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  1. Guys i just finished Ride your Wave (a anime movie).

    And omg im just crying! I cried all the tears that i have in my body haha! But if someone here didn’t know the anime, i will tell you the history! (No spoiler)

    Ride your Wave is a history of a japanese girl who live at Chiba, in Japan. The girl name is Mukaimizu Hinako. (And not “Mukomizu” hihi)

    This girl will meet Minageshi Minato. A boy who saved her from a fire because he is a firefighter. And they will be lover, and they will really have a fusional relationship. 
    But a tragedy will happen, and the mood will change the evening of Christmas. ✨


    That’s it guys, i hope y’ll watch it cuz it’s really sad and nice to watch.

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