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  1. Hijacking this thread (with HK's blessing) to add my own comments. I've had good times here. Some fun, some frustrating. I've met some genuinely cool people. I can't say it was overall a bad experience despite the many hiccups I've witnessed. But I'm going to be honest and raw here because full disclosure we flipped a coin and the coin said I should be honest. I don't know where the other mods are. I genuinely don't. One of them, I'm not even certain if they're alive anymore. I've been largely the sole operator for this forum for over a year and some change. But the mod team as a whole has been abandoned for longer due to inner quarrels I feel are not my stories to discuss- i.e. I had nothing to do with them, I just got stuck in the aftermath. XII was present for a time picking up some of the load here and there and while I appreciate it, he does have a life to attend to and since he got his new job, I really have been alone. I have no resentment toward him, for the record. I understand completely. I also have a career, I also have school, and I'm also a mom. That all said... I'm tired, AF. This site has been abandoned like a used trucker bomb and at this point I'm just administering life support to a patient who is DNR. I offered a little of my time to help fill gaps in moderation when I was asked. I was instead shoved through and left to it with minimal tools and no upline as Seshi stepped away quietly shortly thereafter. I was treated coldly and to this day I still don't know why or what I did wrong. In short, it's crap. I didn't sign up for this. I wanted to help keep things going but dad ran to the bottle-o and never came back. He sends cards now and then. All of my requests for assistance and very simple changes have gone in one and out the other. I tried, AF. But if you want honesty here it is, I'm really out of fucks to give. I understand that if I step away, this forum might just grind to a halt. I'm not trying to sound self-important, I'm just stating the reality of the situation. The anime database requests have been backed up immensely because both of our database admins left ages ago. There are mods who haven't logged in for months or longer but they're still mods. I reached out to HK for support and he and I both agree this is absurd and it's time to stop chest compressions. This is what happens when you let your site rot. And it stinks. It really does. You can reach out to me in a DM if you want my discord tag, as that's my main line of communication these days. I will not share it publically due to a doxing attempt last year that scared the dogshit out of me (and someone decided to be a jerk to me about- you know who you are.) Cheers, Grace P.S. I also saw the massively transphobic discussion on the staff forum and I just cannot in good conscience be a part of that. Edit: 21/09/2022: If I didn't make it clear enough a year ago, this was me stepping away and hanging up the mod-hat. I also would prefer if my account simply be deleted at this point, or anonymised.
  2. Hey @goreeedollie Go ahead to https://animeforums.net/blogs/ and you should see a big button to create one. It may not have been visible before since you were still queued, but it should be available to you now. Let me know if you run into any issues.
  3. https://myanimelist.net/anime/9756/Mahou_Shoujo_Madoka★Magica Sounds like this one?
  4. This looks interesting, and I need something new to watch, what's your opinion of it?
  5. I find Endeavor to be a fascinating character, not because I like him necessarily, but because he has managed to be complex in a shounen anime that by all other appearances seems quite basic and typical. I love that the author used Enji as an example of what putting your heart and soul into your career even before your family or anything else can look like. What he did to his family was horrifying. His children were bred like show dogs and swept aside when they weren't born with the traits he was aiming for. It earned him animosity from every single one of them, especially from his first-born (won't discuss because anime isn't that far yet.) It appears Endeavor is beginning to realise how he's the cause of a lot of the damage in his family, and that while being the best hero is an admirable goal, he must reconcile with his wife and kids for all they have sacrificed to upkeep his image. It's reminiscent of pro athletes in real life who have their personal lives unearthed in the public eye and they aren't as shiny and healthy as their careers. In some cases, that public eye on their home life reaches up from the depths to sink their professional lives as well.
