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  1. DragonBall Z, my opinion. You can check a lot of boxes here. Idiot and single-minded MC. Inability to create tension because you know he can't lose. And if he loses he can't stay dead. In fact nobody seems to stay dead. There's no permanent consequences ever because their solution for everything is "we'll just ask the magic dragon to fix it." The times we see an attempt made at humour, it's low-hanging fruit at best. The villains either turn into the good guys eventually or they never learn, and no matter what everyone is obsessed with power. They put such a focus on increasing this power and never ending competition to set a new ceiling and then act shocked when they manage to raise it for the 300th time. It is perhaps one of the dumbest anime I have ever watched and yet it's somehow iconic and loved worldwide. There's just something about it.
  2. To be fair, alcohol can in fact be a poison when you consider its long-term effects on your liver and the way it affects your brain, blood, and heart.
  3. Found myself nodding my head at just about everything here. Trying to execute a character that is afraid of confrontation and just wants to please everyone almost certainly results in an irritating one. Presented with option A and B, they try too hard to think outside and find an option C when the choice appears to be too hard to make, and this often comes across as a narrative choice. The writers are trying too desperately to make them more relatable somehow, but on focusing on their hangup to make a tough call they end up doing exactly the opposite. You know what real people do? They make mistakes. Real people make real, stupid, sometimes selfish and short-sighted mistakes. I love using FMA as an example of an anime with well-written characters. No matter what your feelings are about FMA, you have to admit that it boasts some really believable characters because they have their flaws, they make their mistakes, and sometimes they're just flat out wrong about them. Their actions have consequences and resonate with their peers and environment both positively and negatively. Having a character flat out avoid taking any action that can potentially pull them out of a hero trope is just lazy writing. If you have the same exact character you started a story with by the end of the plot's resolution, then you've utterly failed your audience.
  4. Full disclosure, I have not seen anything about this anime and this thread is first I've heard of it. But I keep looking at this GIF here and there's something concerning about that blood vessel in his bicep looking like it's going to pop. I know it does, realistically speaking, happen - but that will put you in the hospital. 😢 Please don't attempt more than you can handle!
  5. Hopefully said commentary didn't spoil too much, but I promise you it gets really good. Kyo is going to really shock and surprise you.
  6. I did not know what a buffalo was until I was in my 20s. Yes, really... I always heard about buffalo wing sauce and it never crossed my mind that it was referring to a place. I thought a buffalo was a really big bird, like a turkey. My then-boyfriend was out travelling with the military and sent me a picture of him with some bison in the background and called them buffalo... Cue my argument and his corrections and we had a little buffalogate on our hands. Needless to say here, he was totally right and I made a fool of myself.
  7. I loved this episode so much. It's so refreshing to see every character getting some level of personal spotlight and Uo deserves some of that love.
  8. Well we got a trailer dropped today, I think I was right at least about the power of editing. Any thoughts?
  9. Wedgy

    The Lion King

    Seeing as my local cinema never gets a film until it's already been out for a few weeks, and the fact I've got a newborn arriving within the next two, I'm finding it very unlikely I'll be seeing this one until its home release.
  10. Mayonnaise does not belong in anything but the bin.
  11. I think it's a big joke, that clearly started as a joke, and had its gates wide open and welcoming the memes to thrive. If anyone is actually stupid enough to think this is a legitimate movement, and goes to the trouble of showing up to carry out this thing... hate to say it but I agree with @efaardvark this is natural selection in action.
  12. Wasn't a former employee. I'm thinking it was the former-- very disgruntled fan who was clearly unhinged. No matter the case, very sad people had to lose their lives because of this lunatic. They were just trying to do some honest work and to be frank it's already a gruesomely underpaid and overworked field.
  13. It's a confirmed arson, actually. Man in his 40s, sounds like he's now in police custody. Also, Sentai Filmworks started a GoFundMe to help them out. I won't link it here, not sure if it would be appropriate. But I'm certain it should be a very easy Google search if anybody is interested in donating.
  14. Article seems to point to simply using magical girls as a baseline for identifying tropes, underlying themes, connecting them to the real world, etc. It doesn't sound unlike being assigned a piece of historically relevant literature to read and dissect in a critical way- this class just happens to be using anime as its subject matter. Interesting to say the least. I'm not personally a fan of how most anime tends to be written, especially when it comes to dialogue (admittedly this could be a symptom of translations.) But the professor who introduced it is supposedly a PhD candidate, so there could just be a lot more to dig into that I'm missing. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Would be nice to see an update on this course after its first semester or two.
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