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  1. You should take a pic of your hair and post it... or if not you don't have to.... but... I would like to see the awesome blue and purple combo in action...
  2. I feel like a complete idiot asking but the avatar part would be where the signature is to or is that like the thing that greets you when you enter the forums sorry I'm not vary smart. Ill start as soon as I know....
  3. My mom was a big rock collector to but I never really got into that much but I would like to see pics of your collection and a few of your favs.
  4. I'm pretty sure she s based of king of fighters kula but I could be wrong... I just don't know who or where someone is to hire and that could do something that looks like this....
  5. Cant wait for a scheduled to be made then sounds like it will be a blast I never watched anime with other people.
  6. Looking and watching...

    1. Frost


      *watching from the bushes*

  7. Greeneyes


    What is the weather like where you are, here is been nice 60 with little amount of clouds and a slight breeze..
  8. Greeneyes


    Welcome to the forumz Fru!! Hope to see you in some threads...
  9. Yea I guess I didn't notice that now that I see it, it kind of looks funny...
  10. I have anime wallpaper but it is just the head so I an wondering if there is someone who can recreate it it best they can or if there is a place I can ask someone... Ill pay for it but its a more of a last option. (Specifically my profile pic...)
  11. Greeneyes


    Welcome to the Anime Forums Mokie I hope I see you in other threads and or topics!
  12. Greeneyes


    Welcome back....
  13. Targeting... and dead....

    1. John jobs

      John jobs

      So when do you want the funeral?

    2. Greeneyes


      Anytime but don't expect to "see" me there...

  14. I looked up anime forums and none looked good until this one...
  15. 1. What is your favorite color 2. What are your favorite colors but together ex. black red, black white, orange black, red, white 3. If you could replace the color of something anything what color would it be?
  16. Give me a list of every anime you have watched granted you know and or you have a list of them...
  17. Granted but your shifts are perfect accept for the the face stays the same in every shift. I wish to be the best assassin in existence....
  18. My plan is one anime because it is long enough to expand that long but if need be I have a back up. I am expanding this one is because when its full blown summer I am going ham on my anime list. I liked anime but only like one side of the coin, meaning I have only really watched dubbed anime up until this point because of 2 reasons 1 for some reason I didn't want to read subs all the time second I cant multitask other things and read at the same time but this summer I am watching every subbed anime I can so my list is basically infinite. I know you might hate me for only watching dub but i have watched some subbed....
  19. What time should I check when u r on? It's 3:30 where I am...
  20. It's Ok, mone is.... Greeneyes Same as this acct.
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