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  1. New wallpaper/WM. Will probably keep this for quite awhile.
  2. n.exe

    Forums vs Chats

    I felt the same way when I first started using it but once you get used to the inconvenience of having to break your very long rant into 140 characters it's not too bad as a whole. Although while I do prefer it over everything else I think it's best used *with* a forum or blog. If writing things on the internet is your hobby having just a microblog isn't going to be very satisfying. You can't really write a 5 page essay on why Clannad is the greatest anime of all time on Twitter, even with breaking it down to 140 character sentences.
  3. n.exe

    Proxy / VPN

    Yep, I (usually) use a VPN, only times I don't is when I'm logging into an account that panics whenever you sign in from an unrecognized device/hates VPNs (like stupid Netflix). Word of warning though to anyone that may read this, if you're going to use a VPN (and I highly recommend you do), don't use something free. That's worse than simply not using one. Your data is collected, it's sold, and you're much less secure. Go buy PIA if you want something ridiculously cheap.
  4. On my windows machines I usually keep malware bytes, hitman pro, and Comodo installed and do occasional scans, just not very often. Between safe downloading habits + blocking website scripts and ads I never found myself having to clean up my PC. Only time something is detected is when it's a false positive.
  5. n.exe

    Forums vs Chats

    As much as I hate to admit it I've come to prefer Twitter over almost everything else despite being one of those "ew twitter" people when it first got super popular. It's a nice inbetween, it has the sometimes fast moving timeline and DMs for something longer and more structured. And that's soomething I like. Chat rooms (and this is including IMs and VOIP servers) are good for fast, fun, usually stupid chat. Forums are good for something that's a bit more engaging and requiring a bit more thought and structure. Like this for instance, the question is something you can either give a short
  6. I like tattoos, I think it's a great way to express yourself, but I don't think getting an anime tattoo is a good idea unless it's something that isn't clearly from an anime and done by a really good tattoo artist. Like others have said, your opinion towards whatever it is you're getting inked can change, and since this is a lifetime commitment (usually). Were I to get one I'd probably go for some logo or symbol from a pretty obscure show. No Naruto clouds or One Piece flags. I honestly think if you got that you would regret it. Maybe not for awhile but it'd sink in, especially
  7. If I was forced at gun point to pick a single favourite it'd be Always Sunny in Philly since I've watched every season except for 11 at least 10 times (which is not an exaggeration, I really have). Other than that though: Top Gear UK, even the really bad early seasons Grand Tour Sneaky Pete Get Down
  8. n.exe


    Welcome, Shojo. Hopefully since you're new to forums you'll have an especially good experience so you aren't turned off from them. So far, this seems like a good place to start so good pick.
  9. Willkomen. Hope to see you around~
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UGMDJ9kZCA
  11. n.exe

    Your HDDs

    Currently I'm using a 500gb SSD and a 1tb HDD that stores most of my stuff, which will at some point be replace by a server.
  12. I want to say it was Golden Eye for the N64. My earliest memories of games were Golden Eye, Pokemon Blue, and really old Madden games so it was one of those. Golden Eye was definitely the gateway drug to all the FPS games I still play though. The original Halo too.
  13. n.exe


    Sennheiser 280 Pros. I was looking for something that was cheap and had a good range and these fit the bill pretty perfectly. Especially since at the time of trying to find headphones I was trying to find something that was good for casual listening + mixing since I did some voice over stuff and wanted something very neutral. The cord was also a huge plus, my last pair of headphones, the Audio Technica M30, drove me absolutely insane. The cord was huge, would twist, and I'd constantly get it stuck either under or wrapped around one of my hair legs when I was moving in and out. My only iss
  14. n.exe

    Windows 10

    I have a lot of issues with Windows as an operating system but win10 is very good. The way it looks espsecially. I'm not a fan of the files but the way the UI looks, how it uses the colour choices, and the transition effects are all really nice. The start menu was definitely a huge step forward from the 8/8.1 one as well. Like zoop, it's probably my favourite windows version so far. Hopefully they keep that up and whatever comes next is even better.
  15. I've almost always been a PC gamer. PC games were some of my first and now I mostly just don't see the point in playing console. The main reason to play a console was the convenience. You plug it in, pop a game in, and you're ready to go. Now with all of the downloading involved there isn't too much of a difference. Plus I'm awful with a controller and most things I play require aiming so I can't really do that.
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