  6. I engage with a handful of webtoon canvas artists via tumblr, and there are two things they all do; first they ensure they have a buffer, and second they know when to call a break or hiatus with enough time to refill the buffer. When they need to, they’re not shy to call for a hiatus with a clear date when they will return. If they’re getting burned out, have things irl to handle, or because they simply want to. It’s as you say, unless you’re getting paid a full income, you have full authority over your own schedule. These artists all have a patreon tied to their comic so there is some measure of expectations to release a comic, while understanding that a little patreon cash isn’t sustainable and the artist still needs time to make ends meet. A buffer comes in handy to ensure there is a safety net if the artist can’t quite pump out a new comic in their normal time frame, if there is a delay beyond their control, and helps ensure time for quality. They’re always working a few chapters ahead of their readers and the hiatus normally comes when that buffer runs out and the artist needs a break. Often the buffer may come in the form of a mini “bonus” chapter containing OOC goodies or a qna with fans. Ultimately it is up to the artist to determine what the comfortable schedule is for themselves and work efficiently within it. But regardless of what that release schedule is, I think these are both smart strategies to employ if you’re looking to keep a solid baseline of readers interested in the story. One more comment while it’s fresh in mind; perhaps these artists don’t realise many high quality weekly formats have a bit of a staff behind them. One artist sets up frames and linearts, another fills in the colours, and another person might fill in speech bubbles and text. Much more realistic to release in one week when you only have one job! But you’d be in over your head to take that on alone.
  7. Hey welcome! I take it you fancy more light-hearted or slice of life rom-com type anime? You might check out Love Com, Netjuu Susume is also really good. If you like cute animals in the sanrio universe Aggretsuko is surprisingly relatable and seems to fit the rom-com genre pretty well. Fruits Basket is heart warming and grounded, though there are some very serious themes it explores but definitely worth giving a watch if you haven't before.
  8. Some of my favourites are rated for young audiences! Over the Garden Wall, My Little Pony, heck I watch Bluey for my own enjoyment, and that's a tv for preschoolers. Saying something is 'for kids' doesn't mean adults aren't allowed to enjoy it.
  9. It's fresh on our minds with the recent wrap up on the Fruits Basket reboot-- so, Fruba!! Yuri on Ice also has a happy ending. Are you looking for strictly romance anime with this criteria?
  10. Why do I only seem to get sick when I've made plans? 😩

  11. The badges are a fairly new addition, and everyone started at about the same point regardless of previous content count. Your first posts precede the implementation of the badges, and they weren't counted retroactively. So the badge counted for criteria met after the date it was introduced. Hope that clears it up!
  12. I watched just the first two so far, it's interesting, but I can't help but be reminded of animes like Blue Exorcist and D.Gray-Man, or maybe Fire Force. The formula is there- supernatural monstrosities are afoot and it takes a Witcher special group who may be a bit more than just human to deal with the problem. The art is very nice, though, as you said. I may stick with it a bit longer to see where it goes, but so far I haven't identified anything I found particularly remarkable.
  13. I've been on the hunt for this little dude for ages and today I finally found one! The stats aren't the best but I can't complain (he's only one defense point away from 3 stars anyway.) Can't wait to turn him into a blue Sylveon!
  14. I have a super long post in the works ugh. But in the meantime I wanted to mention this silly thing. Can't remember if it was added in the anime and I can't be bothered to check right now. But y'all need to know why Kyo was making this cute face after Tohru got out of the hospital and went to see Akito (who he believed at this moment was a man) after her and Kyo hooked up: Here it is:
  15. Isn't that basically the whole cast, too?
  16. Hey RZ, Unfortunately MAL is separate from AF and there isn't anything we can do here to help you, although I do understand your predicament. Perhaps all you can do is attempt to get ahold of a staff member over there. If they have a discord it may get you quicker results to ask through their server. Best of luck.
  17. Somewhat? We were discussing for a while what to name her and couldn't quite agree. When my daughter saw the kitten, my husband asked her "Whose that??" and she looked at the creature long and hard, and then very excitedly pointed at her and squeaked "mufvin!" (we translated that roughly to Muffin.) She sounded pretty sure of herself so we reckoned her name was in fact Muffin.
  18. It appears to be an original character. Here is the artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71558883
  19. I have acquired a kitten. She's super sweet and she runs on a V8 or higher for sure. Feels like forever since I've had a cat who isn't a dickhead.
  20. Hubs and I have been watching it! So far so good, though I’m cautious because WandaVision left a foul taste and Falcon/Winter Soldier ended up feeling like neoliberal propaganda. Won’t know for sure until it’s complete, though. Do you plan to wait until you can binge watch the whole thing, or are you starting soon to keep up weekly?
  21. Yooo I've had the first volume of that on my Kindle. Maybe time to brush up on it.
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