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  1. I wasn't exactly planning on responding to this thread, but my over-reliance on coinflipping has fucked me over once again. @Hällregn Appreciate the response and hope you're well. I'm sorry to say neither me nor THK are quite sure who you are, though that is surely something that can be blamed on the new account. In any case, wishing you the best. Anyway, came here to shed a bit of light on my postscript. Originally I didn't make more than what amounted to an allegation, out of respect. But it's been a year since then and I can't bring myself to feel that anymore. So fuck it, burn you at the stake later? It's later; wish granted. I'm not here to tell anyone else what to do with this, I just feel y'all have a right to know. Does it matter anymore, since these mods are inactive anyway? Probably not, but the fact is they're still mods. That this thread stood at the top of the staff forum for a year and some change before THK moved it into the light, bumped it, left it for another year, and then pinned it before anyone noticed sums it up nicely.
  2. Hijacking this thread (with HK's blessing) to add my own comments. I've had good times here. Some fun, some frustrating. I've met some genuinely cool people. I can't say it was overall a bad experience despite the many hiccups I've witnessed. But I'm going to be honest and raw here because full disclosure we flipped a coin and the coin said I should be honest. I don't know where the other mods are. I genuinely don't. One of them, I'm not even certain if they're alive anymore. I've been largely the sole operator for this forum for over a year and some change. But the mod team as a whole has been abandoned for longer due to inner quarrels I feel are not my stories to discuss- i.e. I had nothing to do with them, I just got stuck in the aftermath. XII was present for a time picking up some of the load here and there and while I appreciate it, he does have a life to attend to and since he got his new job, I really have been alone. I have no resentment toward him, for the record. I understand completely. I also have a career, I also have school, and I'm also a mom. That all said... I'm tired, AF. This site has been abandoned like a used trucker bomb and at this point I'm just administering life support to a patient who is DNR. I offered a little of my time to help fill gaps in moderation when I was asked. I was instead shoved through and left to it with minimal tools and no upline as Seshi stepped away quietly shortly thereafter. I was treated coldly and to this day I still don't know why or what I did wrong. In short, it's crap. I didn't sign up for this. I wanted to help keep things going but dad ran to the bottle-o and never came back. He sends cards now and then. All of my requests for assistance and very simple changes have gone in one and out the other. I tried, AF. But if you want honesty here it is, I'm really out of fucks to give. I understand that if I step away, this forum might just grind to a halt. I'm not trying to sound self-important, I'm just stating the reality of the situation. The anime database requests have been backed up immensely because both of our database admins left ages ago. There are mods who haven't logged in for months or longer but they're still mods. I reached out to HK for support and he and I both agree this is absurd and it's time to stop chest compressions. This is what happens when you let your site rot. And it stinks. It really does. You can reach out to me in a DM if you want my discord tag, as that's my main line of communication these days. I will not share it publically due to a doxing attempt last year that scared the dogshit out of me (and someone decided to be a jerk to me about- you know who you are.) Cheers, Grace P.S. I also saw the massively transphobic discussion on the staff forum and I just cannot in good conscience be a part of that. Edit: 21/09/2022: If I didn't make it clear enough a year ago, this was me stepping away and hanging up the mod-hat. I also would prefer if my account simply be deleted at this point, or anonymised.
  3. Hello, I hope you're having a great day :3 


    1. User 781

      User 781

      Aw, thank you!

  4. The badges are a fairly new addition, and everyone started at about the same point regardless of previous content count. Your first posts precede the implementation of the badges, and they weren't counted retroactively. So the badge counted for criteria met after the date it was introduced. Hope that clears it up!
  5. Hey RZ, Unfortunately MAL is separate from AF and there isn't anything we can do here to help you, although I do understand your predicament. Perhaps all you can do is attempt to get ahold of a staff member over there. If they have a discord it may get you quicker results to ask through their server. Best of luck.
  6. It appears to be an original character. Here is the artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71558883
  7. Charge nurse caught me singing the underpants gnome song while I was testing the crash cart. I hope she doesn't think I have a pants fetish or something...


    1. efaardvark


      Just tell them you have a new kid.  They’ll understand completely, especially if they’ve ever been parents themselves.

      Otherwise, yeah..


  8. Hey, welcome. Yes, in regards to sharing a video that is relevant to the thread topic. For example there is a thread for sharing music you're listening to, it would be appropriate to share YouTube videos. However care should be taken as there is a difference between sharing a video for the sake of relevance to a thread topic, and sharing a video in order to advertise it or a channel, which is not allowed. If the latter is true, you are encouraged to use the blog feature to discuss your own YouTube channel and videos. You can also link to it in your signature. You can find this information in the forum Rules and Guidelines. Hope that clears things up!
  9. I was able to find this same figure with some google sleuthing and this appears to be a special edition figure of a character named Vane from Granblue Fantasy.
  10. Japan's population has been suffering a decline because men and women are lacking desire to be connected in any meaningful way. Partly to blame are historically strict gender role enforcements which, largely, has been pushed back on, and let's face it, resulted in an overwhelming amount of grown men rejecting the notion they should go out and have a career and instead spend their days withdrawn into video games and anime/manga. Likewise women have become more career-driven when they've been told culturally they should stay home and raise a family. Couple that with the way Japan has mastered commodities and you've got a recipe for people to live in completely self-serving bubbles. Give that a few years to ruminate and become commonplace and now we're talking about anime studios being compromised of obsessive anime fans who have never learned how to interact with women. This is, in fact, according to Hayao Miyazaki, who asserts this is the reason the quality of anime is dropping so drastically. The men who have written these perverted characters think it's funny because they have never been in the real world where that kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable and isn't even humourous. The more these perverted characters have a presence in anime, the more skewed their perspective becomes. The issue continues to perpetuate itself. Personally, much as I try not to let it deter me from watching an anime, it really has ruined a ton for me. 7DS is a perfect example of an anime I find entirely unwatchable because, fundamentally, you cannot have a character with any depth nor meaning when their whole personality is based on a trope born from a sheltered and detached life. The issue is made far worse when that character is in fact the MC, as is the case with Meliodas, who as a result is shallow, fake, and gives me no reason to be interested in whatever struggles he might presumably face, which in turn makes the entire anime a wasted potential. And, sadly, as others have already pointed out, it still makes money.
  11. I have never even heard of that, you must have the wrong shrimp!
  12. I'm married and have a toddler. Guess I'm the outlier here. Not in contact with my side of the family, though, so we're basically on our own out here except when my in-laws visit. I like them well enough. Editing to add I also have a cat. He's my grumpy, hairy little son.
  13. So many of these titles are a whole-ass sentence. Whhhyyyyy. Anyway, I might watch Shaman King. I'm in the same boat with @mechaBD, I never watched it back in the early 00's despite trying to convince myself I would like it. MHA-- maybe. I haven't been super impressed with it, but it's easy enough to follow. Fruits Basket is UH DUH I WILL WATCH THIS. Nothing else there especially catches my attention. The long titles are a huge turn-away for me.
  14. Ebay seems like a solid option for this sort of item if you don't have any second-hand type shops in your area.
  15. It's still snowing. ε-(>.<;; We don't typically get what you would call 'spring', just 'second winter'.
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