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    Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, Red Dead Redemption,
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    Arthur Morgan, Dr. Strangelove, The Boss, The Truth, Big Boss, Kratos, way too many to name
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  1. Colder than any winter I'm used to in a country where it's hot almost all of the time (I mean 35-41 degrees Celsius being commonplace). Not that we have snow either, since it's dead center in the Tropic of Cancer. It's around 11 degrees Celsius where I'm at, which I'm aware most of you wouldn't consider even remotely cold. That being said, things getting colder is still new to me, and it'll never suck as much as the summer heat does. No matter how long you've lived in one of the hottest countries in the world, heat aint something you get used to.
  2. for anyone who cares, im still alive.

  3. Listening to this on repeat. The verse of Naofumi (1:08) is incredible. 10/10 highly recommended. Check the rapper (VI Seconds) out too, Shizzy's got it baby.
  4. It's temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius I have trouble with. 🥵

  5. Its incredible how me living in a third world country smack dab in the Tropic of Cancer has made me practically immune to any temperature below 35 degrees Celsius. For anyone who cares, here's a song for you to chill to: 


    1. Lone Lancer

      Lone Lancer

      Must be the rum.

  6. I have not actually heard of any of these except Shiki and Devil Lady, I'll defo check those out, thanks
  7. Can any of you suggest an anime that, very much like a good horror/thriller movie keeps you at suspense throughout the whole thing? Watched Orphan (2009) recently and I loved how I felt; kinda wanna recreate that
  8. I apologize if I came across that way, and the assumptions were made because your original post lacked in essential details for my response to be somewhat helpful. Otherwise, your story/perspective/anecdote, at face value, didn't make sense to me. I didn't assume that everyone could afford guitar strings either. But if you can't afford a $4 dollar monthly expense, you've got bigger things to worry about, which to me seems reasonable enough of an explanation. It's obvious that I was wrong about you being a beginner, but I see your point overall.
  9. What guitar strings you using? The case of your amp is unfortunate, but there's cheaper alternatives for guitar strings, some specifically made for beginners ergo they have a significantly lower price point. It seems to me you haven't changed your strings in years, which is already a no-go for most guitarists (ideal is a string change every 2 months or so, and that's being generous). Judging from what you've written, I'm also assuming that you're just starting out, cause as much as I understand being attached to your instrument, being crazy about rusted strings isn't something I've noticed in any guitar player I closely follow. Lastly, if you genuinely can't afford any brand of guitar strings, being able to play electric guitar is the last thing you should be worried about.
  10. I've had the fortune of seeing Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) in my life two years ago, 3am in the night, with a couple of my friends on Discord. One of the most surreal experiences of my life. There's very few things that I'd ever rate a 10/10, cause I hate calling things flawless. But I can't find a thing I'd change (I've tried). Not when it took such a wildly different approach to love. Not when it's touched me in a place where nothing else could. This movie's changed my life, and I hope it will yours too (might end up doing a full blown review some other time) Good luck.
  11. I swear to god The Paper Kites has made some of  the most beautiful music I've listened to, bless Aussies.

  12. Death catches us all the same...


  13. Finished playing Outlast. Almost done with Outlast 2. Probably one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. @Kreideprinz have u played outlast yet?
  14. Loved this one. I'm listening to a goddamn nostalgia trip aka Linkin Park, Evanescense (i forgot how to spell this band smh), IconForHire, Green Day, The Killers...all things early 2000s, really. Right now, Im listening to Mr Brightside. It's sooo goood.
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