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  1. So this is going to drive me crazy if I don't ask: how does one pronounce Ruthisian?
  2. I think you could pull off Tyki?
  3. Yeah that one is a head-scratcher. But it's much preferred over outright refusal to wear one. I see videos shared online all the time, adults acting like toddlers when asked to wear a mask. Saw one with a 60-something planting her butt on the floor like a tempermemtal two-year-old and refusing to move until the manager came to kick her out.
  4. Has anyone seen this? I enjoyed it as a concept but I found the MC a bit of a letdown. I understand she acted her age-- willing to lose her sense of self over a boy she liked. But it wasn't relatable in any way. The way she was up in his face at school was obnoxious. He could have been polite about letting her down. But instead he just bullies her more. And likewise she was unwilling to take a hint. These characters have zero chemistry. The ending was terrible. I don't think it sent a healthy message. There was opportunity for so much more depth and sympathy for the characters, but it just wasn't working for me. So I found it disappointing. What did you guys think?
  5. Having worn a mask all day every day for the past six months or so, I can confirm its basically part of my face now. When I go to get my license renewed, I'll be wearing it in my photo ID.
  6. If there's pineapple there had best be jalepeños to balance the flavour. Otherwise no thank you.
  7. Was going to say this, but was beaten to the punch. In my experience, if I consume anything too fast, be it an anime, or a docuseries or a book, I find myself burned out much quicker than if I just slow down and enjoy it. It gives me something to look forward to. I haven't even finished the Handmaid's Tale TV series because I only allow myself to watch it when I fold laundry on Thursday nights (my most hated chore, btw.) But by doing that, I'm not only able to enjoy and appreciate it more, but eventually I will reach the end and have to find something new to fill that void, until it, too, is finished, and so on.
  8. I'm sorry to hear But happy to see you back in any case. Old faces are always a joy as much as the newer ones.
  9. I can say this year has been-- in spite of being completely overwhelmed at times-- overall going in a good direction for me. I've starting picking up more and more books. This year so far I've consumed 28 and counting, alternating and trying out new genres which I didn't expect I'd like (legal drama? Yesss!) My relationship with my mom is in the trash but I'm still going to therapy and learning how to let go of toxic family and friends. Our home search hasn't turned up with results yet, but the market is competitive and we have a shortage of houses here. We remain vigilant, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed something suitable turns up and we can land an offer on it. I'm just devoting more of a focus on myself this year. Improving myself. I haven't been overly interested in anyone else's drama. My social life is debatable, but it doesn't bother me at all because I'm happy with the connections I do keep and cherish, and that's all that matters to me right now. I can worry about finding new friends later, when I've got this me thing down. I'm staying healthy both physically and mentally and I've really grown into being a mom to my awesome daughter who turns one on the 2nd. I'm still struggling with work, but I've been taking classes online and, if I work hard and everything goes right, I can be out of the frontline by June next year or earlier. @efaardvark Get this man a raise! @RepentantSky How have you been? Haven't seen much of you at all for a long time now.
    There's two questions about Ryuk and apples, maybe you can have another in its place? And the answer to question 2 is rather unclear. His name *is* Lawliet... But it's also L. First name L, last name Lawliet.
  10. Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

    1. John jobs

      John jobs

      Happy canada day

  11. Welcome! I like cats, too, mines just a jerk. Also, your pfp amuses me. See you around!
  12. Why is SpongeBob so angry?
  13. Her own backstory definitely is not an excuse for her-- I'm just pointing out this is a sad situation that happens in real life and Akito is doing a damn good job in portraying it.
  14. The real suckerpunch here is Akito is just continuing the cycle. The abused becoming the abuser. Also a very real thing.

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