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  1. I need to take a hiatus from things for a while. I don't know when I'll be back. Just letting everyone know.

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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @Wedgy I'm very sorry that happened and how it is affecting you right now.. Id be.. the same not sure what to do, say, or even think.. I know it must be very hard for you right now and I'll be here if you need me or need to talk. I know I can't help all to much but I like to try or at least be there for you. Is there any of your family you can speak too at this time for support? Not sure really what to say but its very terrible and I feel for you a lot. I'm here dear if you need me feel free to message me anytime and try to help all I can. ((( hugs))))

    3. Tefutakato


      @Wedgy That's awful, i'm sorry for your loss. My condolences. Feel free to talk with anyone here if need be or with family. 

    4. SoullessMarshmallow


      @Wedgy I'm... so sorry. I don' know what to say. Please take as much time as you need to recuperate, and if you need to talk to anyone, we're all here to help. 

  2. Anime Food

    You sound like you enjoy baking. I never could get a handle on that. (Which is a little funny, since I happen to share my IRL name with a pretty famous baker.) But I am a lean, mean, grilling machine. I can make a curry like it's nobody's business. Recently I have been experimenting with flank steaks, and want to break into kobe beef. Maybe ramen? I definitely stemmed a LOT of inspiration watching Chuuko Ichiban. There is an absurd amount of cooking going on, of course it is literally about cooking. I've been told to watch Food Wars by a friend... I imagine I'll be on another curry kick in the near future.
  3. Wanna Chat about Anime?

    You should add Net-juu no Susume to that list. It's adorbs.
  4. Dear fandom , can you answer my curiosity?

    I probably dont have the answers you're looking for since I'm not a fujoshi (is that what it's called now?) But I'll just chime in with a blanket statement. Why worry so much about it? Why bother putting someone down for the things they like? I genuinely enjoy seeing others being happy, so even if I'm not of their same interests, I'm not going to speak ill of them. Worrying about whether or not somebody's interest in boy love is morally reprehensible is like getting mad at the people at a table next to you in a restaurant because they didn't order your favourite dish. Something that has zero affect on your own life shouldn't be a thing you feel your therapist needs to weigh in on. Anyway that's how I feel about it. Sorry it's putting strife on your friendships.
  5. is water wet people?

    Let's ask @Wet, the expert on this matter.
  6. Is this a good character idea?

    There's a few things I can point out here that you may like to examine. The idea of developing pheromones to "control" insects is creative, but he would have to use many, many different types of them. Perhaps a sort of ammo belt filled with each variation would be a good way to combat this problem. He would need species-specific ones, as well. Spiders for example do not respond to them or use pheromones in the same way that say an ant would. In all truth, spiders really only use pheromones for mating purposes. Of course this can be countered simply by reminding oneself that these are custom-created and can and will have different effects. What part of entomology or chemistry would make him skilled with a scalpel? Unless he is a surgeon, too? Does your character have dwarfism? 4'8" is 142 cm. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that, just wanted to clarify. Also I think you might have meant Colombia. British Columbia is located on the west coast province of Canada, you'd be hard-pressed to find a jungle there.
  7. What even IS Gintama?!

    Gintama is based on Feudal Japanese history with many characters based on historical Japanese figures, some right down to the name (such as Hijikata Toushirou.) The plot is loosely based on the Westernisation of Japan (with aliens instead of westerners, and accelerated tech boost in the Samurai era.) The overall plot is amazing, but to enjoy an anime like Gintama, you need to just go with the flow and not look for it. Though it does have action and drama (a good 1/3rd of the series,) most of it is episodic comedy with bold humour and parodies. There is a plot and, no, it is not only comedy. The first 57 episodes (except 1 and 2, I'd say they were filler) are character intros and world building. It is true that the first 57ish episodes are slow-paced/boring, but the payoff is well worth it. Some might say the first 50 is just as good as the rest of the series. It's always subjective. From episode 58 on, the series picks up and continues to get better with every passing episode (even until 300+). You can break it down to roughly 70% comedy, 20% action, and 10% feels. There are usually four types of episodes. Normal episodic ones, serious arcs, semi-serious arcs (usually featuring character development,) and comedic arcs. They vary from 2 to 9 episodes, which are exceptionally shorter than your typical shounen, so it can be easy to binge. Episodes 58-61 is the first "serious" arc with actual plot. The main story arcs are scattered throughout the anime. Most of the series is an episodic comedy, however. This is what makes Gintama rather different. It's regarded as the anime with the best comedy to drama transition. One episode you'll be laughing your ass off, the next you're going to be crying from the unexpected romance/drama/tragedy. It's because the comedy makes you think that nothing bad can never happen. Then, suddenly, an arc kills off a beloved main character. Though the serious arcs are spread out, they all tie into the overarching plot of the entire series. Seeds of the end-game of Gintama (which is happening right now) start from the very first episode. You will not catch the subtle hints/foreshadowing without rewatching the series. Gintama at this point is in its final arc. The series right now is full of betrayal, death, violence, and tragedy. Treasure the happy comedy that is present at the beginning of the series.
  8. How are you feeling right now?

    *offers nice firm pillow*
  9. Movies

    I'm easy to please, I guess. I generally enjoy most movies thrown my way. The only genre that doesn't appeal to me is horror, but that could be blamed on how a lot of them rely on overused tropes and jump scares to fit the bill. And I could make a case for films that just end awkwardly. The rest of the film is great, but the ending can definitely rub me the wrong way. Epic and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas did this; one made the cute, budding romance into something really weird, the other just... kind of ended and made you sad and left a lot of questions about its aftermath. As a whole, though, I love movies. I have a big collection of discs in my sitting room and I definitely use them. Granted a lot of them are kids movies because I babysit my niece and nephew fairly often, and if they behave they get to watch something before bed time. Most recently, I came into possession of a copy of Akira which I intend to watch when my SO returns from his work travel next week. Supposedly, it's one of the best pieces of animation created, so I figured I should see what it's all about. I do love me some animation.
  10. Humbled! ^-^; hehe.. Definitely would be a surprise, but I wouldn't be embarrassed at all! I've always taken it as a compliment.
  11. Myself

    Indeed indeed. You're of course not limited to anime chat here, of course. While we all like anime, it's also fun just to get to know everyone around here. So there's usually some sort of discussion going on. It's cozy like that.
  12. Myself

    Welcome to AF! Glad to have you. There's plenty to talk about here. ^-^
  13. Let's talk names! Some games allow you to make several different characters or aliases. How do you name yours? Some of us have some silly names, or just whatever comes to mind. Some have personal meaning to us. Some don't. Or maybe we name them after other characters, perhaps from a favourite book or anime. How do you name yours? Myself, I'll admit I like to name mine after other characters. A lot of my names come from the demons in the Hollows book series (Dally, Newt, Minias) and a couple others I've managed to snag are a bit anime-ish, but I like them (Azumi / Akama.) I have some named after mythological figures. I'm especially fond of the Celtic pantheons. There's a goldmine of fun names, such as Flidais to fill a hunter/ranger type character, or Creidhne as a sort of enchanter or crafter. The only rub there is one has to know how they are pronounced; they can be tricky to anyone unfamiliar with the phonetics.
  14. Black Clover

    I can't say I like the dub much better, I guess. It definitely grates on my ears a little less, but there is still too much screaming. Maybe it's just the character I can't stand. D: