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  1. Sad face....... Id there anything like an assassin in the game...
  2. I think I am gonna try these because I never tried any other software except for paint.net....
  3. Nice name choice I never noticed that before.... It just seems to me we are kind of relying on MAL to have that system
  4. ... uhhh you are awesome I wish I could get a pc with half the amount of power you will have thats insane!!!!
  5. Post a picture of some anime stuff you own may it be posters figurines cut outs anything I just want to see some cool things and maybe ideas to get it my room to!
  6. Steak STEAK StEaK all around is my favorite its juicy its smooth its tasty it can be rare it can be done 3 ways it can be chewy crunchy((ik) it can be the best!!!! Did I mention chewy and juicy....!!!
  7. Straight up binge watch every anime tell I drowned or I would go about my day normally because things like disasters for some reason dont really impact me in the slightest.....
  8. Coke a cola, is my fav by far there is one Huge problem though it makes me stay up way to late at night so I have to hold back on the drinking(chugging)..eh hem
  9. I am self employed doing absolutely nothing because I don't need a job yet technically but this summer I am gonna find one! Come on SUBWAY SUBWAY SUBWAY
  10. YEA I get motivated by anime way to easily but I like the fact if a happy anime motivates me to be happy its a great thing but the opposite is true to... so that got dark anyway YES I do and I love it!
  11. My hobbies include basketball soccer wallpaper design(digital) writer animator and cat lover!!!!
  12. Greeneyes

    Wasabi Peas

    Uhhh haven't tried but if I recall wasabi is supposed to be really hot right??
  13. If you give me the link to a place where I can buy one I will buy it and post a pic of it they are awesome!!!
  14. I use paint,net for everything drawing and gfx on the pc until I get a digital drawing pad then Ill probably switch...
  15. I don't think bing is horrible but its annoying because it has that search bar that you have to close out of by using task manager every time.... so yeah things like that really annoy me.... Other then that its a great engine to use I guess I don't want to get to much into the nitty gritty...
  16. Ok this is difficult the first anime was Naruto but I did't know it was an anime so I would say the first anime I knew was an anime was Attack on Titan or Heavens lost property I forgot which one but it was one of those 2!
  17. Right now Funimation because most dubbed dis on there but I am switching to Crunchyroll because more subbed anime is on there and ill be watching a lot of subbed this year...
  18. There is no best anime and will never be, because of something called individuality everyone on earth likes something different so not everyone can agree on one thing so there will never be the perfect the best the coolest anime because for something to have that best rating it all depends on whether you like it or not....
  19. Ok this is vary straight forward so Naruto??
  20. I like how you answered this and I agree with most of it I would like to give you my answer to these questions but it is where you answer questions...
  21. I dont know if there is a thread that is made for suggestions so yea... My suggestion is you should maybe add a anime list thing in the profile where you can add anime titles you watched for other people to see or something along those lines...
  22. What do you think the meaning of life is? Why do people have the hunger for knowledge? Why is life, an easy thing to create if unintended but hard to create when trying to?
  23. What do you think the meaning of life is? Why do people have the hunger for knowledge? Why is life, an easy thing to create if unintended but hard to create when trying to?
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