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  1. I rediscovered this Baki x Nissin ad recently. Pretty interesting that in the other commercials the kitsune only has a single tail but the Yujiro one has nine tails.
  2. Welcome to the forums! We are certainly a place with some nostalgia for anime
  3. Yo happy belated birthday @efaardvark !!!
  4. Welcome to the forums! Good luck with your studies and hope you share some cool anime with us all
  5. I mean not a lot of people know the mythology behind other cultures. I doubt a lot of Japanese understand or care about the Jewish significance of the golem despite it being a relatively common enemy in JRPGs. Mythological creatures are such a broad topic that sometimes its difficult to tell what is the contemporary creator's imagination and what isn't. I find that particularly to be the case with Ghibli films. Is there some giant-bug beast the Ohm are based on, or did Miyazaki just think it'd be cool to have giant bugs?
  6. Woooo the forum hit 100k total posts! Congrats!

    Screenshot from 2023-09-11 18-09-30.png

    1. Animedragon


      That's an impressive total, and we've all had a part in reaching it.

  7. Welcome to the forums! I hope it wasn't too long of a bike slide over here all the way from Scotland.
  8. Technically Journey to the West is Chinese mythology, but I love the folksy feeling that those influences bring to the the original Dragonball. Pokemon also has a lot of references to yokai, kami and Shinto, even though it originated from a fascination with collecting bugs. And speaking of bugs, Mushishi. There's all sorts of folk mythology that inspires the the creatures Ginko handles, though I don't recall any off the top of my head based off of the more famous myths.
  9. Shelter certain has a lot more defined plot to the video and was a great recommendation to someone who had never seen it. The buzz around Colors is mostly the appealing visuals, but there is some sort of abstract and ambiguous story there too
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