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  1. This is my newest upload. Tell me what you think.
  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  3. Since, I haven't posted any music in a while, I decided to post it all at once. Please leave a comment and give some feedback! I hope you enjoy. If you've scrolled this far, thank you very much.
  4. The first episode of Juni Taisen was fantastic. I have high hopes.
  5. Saturdays work for me. (Most of the time.) Sorry, I've been working overtime this week.
  6. I have never played Dominion, but this sounds incredibly fun, so I'll give it a shot. If you all meet again, I'd be interested in joining.
  7. The ApeTitan theme from the SnK S2 OST. (Hiroyuki Sawano is a god.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5njc3CHSE1Y
  8. Thank you all for replying. It has been very informative. Obviously, the winning opinion is that it's a bad idea. So, I shall, most likely, scrap the idea. -LW
  9. My friends and I have considered starting a local group for the sole purpose of acting like idiots and role-playing our own fictional identities. What are your thoughts on the matter? In other words, would you imagine such a club to end in success or failure? I think it's a great idea because I'm sure there are plenty of people that would like to reveal their inner otaku selves in a group of like-minded in individuals, as opposed to the outside world. And while online activities (in such communities as this) are great, there seems to be a need for actual meetings with others, once in a while. On the other hand, it would be a shame to create a group, just to find out that it's just us. (The original members.) It would feel like wasted effort. So, would any of you join a local group as I have described if it were to open in your area? -LW
  10. Gantz ended so horribly I wanted to kms.. Then again, at least it had an ending. Deadman Wonderland ended halfway through.. And it didn't even have a conclusion.. It just ended.
  11. I believe my first was Irresponsible Captain Tylor.
  12. I, Leviathan Willow, have grown undeniably tired of the human world. Day by day, the world grows even more bland, and likewise, less and less unique. It pains me to acknowledge the fact that an epidemic has spread throughout this world. That epidemic is known as, "Parallelism." In todays society, it is unacceptable to be anything, but a carbon copy of someone else. I'm sick of it! And that is why I searched the web for a place, in which, the Leviathan Willow can emerge from his solitary fortress and show who he really is. This site seemed best fit, so I decided to join. I shall now formally introduce myself. Hail, comrades. It is I, the Leviathan Willow. I am a shut-in otaku. I love video games, anime, and ramen. If it wasn't already obvious, I may have a residing tendency of being a Chuunibyo. However, I shall never feel ashamed to carry the name of the Leviathan Willow, harborer of chaos and mad scientist extraordinaire! I look forward to gaining many comrades and allies, whilst I use this site. Since I have run out of things to say, I bid thee farewell. -LW
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