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  1. @Seshi Id like to watch it with ye, what Ep you on?
  2. Do you Vape? What do you think of Vaping and people who Vape? Personally, I think Vaping is kinda stuipid...
  3. Castle Town Dandelion - Kinda but not Garo the Animation - This one kinda most fits The Royal Tutor - Kinda but I think you would like this one.
  4. Oh nice, I should try some tea sometime.
  5. Oooh what kind of tea? I can't make tea but I always enjoy the idea of having tea.
  6. Oh my god there are so many..... That would take me like 3 months then another 3 to start....
  7. Woah nice, my sister likes to "extreme color" like that I can't do it but looks amazing when done.
  8. https://global.bookwalker.jp/ex/feature/spring-2018/?adpcnt=7qM_Vsl7 https://www.madman.com.au/actions/catalogue.do?saleId=181&method=browse&sortKey=3 Maybe one of these 2?
  9. More like whats, your phillias am I right
  10. Trust me after you have seen like 100 or so anime you want to rewatch them as time passes.
  11. Hmm, red and black, maybe kill la kill, do you know if it was more red or more black? As for the other one ill look.
  12. Interesting, let's see ima test you, Anime is about a few kids that have each different powers and one day this girl the Mc likes dies and years later she is found by the mc again but thought it was like yesterday she disappeared... The girl who disappeared had a special ability to see the future.
  13. I think the time is your bigger concern depending on how u make it you will have to make layouts than a draw between frames and if you have 3 min and 44 seconds and you would prob want 30 fps minimum for a good quality video you're looking at drawing like 5,000 frames. using the audio already there is good, and there shouldn't be much expense if your making it by yourself probably only expense is getting a good animation software.
  14. Sorry for the long response, I had a list down but forgot to submit a reply and then never got to it... Anyway I recommend these: Akame Ga Kill - If you don't mind some gore. Blood Lad - Has a good story and cool abilities. + Charlotte - Not much fighting but a lot of ability use and some cool fight scenes at the end. Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Some epic fight scenes Chrome Shelled Regios - Danmachi - Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody - Fairy Tail - Cool abilities long series and good story/battles Fate/series - Fullmetal Alchemist - mmmm ++ Full-Time Magister - Not bad just got to get past the Chinese voices Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - Great Story Hamatora - Highschool Dxd - ECCHI Juni Taisen Zodiac War - kinda gory Kaze No Stigma - good story, Op mc Konosuba - Log Horizon - season 1 Amazing season 2 ehh Luck & Logic - Magical Warfare - Maken Ki - A school, echhi verson a naruto kinda Mikagura School Suite - Super Power Highschool with fighting Nanaka Prison - One Punch Man - Re:creators - Re:zero - Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings - Seven Deadly Sins - ++ recomend Seven Senses of ReUnion - + recomend Sky Wizard Academy - Tales of Zestiria the x - + The Asterisk War - The Irregular at Magic High School - Tokyo Ghoul - Gory Trinity Seven - + Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle - Uq Holder - watch ALL Negima first World Break Worldend - +++ That Time I for Reincarnated as a Slime - ++ I kinda focused on the Abilities portion and that there is fighting, and then just off looking at any anime and choosing whether you would like it based on naruto.
  15. What did you like about Naruto? It is a long series and covers a lot so any specific, favorite parts you liked?
  16. Doesn't MAL rank all its anime by users? Also Congrats!
  17. Greeneyes

    Poetry Bin

    ++++Niceeeeee, I can never get deeper meanings to poetry and If I do its usually because I and guessing... I liked em tho, keep em comin!
  18. Agreed, however, I am a fan of the OP MC cliche so there is a solid 15% of me who was salty that Rimuru didn't reck Charybdis- also I'm wondering because they didn't show much detail in this part. Rimuru absorbed Charybdis's "heart" so does that mean that Rimuru got another bump of power or what?? Any thoughts? I'm a little sad there's only 5 more ep. left makes me wonder how its gonna end either big battle or cliff hanger for season 2! My actual guess would be Kimura saves the children and satisfies Shizu's regrets.
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