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  1. OK I don't have the time right now to read all your replies to make my answer for specific or refined but I will later but right now I prefer dubbed because as it is I am a multiTasker with lots to do but my skill I sent good enough to work on 2 monitors and read subtitles on a third and keep track of my daily life along with having to do school work. So until summer I can't make a complete decision I haven't watched enough subbed....
  2. Ideal diner would be a non brand restraint or bar and I would have a huge B.L.T with cheese curds fried with a can of coke... sorry if it's not something super special.... Now my question is what would you do with 10 million in whatever currency your country uses?
  3. I played the piano ukulele and flute but I haven't tried to play them for awhile so I feel like I would just be trash I played them for about 2 years.
  4. Asuna and Kirito because I can't think of any other couples at the moment.
  5. I'll look at it I haven't finished the Anima but I will soon and Ill probably need the Manga when I'm done..
  6. You have watched the show there not really cute I can think of a few other thousand names that can describe then but if you think they are cute.... then ok..... .......
  7. I created this thread to ask you these questions. It's okay to talk about anything here, How are you? What is your current hobbie? What's your favorite animal? Your favorite game? And anything else you don't mind sharing about yourself! I am greeneyes I am doing pretty well, my current hobbie is animating and creating wallpapers. My favorite animal is a cat, right now my favorite game is csgo and I like tic tacs!
  8. Greeneyes


    So you want good weather or OK weather?
  9. Greeneyes


    You may hate it I feel jealous...... Arkano you must live far from me its just getting warm where I am!
  10. I would hug you back as long as you don't grab anything otherwise you might not live....
  11. I would hug you back as long as you don't grab anything otherwise you might not live....
  12. No game no life but if it gets a second season then I hope they make it as awesome as the first! I know the movie is coming out but that I am pretty sure is back story for how the world tet if that was his name created....
  13. Yes!!!!! Don't call the police if you can't find Kirry.......
  14. Sao............ as long as Sao is one here I'll he OK....
  15. Thank you I will do this for future until it is improved upon!
  16. Yeah it might be bigger than that I can check. Is there a way to up that even or no because they say bigger is better
  17. Ok, I tried in a thread and profile cover. It's 1.5 megabytes.
  18. Okay then...... (smile).......
  19. I'm interested now, what may it be....? If I shall ask so boldly.... or are you scared to announce it hehe.......
  20. Recently I have tried to upload a few images and I cant apparently its to big I checked the file size but it said that it was smaller then the max limit on the upload, so I had to cut the photo basically in half to be able to upload it so I am suggesting that if it is possible you can make the upload size bigger or something in that direction....
  21. Ok thanks for telling me how it works!
  22. I didn't know how to get on so I didn't know what to do...
  23. Nice to meet you Roygbiv.
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