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  1. I think that shoes should be comfortable, as for other parts of the costume, there are no specific rules, for example, that year I wore a silicone mask https://www.themasker.com/ instead of makeup.
  2. Hello! Look at this site https://www.themasker.com/ you will find something useful
  3. Hi! Maybe it will be useful for someone to cosplay mask can be bought in this store https://www.themasker.com/
  4. Hello, awesome cosplay character, but I want all of these to be some kind of scarier character. Even for this I plan to buy a mask https://www.themasker.com/
  5. Oh your outfit is amazing!! And I want to try to buy such a mask https://www.themasker.com/ and also make cosplay with it
  6. I will come with pleasure too! What is the best mask for this event https://www.themasker.com/ ?
  7. Hi, I can also recommend this site https://www.themasker.com/ , maybe you will find some useful things for cosplay on it...
  8. Very cool, I would like to repeat one of these costumes, I think I even buy one of these masks https://www.themasker.com/
  9. I like more complicated characters. For example, different zombies for them are very cool to buy different realistic silicone masks https://www.themasker.com/ , then the photos are not really beautiful.
  10. Hi, I find it easier to buy one of these masks https://www.themasker.com/ , find old clothes and alter them. You will have a costume!
  11. I also wanted to find friends for cosplay. I have long dreamed of a photo shoot in these masks https://www.themasker.com/
  12. Manga really worthwhile
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