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  1. How has Anime Changed?

    Hm, well for me, I got bored of anime a few years ago...but not just anime a lot of things. Anyway, imo, I feel some anime is just too flashy now...but maybe it's my age too. I'm still mostly drawn to 70s - 90s stuff.
  2. I can honestly say nothing. lol See, I was watching things from Japan even though I didn't realize it from a young age thanks to Nickelodeon in the 80s and being FORCED to watch Voltron with my older cousin and whatever else he liked. For me, if it entertained me, I didn't care where the show originally came from, nor did I think about it, so I didn't have preconceived notions of "anime" prior to my gaining knowledge of it in the mid 90s. It was just another animated show to me. I noticed some differences though by the early 2000s, though...most of Japan's shows had an ongoing story and wasn't as episodic as our shows were.
  3. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    Hm, interesting, let's see what I can come up with. 1. My favorite drink is probably milk. 2. In elementary school, I had to write a letter to the President at the time...Reagan. 3. I've entered and won NaNoWriMo for my area in 2008 and the prize was to get self published, but I missed the deadline since I was so busy with work and other things to even look over and edit my work enough to even want to submit it. 4. I have an actual Japanese driver's license. I had to sit the test and everything, unlike people from other countries who only have to translate the license information. It was super hard to get the license. 5. I am a super indecisive person and can never make up my mind about most anything, so I prefer to have others make decisions. Man, I am super boring. ><
  4. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    As a joke, and I don't think people around me know of it anyway, but, "It's _____ time!" is something I randomly say jokingly in a dramatic voice thanks to Dento from Pokemon Best Wishes. lol I really liked Dento for that series...I never watched all of it due to getting bored (like practically most anything to do with the Pokemon series outside of the first couple of seasons), but I still liked him. lol
  5. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    You know, I figured that wasn't the thing now. I figured more people were open to the whole anime thing. Shows how much I know. lol I know my folks thought it was weird back in the day when I was watching anime (or anything animated) as an adult. That was the only thing since animated stuff = kids stuff, unless it was something intentionally geared towards adults, like the Simpsons, Critic, South Park, Family Guy, etc.
  6. The last movie you just recently watched

    Thor Ragnarok, finally. It was interesting. Too bad I didn't see the Avengers film that came before this one and have no idea what the ending of it was leading up to. Too bad the film didn't have enough of Loki in it for me. Tom is just awesome.
  7. Anime Fanservice

    It probably just depends on the genre or the demographic. If it's something aimed at an older audience, I guess I could see the fanservice playing into that. Something like an adventure show aimed at like a bunch of ten-year-old kids, I don't want to see it. Then again, it depends on how it's done if I can tolerate it or not. For me, personally, though, unless it's blatantly obvious, I don't really notice it much.
  8. MMORPGs?

    Surprised to see this thread resurrected. Thanks for the other suggestions.
  9. The last movie you just recently watched

    Thanks for this recommendation. I'm curious about it.
  10. Well, I figured the reason they keep restarting or retconning Satoshi and Pikachu is because the games are still being released and it's aiming it at that same elementary school demographic (well, that's the case here anyway). They can't have him win at the end of that generation's canonical game series just to be taken back again for the next generation. Makes more sense to have him lose. At the end, Satoshi tries his best to improve himself for the next region, right? What's there left to prove if he wins the previous one? IMO, the only way he'll probably win a league or whatever, is if they end the anime and since the games are still a thing, which the show is based on to promote those games, I doubt that's ever going to happen. If they would've changed out Satoshi as the protagonist after Kanto, changing up the protagonist with each series, like the games do, it would also probably be a bit different, letting the protagonist win the league. Oh and about Pikachu...they have to nerf him since he'd be totally overpowered otherwise given the experience he has.
  11. What's your first game you ever played?

    Wow, such history. You know, I notice that with some people, if you say "Gameboy", they automatically think Pokemon. For me, Gameboy is synonymous with Tetris and I will always associate the Gameboy with Tetris.
  12. Favourite Anime

    Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors for the dub)!
  13. Your favourite Harry Potter character?

    I was never under the impression that Lucius was abusive myself. He just seemed to have high expectations for his son and was hard on him because of that. Maybe he overdid it, given how Draco was in the sixth installment, though.
  14. What's your first game you ever played?

    For me, probably the original Mario Bros on the NES or Duckhunt. It was still new at the time and my friend's family, at the time, owned the NES. I had a lot of fun playing it with her...not sure how I'd rank it, though, since out of the NES Mario titles, the first game is the one I played the least as I enjoyed the other two way more.
  15. Favorite 90s or old school anime?

    For me, there aren't many anime in general that have "rewatch" value. The list is fairly small for me and I don't really watch many newer things due to lack of interest...but a couple of series I still have a soft spot for and own and would rewatch are Gundam Wing and Cowboy Bebop. I still love these two series and still marathon them at least once a year...well, back home I did anyway, but I do get in the mood to watch these 90s anime shows. Other favorite "old-school" anime for me is Lupin III (the first iteration of the show from the early 70s where Lupin would wear the green jacket...i also liked that pilot movie from the late 60s) and Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (80s).
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