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  1. I'm a Capricorn in the old Zodiac and a Sagittarius *I think* in the new Zodiac. But when it comes to Zodiac signs I think it is a great example of the questionable cause logical fallacy. I mean that people fit the bill on their zodiacs because from a relatively young age they are told 'this is what you are, the stars designed it' and to some extent they believe that of themselves. {for better or for worse}  Not that they truly were 'destined' to be a certain way. In my opinion.

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  2. I personally think it detracts from the overall story. The writers force their characters out of their previous situation and into some miraculously convenient bath house just for the sake of some cheap laughs. I definitely think that most shows need SOME form of comedic relief, but it doesn't have to be the main character and his friends getting nose-bleeds after seeing one of the supporting females naked. ^_^

  3. I don't know how frequently they fight in this one, but the fights they do have are pretty stellar. Mob Psycho 100

    and My Hero Academia's fights are pretty incredible as well, and also don't take an entire season like Naruto or Bleach (both shows make it hard to watch AND have a social life at the same time) also Sword Art Online has some pretty emotional fights supported by an intriguing story, though I wouldn't venture past Episode 15 for the sake of being disappointed by a lackluster plot afterwards.

  4. @NotSoNora "May the odds be ever in your favor" during your last stretch of the nail-biting death match known as high school before summer. xD I'm just kidding by the way...

    and I keep seeing people talking about Clannad, it's making me really curious but I don't want to start it and then think its trash or look it up online and spoil it for myself. Is it worth it?

    OH! I almost forgot, Welcome to AF!:D

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  5. Hey @Dekumyhero ! My Hero Academia is definitely my favorite manga, but it's tied with SAO (pre-AlfheimOnline)  and Naruto for my favorite anime of all time. what is Beyond the Boundary sounds like a cool science-fiction anime like World Trigger. Are they similar?

    Anyways, Welcome to the site!:D


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