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  1. Nice to meet you! And Welcome to AF btw how do you pronounce your name?
  2. Currently pictures for signatures have to be a max of 800x200 it use to be bigger and I think we need to have the max changed to 1000x300-400 !!! WHO agrees? Finding signatures you like at that size is hard and editing them can either be a pain or ruin them!!!
  3. Be me because acting as someone else would be to much a chore, easier to just be me whether or not it benefits me.
  4. Well we will see waht happens......... Hope, Rimuru just busts in and reks everyone.
  5. I straight up hated the part where the MC basically got switched to Jeanne when the First MC wasted 7 years of his life to give the MC position to someone else.
  6. I just had this thought, Conception went straight to sex in the first Ep but demon lord took 11 episodes to stick a finger in a girl.
  7. It is now sunny and not so warm but getting through the day is easy when your inside.
  8. Chugo Chara!! Was interesting first manga but I really enjoyed it.
  9. Never heard of those genres, would you explain them?
  10. I actually kinda liked demon lord even tho there was a whole hell a lot of ecchi behind that there was a little bit of plot that interested me... And I like OP MC's
  11. Amazing, one of the better OP MC animes and one of the better transported to another world animes.
  12. Don't think hard on it its a gag anime not meant to have a deep meaning. I think few shows got me upset at the story line except for Ulysses Jean D'arc
  13. I don't have good perception of myself so I tend to not think about it.
  14. The only anime I seen like that this season was Ulysses.
  15. Not Lives needs an anime and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash needs another season.
  16. Anyone else watch at least 5 min of conception yet? I mean you need to only see the first 45 seconds to have your jaw dropped, but before I say anything SPOILERS of course sostop reading otherwise continue. I have only seen the first episode but so far a super summary of the show would be transported to another world, and the mc needs to have sex with 12 girls to go home.... WTF how did this become an anime?! is this just weird to anyone else? I mean they had to sit down and be like this novel needs a manga needs an anime... What are your thoughts?
  17. I am going to eat sleep and repeat until its over and then eat sleep watch anime and repeat.
  18. S W O R D A R T O N L I N E
  19. Oh Yeah I play Osu forgot abut that one and I guess if we re talking all games I like chess checkers and maybe some card games, BTW Archie I challenge you to a chess game!
  20. Oh seen Ep 1 of twin tails really liked it but forgot to put it down on my list of watching so I forgot Iw as watching it.... IMA FINISh It
  21. Eh First I didnt know you wanted romance it sounded like the opposite to me like you wanted fantasy but with 2 ish mc's that were not in love since you mentioned rukia and Ichigo as friends.
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