated by the staff of this particular club. There was a section for women only. They were allowed there and they were also offered good alcohol that I'm sure wasn't on the menu. Like chilled stuff. Only downside was that this club only had drinks, no food and I hadn't had much to eat the entire day. lol THat was my reaction.
  4. My first time visiting Tokyo, I went to a club in Shibuya (first time and I was invited). I was there the entire night because I missed the last train back to my hotel. Anyway, when leaving and heading to the station, we came across this drunk guy passed out on the ground. Another guy was standing over him holding a sign which said that you could get this guy's photo (without his consent, I'm sure) for 100 yen. That was definitely one of the strangest things I'd ever seen.
  5. Manga for beginner....

    I know I've already posted here, but decided to leave a recommendation anyway. I generally always recommend this title due to how underrated it is....+Anima. Still one of my favorite manga series and kind of wish it had gotten an anime adaptation. Here's a synopsis I wrote a couple of years ago.
  6. I get what you mean. I've never come across any news where that's happened here regarding Maid Cafes, not to say that it hasn't...only hostess clubs.
  7. Yeah, getting down to it, it's pretty much a show. You can even take photos with the maids there, but I think you get charged for it. You're not allowed to take your own photos of them. So yeah, it's more so a novelty thing than anything else. Of course if choosing, I still prefer a Butler cafe. So much more sophisticated.
  8. Late, but I just thought I'd mention that it's not really about the food at these cafes. It's more so about the entertainment of the maid girls. They also sing and stuff too, so yeah. You're paying for their services, not necessarily the food...hence the majority of the clientele being male.
  9. What does everyone think of Dragon Ball Super?

    I still haven't watched any of this yet. I keep forgetting about it until it gets mentioned by those I know who watch it. Maybe I'll eventually check it out despite the series being nearly 100 episodes in. I did like Dragon Ball Z and I liked GT in the beginning, but I still prefer Dragon Ball to both of those series. My problem with GT was that it started off feeling like Dragon Ball and then ended up going the Z route which turned me off from GT along with other issues I can't recall right off. I'm pretty sure that Super will probably end up doing the same thing. For those who are watching it, what are the pros of Super? I do know of some aspects of it, like there being a God mode now and black Goku or something like that. This is an interesting view regarding this series. I guess in the case of DB's formula, Japan is going with the, "If it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality. It's still a popular series and still plastered all over the place in games, toys, reruns of DB, Z, and GT still airing on television to this day, etc. I'm not sure about how anime is now so much. I don't watch much of anything and haven't in a long time, unless it's something older anyway, so I wouldn't have noticed the changes you have. Do others feel this way regarding shows like Super?
  10. Subbed Dubbed or Learn Japanese

    Well, as long as you get something out of it, right? But yeah, I never thought much of it. I think getting some of the basic grammar down would help a bit with subbed anime.
  11. need good horror anime

    I'm not sure if it truly counts, but how about Hellsing?
  12. Had to think about it, but I would have to say Chobits for its predictable ending....but to be fair, it ended up the same in the manga, so I would have to say the same for its manga counterpart. I was hoping that the anime would go off on a tangent and choose a different ending.
  13. How many of you are animators/artists

    I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler, so none of the above for me. lol
  14. Your Favorite English Anime Theme

    Hm, I guess I could say the Sailor Moon theme. DiC's Sailor Moon theme because it's so close to Moonlight Densetsu. lol I don't favor this over the original (Head Chala), but I do like it....Rock the Dragon from DBZ. The Monster Rancher theme. It's catchy to me. Samurai Pizza Cats theme. It's just too funny.