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  1. I remember watching those two! Both are such GOOD shows.
  2. Otherside Picnic and Yashahime at the moment.
  3. The whole soundtrack of Adachi to Shimamura is cute and relaxing. I haven’t watched the anime yet, but the OST is amazing!
  4. For mobile games, I’m deeply rooted into Arknights, Fate/Grand Order, and Granblue Fantasy... while casually playing Project Sekai, Azur Lane, and Fire Emblem: Heroes on the side. And as of right now, I occasionally jump back to Azur Lane Crosswave, Tetris, and DJ Max, but religiously play Final Fantasy XIV over the weekends, lmao. (If anyone plays XIV on the Aether data server, please let me know! Would love to game with you!)
  5. I’m mentally screaming over the fact that I understood exactly what you mean, lol!! 🥲 Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! I’ll be sure to make myself comfortable here.
  6. Hello! I'm Crystal. To be frank, it's been way too long since I last stepped foot into any forum... and the ones that I was once active in either moved to Reddit (which I still can't seem to fully grasp how to operate it) or completely deactivated, haha. So, it's nice to see an anime forum floating around that I can freely talk about my interest without much worry compared to my other social media! A bit about how I got into anime: I've gotten into anime sometime... whenever 2006 happened, I think? I forgot what year it was, but I just know it was around the time when I was in middle sch
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