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  1. Wedgy

    Favorite Quotes

    I've got a quote on my wall which reads... Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. - J. K. Rowling I have always loved her story and drew a lot of inspiration from her. When I think I'm at my lowest I try to think of all the people like her who found themselves in a bad situation and battled their way out of it against the odds. It usually helps.
  2. Not because I love her character, but because I have a love for characters who are entirely plausible. She can be a complete monster, and when at her worst she doesn't care who she lashes out at. There's no logic to it because it's so painfully human it doesn't need that. I know that's probably not the best reason to like a character, but there it is.
  3. I don't know about space pirates but the thread is about really talking pirates. And the only pirate I know and love is Revy.
  4. Wedgy

    Entry nº13 Magic time

    I wonder if it's just a more genuine side of you that you haven't given an ear to before. I think all of us have our sides, we're not all one dimensional (as much as I often believe certain individuals are.) I have my own 'identities' which I've mostly made my peace with, knowing which ones to act on and which should remain inside. I believe what you're doing is healthy. I'm not an armchair psychologist but it only makes sense that the person who should know you the best is... Well, you, of course. Hope your school year goes well, by the way. Is this your last?
  5. Wedgy

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    Do people hype these? My SO recently outright gave up on Naruto, he was trying to watch it start to finish and got to about 170 something before complaining to me that 'it's been filler for about 30 something episodes.' I decided to help him out and look up a filler guide, and when he found out that there was almost a 100 episode stretch of straight fillers, he decided he'd wasted his time and just took it off of his CR queue. Maybe I'm lucky and never encountered anybody who told me those animes were anything to get excited about.
  6. Wedgy

    Help me learn more about the anime community

    Speaking for myself here but I don't feel as if any of the questions were especially invasive. Hardly anything demographic-wise and if there was, being an open-ended question you could simply leave out information you weren't comfortable sharing..
  7. I don't often find myself needing to do such a thing as transferring pc to mobile, but if I did, my external hard drive (which is connected directly to my router at home,) is more than capable of making that possible. Since I don't like taking up space on my pc, all of my music is stored on it and is auto-mounted whenever I boot my pc. Additionally any music I add to itunes is copied into its folder on the drive. If I ever need to transfer anything, be it between either of my computers, laptop, mobile, or ever a gaming console, they can all connect and get what they need from it. Its a pretty handy gadget and well worth the price.
  8. Wedgy

    Help me learn more about the anime community

    What the heck, I'll bite. · What Influence do Anime and manga have on technology/media nowadays? (cell phones, computer, etc.) I don't know what they're called, but you can now own a holographic and fully interactive waifu. · How would you describe yourself fandom wise? Casual, these days. I like a handful of anime that grab my attention, but I don't just watch any anime I can get my paws on as I used to. · What’s a brief summary of your daily routine? I ignore my alarm for thirty minutes or so, sleep walk to the kitchen and drink some water, brush teeth, wash face, shower, makeup, dress, go to work, do the work thing all day, get any errands done after, go home, get chores done, wash my face again, cook dinner, then whatever free time I have left before I zonk out is spent relaxing and indulging in a hobby of choice. · what do you usually buy? Skincare products and food, mostly. Anime wise not a lot at all. · Describe your friend group along with where and how do you interact with them We're rather tightly knit. Like to do stupid things and go hiking in the hills, and get stoned on the couch and watch anime. We've mellowed out in recent years. Everyone having kids now. · What are your favorite possessions? Other favorites like mangas? I have a beautifully crafted hand-blown glass Dragonball pipe I'm quite fond of. Also have an iPod Classic they don't make anymore, it's my baby and holds almost 100GBs of music on it currently. · Does your hobby/passion affect your school and/or work situation and attitudes? No, I don't think so. ·Where're some places you go to meet up with people that are into anime? Here? I guess IRL I just ask them if they like anime. I kind of live in the middle of nowhere so meetups aren't a thing. · What are your top 3 animes? Wolf's Rain, Death Note, Furuba · What are the classics you can’t beat? I dunno. Cowboy Bebop might be one. · Which do you prefer anime or manga? I'm easy. Both have their appeal to me. Manga, like many source materials, tends to explore a story in greater detail. · What Got You Interested In Anime? I knew some weird kids in grade 7 who introduced me to it through series like Inuyasha and Furuba. · Which Anime Series Would You Most Recommend? I think Death Note is one of the more unique animes out there, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, there's so many unexpected developments when you see it for the first time. · What Was the First Anime You Ever Watched? It was probably Dragonball. · What Can Be Found In Anime That You Can't Get from Cartoons? I like that anime can and will approach serious/delicate subjects more often than your average cartoon. It's also much more likely that anime will give you a story-driven plot than an episodic one. I prefer the former.
  9. Wedgy

    Favorite Drinks, foods, and snacks.

    I like spinach, cashews (best snack,) and red meats. Drinks I stick to water mostly, but I'll drink black coffee and iced tea from time to time.
  10. @alupacard It's here!!!!! Look at all these freebies!! I'm so excited


    1. alupacard


      Omg!!!!!! Have you tried them? Thoughts please!!! <3


    2. Wedgy


      S&P Beauty Water is an absolute godsend, I think it needs to be a staple in everyone's routine. First toner I have ever had that did exactly what it said it did (soooo smooooth!) Haven't played with the masks just yet but the propolis ampoule is alright. It's got a dropper so you can portion it and the portions you get are perfect. A little goes a long way and absorbs quickly. I tried a couple of the moisturiser samples (Nivea creamyboi is on its last legs,) and the hydra bomb... Felt amazing all day, loved it so much I actually ordered one. 

      I'll get around to the masks, I usually only do them once a week. 

    3. alupacard


      Oooh my toner is about to run out so I think I will try the beauty water since it has such high praise from you! Masks are usually hit or miss, but they're quite fun ^^ I've tried hydra bomb too! You won't regret buying the full size for sure :)

      As always, would love to hear your thoughts on those masks as you try them! ^^ your haul is amazing tho and I am v jealous hahah

  11. Wedgy

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    High-pitched, baby-like, and constantly out of breath female voices need to stop being a thing. Nobody talks like that.
  12. Wedgy

    Kirry back in the house

    Welcome back darling, it's nice seeing you here again.
  13. Wedgy

    Clichés, Tropes, and Stereotypes.

    I have a lot of difficulties getting into romantic anime due to this frustrating... thing that seems to plague so many of them. This happens a lot between characters when it's their supposed first experience in courtship but can anyone please explain how the writers seem to think that everybody acts the same and just gets embarrassed about everything? I don't even think it's cute anymore. It's kind of stupid. How about some more dimension, like, maybe two characters who have had previous relationships that didn't work out in one way or another and both of them have certain reservations and standards and expectations and, you know, real concerns? Of course it's been done, but I wouldn't mind if more anime took a page out of that book for a change.
  14. Wedgy

    This Is Hallo... Oh wait

  15. You're still the reigning champion on my Pokemon Quiz xD

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    2. Ryuji


      I just looked at my questions....I think I did make it too hard. At the time, it all seemed like simple questions xD

      Wedgy is the very best like no one ever was.

    3. Wedgy


      Considering the "top score" is a whopping 60% I'm certain there must be someone who can beat that. I didn't aspire to be the best! Too much pressure

    4. Ryuji


      Well, out of all the people who have taken the quiz, you are the very best xD

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