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  1. Oh seen Ep 1 of twin tails really liked it but forgot to put it down on my list of watching so I forgot Iw as watching it.... IMA FINISh It
  2. Eh First I didnt know you wanted romance it sounded like the opposite to me like you wanted fantasy but with 2 ish mc's that were not in love since you mentioned rukia and Ichigo as friends.
  3. Seen em all except for maybe twin star exorcist, is that one about the boy and the girl who were prodigies or something and they are destined to make a baby that saves the world or something like that? The list is stuff I already watched, and ill check that one out!
  4. I am the type of person to watch like 10 series at a time and I since cut down to, mmm 4 or 5, I have a long to watch list but would like to know what anime you recomend I watch before any other! I attached my list of what I have already seen if you care to take a look. Anime List.txt
  5. 3 Pc's 1 xbox 1 Wii 1 DS Damn not much
  6. 30 ish degrees cold soon to drop I'm sure. Never sunny anymore. Sad
  7. I like CSGO, New Wolrd, The forest, Garry's Mod and Magic the Gathering Mainly, I don't play many games anymore but maybe Ill get back into em.
  8. hmm difficult to recommend off that but here I think, Akame Ga Kill Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor Alderamin on the Sky Alice & Zoroku Angels of Death Attack on Titan Black Butler Danmachi Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Fullmetal Alchemist Full Time Magister Golden Kamuy Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash K- K-project Knight's & Magic Konosuba Log Horizon Seven Deadly Sins Sky Wizard Academy Soul Eater Tales of Zestiria the x The Devil Is a Part Timer The Irregular at Magic High School The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar The Sacred Blacksmith Some of these fit more than others, they are in alphabetical order so start where ever.
  9. Im saying 24+ is alot since most anime doesnt get alot of second seasons however most will be like 30 or 40+ episodes. Assassination Classroom 40+ Black Clover 50+ Boruto 50+ Naruto 400+ Darling In The Franxx 24= Date a Live 3rd season out January 2019 36+ Deathnote 40+ Fate series each show has 24 episodes and all are closely related 40+ Full Time Magister 36+ Haikyu 40+ Koroko Basketball 40+ Heavens Lost Property 24+ High school dxd 40+ Log Horizon 25= Re Zero 25= Seven Deadly Sins 40+ Soul Eater 40+ Tales of Zestria the X 24= The Ancient Magus Bride 40+ Tokyo Ghoul 40+ Beelzebub 40+
  10. Check out New Game! i think you would like it there is small bit of program talk and action more than whats in knights in magic, nothing technical but it might interest you. If you haven't already seen it.
  11. You hit hard on advertising, however if he wanted to know how it was he would need to post a link right?
  12. Greeneyes

    Shinobi War

    Discord isnt a game ITS A SERIOUS APPLICATION.
  13. https://www.google.com/search?q=swiss+family+robinson+anime&espv=210&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwig8srI-JLfAhWK5IMKHTpwB1wQ_AUICSgA&biw=1920&bih=976&dpr=1 or https://myanimelist.net/anime/9095/Hitomi_no_Naka_no_Shounen:_Juugo_Shounen_Hyouryuuki/
  14. I'm lookin to buy a monitor between 200-250 bucks if possible 2560x1440 144hz any recommendations? or any other good ones?
  15. Coding lol, when u watched the show and see the "coding" parts did your eyes get glued? how do you only remember coding..
  16. Not much to do but I did what I did. Oh yeah and I am getting better at eye color change look at dat:
  17. Avatar for the forums? You want me to get rid of background? Table? Any other changes? what about the other 2 pictures?
  18. Idk I just like greeneyes... Any other pictures anyone? I haven't done hair but i can try, anything u want done!
  19. MM Inuyusha was difficult because the necklace is supposed to be beeds, however here is what I produced: I have turned all the eyes green!!! If you have any picture you want edited please tell me!!!!
  20. Haha random memes/picture topic/forum games it would be easier to just make it a General like the old forums anyway since we don't have a creative corner and I realized the change in name I am bringing back this old Thread: I got a new one here is the Original: Here Is the Second: What do you think about the make-over? Have any anime pictures anime or not you would like fixed or altered? Also I did this: UPDATE EXAMPLES
  21. I used to write reminders on my hands but I slowly started to ignore them and they became useless so I stopped. So humans have the ability to regurgitate food...
  22. Oh yeah I done did this before.. I have a few quirks one specifically is something that is not really something you would want to know so Ill say a different one instead, I can/use to be able to stare at something and make my eyes sort of vibrate or move side to side fast, another is if I stare at an area long enough like a wooden wall for instance the dominate color of the wall (Brown) will completely cover me vision for a split second and all I can see is brown until i move or blink. Oh Yeah definitely do this thats why my hand is full of ink because I fiddle with my pen.
  23. Hello All I'm here to vent my disappointment on the new series Ulysses with a HUGE major issue about the story so if you like the show PLEASE try to convince me otherwise that its not a garbage trash show... Now down to the issue, the show starts off a with an ok beginning introducing a curious nice boy excited about alchemy and is surrounded by 3 girls off the bat, he wants to become a alchemist but one of the girls which he likes gets taken away to fight in a war (they look young btw so weird) so he does ritual to summon help to save said girl and gets a fairy that guards the philosophers stone and to use the power he needs to do some special liquidation to it but ends up passing 7 years in a moment for him and than we are than brought to him traveling continuing to turn the rock to a liquid and ends up GIVING THE DAMN POWER TO A NEWLY INTRODUCED SECONDARY CHARACTER so basically episode one was useless and the MC has been switched and the original MC is completely useless since he will be carried by the new MC which has the power so yeah bad show.
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