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  1. I really wish I could visit japan and cosplay and go to a convention... Step 1 learn some Japanese! Step 2 Make solid amount of money. Step 3 Make a friend there that can show me around! sooo any one live there that wants to be my friend and teach me Japanese?
  2. How many different hair styles have you had? colors count as well..
  3. I think this sounds fun and will answer any question ANY so ask away... (this is gonna turn out bad)
  4. You sir have a strong will indeed!
  5. No matter your number your you never think popularity is more important then anything!
  6. Thats good, its ok to be addicted but there is a line between addicted to being obsessed...
  7. This month I have seen like 5 because its test month at school so I had no time but starting June Ill have lot of time!
  8. What is your view on technology do you love it hate it or eh explane why you hate, love or are a mildground person!
  9. Wait is meliodas from seven deadly sins immortal???? If so then him for sure!!
  10. Going to bed night... ZzZ

  11. Ok here is how we play it I ll start the story with 5 words ex. "Once apon a time there" now someone comments below the next five words and someone after that 5 and so on forever, now ill start. Far away there was a-
  12. If you were to rank your popularity 1/10 10 is like the geek in the corner and 1 is like every person in the school loves you where would you be? I am a 1 yea totolly................ 5.......
  13. I am from the u.s, why do I feel so un-special now....
  14. I have 1 sister 1 half sister(little) and 1 brother I don't see my sister all that often plus she is a drug attic with a bad job, my little sister kind of hates me and I only see her once a day because I have school otherwise I wont see her almost at all and I see my brother who is 20- something like once a year if that.. so yea but its not the best...
  15. "Life is't a game so play it right and don't cheat" -uh idk I just made it up....
  16. I say if you like or even if you use this forum then you are a automatic friend of mine...!
  17. Compared to my desktop and laptop yours is a beastx9000...
  18. Uh I cant quite remember his name but the silver king from K he had two names and I cant remember either one dang...
  19. .... Wow where I live people don't cosplay so I've grown pretty scared to do it so seeing you do it makes me happy and I hope I can cosplay someday soon...
  20. I am glad to see so many people having a good time!
  21. OK I don't have the time right now to read all your replies to make my answer for specific or refined but I will later but right now I prefer dubbed because as it is I am a multiTasker with lots to do but my skill I sent good enough to work on 2 monitors and read subtitles on a third and keep track of my daily life along with having to do school work. So until summer I can't make a complete decision I haven't watched enough subbed....
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