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  1. Here's a little something that I've been working on. I'm planning on making it an ongoing series but here's the first chapter in the meantime.

    Chapter 1    
    In a groggy stupor hardly able to keep his eyes open, a young boy slumps in the back seat of his mother’s silver sedan. Why’d we have to leave so early? The boy wonders to himself pulling his soft beanie over his eyes like a sleep mask. As the sedan slides through the snowy night, the car’s heater provides no relief from the frosty air just outside, due to it being broken, so the boy bundles himself up in his plush green winter jacket to keep away the cold. Finding the monotonous hum of the engine relaxing as his mother navigates the snowy roads of a town that he doesn’t know the name of, the boy drifts to sleep. “Mark?” His mother calls to him pulling him back from the edge of consciousness. “Yes?” Mark replies groggily, slightly frustrated to still find himself conscious. “I need you to stay awake honey, we’ll be there soon.” She continues softly, easing Mark’s frustrations. “Where are we going anyway Mom?” Mark asks, accepting that sleep has eluded him for now. “I’m taking you to see someone.” Well that was really vague. “Couldn’t it have waited til later?” Mark asks somberly. “No… It couldn’t.” By his mother’s tone Mark knew that he should let the matter drop because he wouldn’t get any kind of answer. The less you know the better, Mark. The washed out light of the headlights reflected beautifully off of the falling snow, creating a glittery frenzy before them. The snowfall, although beautiful, fell in torrents that made it just shy of impossible for Mark’s mom to see any farther than 4 feet in front of the car. Fixing her hazel eyes onto the road Mark’s mom struggles to keep the car on track. Did it have to snow now? She grips the steering wheel tightly as if the tighter she holds the more in control she will become.
        Seeing his mom in this way Mark knows better than to distract her from driving. But what the heck am I supposed to do in the meantime? It is then that Mark remembers the cold rectangular plastic in his pant pocket. Thank God! My DS. Reaching into the pocket of his worn out jeans Mark retrieves his portable game and switches it on. After several moments playing his game, Mark gets the uneasy feeling that he is being watched by… something. Peering out the passenger side window Mark sees nothing beyond the thick curtain of snow. Nothing. Still unable to shake the feeling Mark crawls to the other side of the car to peer through the window… Still nothing. 

        Five hundred yards down the snowy road, three men stand together spread across the road, awaiting their target. Bundled in thick, black, knee-length coats, the men were told to retrieve a young boy, killing the mother in the process.  And the men knew failing The Master was nothing short of a death wish. They wore black masks to conceal their identities from not only their target but each other. Almost identical, the masks covered the entirety of their faces with protective mesh over the eyes. The only markings that distinguished each mask from the other was the various shapes on the foreheads of the masks. A crescent moon… A flame… A white hare. 
    Each of the three knew nothing of the others, and yet they had united under a common cause, The Master. The light that had shone onto them in their darkest hour, each of them felt an undying loyalty to The Master, one that would now be put to the test. Unitum Stabit.



    I know it's not much, but if any of you guys/gals are interested in reading more let me know:D

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  2. @Vivi Hyuuga  I seriously respect your openness about... well, everything. And I believe honesty deserves honesty. So I first got into anime when I was 5-6 I lived with my mom, but she had to work a lot just to get the bills payed so she wasn't around much (and when she was around she was sleeping). But since she couldn't legally leave me at home alone, she had my grandma stay and watch me during the day + at night. But my grandma was abusive so I hardly spent any time at home.   Because of the abuse I had serious anxiety around people so I really didn't fit in with others. Until I met someone else around my age when I had gone to my favorite spot to watch alligators (I lived in southern Florida at the time). He was from Mexico and hardly spoke any English, but regardless we hung out both of us not wanting to go home(As we became better friends and he taught me Spanish, I in turn taught him English, he told me that his uncle was a drunk and being at home on the weekends + certain times during the week was dangerous). One night, after his uncle had been incarcerated for the umpteenth time, I snuck out of my house and went to Josue's because he told me about this show that I "NEEDED TO WATCH!". 



    We watched into the wee hours of the morning, until his auntie realized I was in the house and kicked me out, but something was different. First with Josue, now the knuckle-headed ninja himself I didn't feel so alone, Someone understood my pain. I really sympathized with Naruto and Sasuke (More so Naruto), and seeing their successes made me feel like I could succeed too. Eventually, me and Josue graduated to Inuyasha + Bleach but Naruto will forever hold a special place in my heart. He helped me to be who I am today and I'm grateful.

  3. I see this question all over, but I never seem to find anyone who answers it well. The question, "Who is the strongest character in Naruto & Naruto Shippuden?".429388_lemaruxo_naruto-shippuden.png?f14

    Although this might piss some people off, this doesn't include any Edo Tensei versions of characters. (Since Edo Tensei is the OP cheat code of anime.) But I will include Jinchuuriki & Ōtsutsuki clan members. REMEMBER, this includes ALL shinobi, living or dead, but only take their strengths from their living non - Edo versions.

    So what do you think, who are the 5 strongest ninja in the Naruto-verse?

  4. Hi, I'm new to this website and pretty much just started watching anime.


    What's your favorite anime and why?

    I would have to say Naruto or the first 1/2 of Sword art online. Naruto is a very good anime but is a little lengthy, but isn't as dark as some other anime like death note or future diary. And Sword Art Online is really deep (but still enjoyable) because it makes you question what defines reality.


    What anime have you started watching so far???

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  5. To be honest I'm ready for it to end. I started with watching the anime a decade ago, then migrated to the manga. But I personally feel like both (especially the anime) were dragged out longer than they should have been.

    What do you all think???

  6. I remember very well what I was watching as a kid. At first I watched some crappy baby shows like Caillou (NOT Caillou, I hated it even back then!), then I watched more "mature" stuff (not at all, but it's far more mature than that baby crap) like Spongebob. I was 4. I watched it til I was 10, but that's by far not all I've been watching.

    I'll never forget the date I saw Bakugan on TV, that was THE show that got me into Anime, and I was only 7. I was the biggest fan in the world, because of all the action (If I watched it today, I probably wouldn't like it, but I was 7, kids are different in the head). Sadly, I couldn't find any Bakugan Balls in my local supermarket.

    The next day I saw Pokémon and that was my sh*t, actually it was the sh*t of everyone around me, at school everybody was obsessed with it. It went so far we weren't allowed to bring cards to school and even talk about it!

    But anyways, what was your first Anime? Leave it in the comments.


    The first anime I ever watched was Inuyasha... and I'll never be the same again.

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