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  1. Considering the lack of acknowledgement, as this thread has been here for close to a week without any, I can only assume there are no intentions nor interest in addressing this problem. There are clearly more pressing issues to see to such as clearing the daily spam filters, adding new site themes, and hiding the online user list. The lack of transparency and communication has been chipping away at the community experience and I've honestly seen better quality on larger forums with even less staff. It's been fun AF.
  2. Yes there are in BB code, I'm aware, but that's not quite what I'm talking about, and they aren't being used when they should be anyway. I mean simply a warning of some such in the thread title. Though it would be nice if people actually used those spoiler BB code you are referring to.
  3. Or at least please start marking our threads as having potential of spoilers especially for anime new to the season? Kind of bummed reading a certain thread today and was not prepared for spoilers past the episode I'm currently caught up to. : (
  4. Wedgy

    New Year, New You?

    September 2017 I decided I wanted to improve my complexion. I decided to start working toward that with no time limit. There were sometimes I'd find myself discouraged due to some setback or another, but every time I saw another person's progress photo it would help me bounce back. People use the new year more or less as a marker. Because it's easier to say "my progress since 2017" rather than "my progress since 6 September, 2017." I'm on board with the whole "Why wait? Why not now?" thinking, but I'm not going to be critical of people who like to have a goal and decide to start at a certain time. And, sometimes, maybe it's just the fact that a new year is beginning that acts as a catalyst for some to think about what they want to change about their lives. Motivation is motivation, no matter how stupid or trivial it may seem to another person. Call me crazy but I am genuinely happy for people when they succeed and I want to cheer them on. I feel like saying people just want attention is really discrediting those who really did work hard to reach the goals they have set. Maybe it's not inspirational to a cynic, but for others trying to accomplish that same goal, seeing another succeed is reassurance and a reminder of where they want to be. But I guess as long as you're not trying to actively rain on someone's parade, that's just as well, too. We're all entitled to our opinions.
  5. Survive pregnancy and have the patience for all the family who will suddenly decide to pay attention to me because of it.
  6. Welcome Vertigo! Nice to meet you.
  7. Wedgy

    Merry Christmas!

    And happy Festivus for the rest of us!
  8. Even with allies it is still a war of attrition that probably could not be won. Like I said I have no idea what kind of powers you described them as having but if they're anything more than the average man and are capable of killing on their own, I'm not liking those odds.
  9. I haven't the juiciest shit of an idea what any of that meant. But if you're saying we're supposed to fight 99 trillion of these super powerful monsters whose only purpose is to cause pain then that alone is pretty bleak. 99 trillion is such a high number you wouldn't be able to even count to it from 1 in the entirety of your lifespan. I'm no hero. I choose death. Goodbye cruel world.
  10. I feel like this would have worked better if people weren't asked to rate one another. It's a deterrant for some who might otherwise have low self-esteem or are shy knowing if they share their face then others will be judging them by their appearance.
  11. Wedgy

    If you love anime…

    I feel like Beo and I are making a lot of the same points and she probably just worded it better than I did. I often rely on implied context a bit much so being misunderstood is common. Anyway you're correct- the money doesn't go to the studios because the studios are contractors. And yes, obviously like any other job the animators do have the option of simply seeking a career change. That would not be the ideal solution however if you're an anime fan. A lot of animators who have been in the industry do so out of a passion for their work. And while that's respectable, it's more or less 50% of the problem. The issue (imo) is bringing in a new generation of animators to keep things going after this one can no longer work. As I stated above, in my initial post, it's not sustainable and there needs to be a change very soon with how these animators are treated or this whole industry is going to be in trouble. Honestly the DVD comment was a bit of an after-thought and I'm sorry that appears to be what everyone seems to think this thread was about. My bad. I'll just edit that out so nobody else gets confused.
  12. Wedgy

    If you love anime…

    The cries for help are getting louder, in particular over the last couple of years, and I think we as anime fans need to take a moment to pause and listen- really, listen. For those who are unaware, the new generation of animators in Japan are on the decline; the workload is huge, and the salary is miserable (on average, about 235,000 yen ($2,189USD) per month.) Anime schools are closing. On top of that, the demand for anime has been booming. Animators are often hospitalised due to being overworked, some for up to a month of ten hours or more a day without a single day off in order to meet deadlines. Kazunori Mizuno, a veteran animator known for his work on anime such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Zoids, Naruto, and Bleach, died last year due to being overworked. As a result, we’re seeing more and more anime suffering due to the poor conditions in which they are being produced. One well-known example was the backlash AOT season 2 received for only releasing twelve episodes: Or, more recently, My Sister, My Writer (https://kotaku.com/the-new-anime-that-has-fans-complaining-about-animation-1829833088), which was poorly received from the get-go due to terrible animation. Now I’m seeing that Pierrot (the same studio Mizuno worked at,) was facing staffing issues with Black Clover that went as far as running without a production desk for half a year. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there may be little we can do to help the current situation since it seems to be a trend and an overall unsustainable model. If things keep going the way they are, and animators keep getting underpaid like they are, I’m sincerely concerned for the future of anime because less and fewer animators are entering the field due to unlivable wages/conditions.
  13. Oh heck yes. Steve Harrington is mom of the year. Also, I agree with your friend. I actually liked Vegeta a lot more than Goku as a character across the board. I would argue he had the most extensive positive development in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.
  14. Worried out of my mind. This morning Riza was sick (lots of symptoms, won't bother you with details,) so I took her to the vet who says she's infected with distemper. Got her some shots and a water tag under her skin to help keep her hydrated. I'm hoping I caught it early enough and as far as I can tell Mustang hasn't caught it from her, he's quite healthy and happy. I took her back to her foster mom who is better equipped to handle this and knows what to do and all I can do is hope she pulls through and survives. Distemper is very deadly. 

    1. Wedgy


      I guess I can update this. She didn't make it through the night. She had a seizure and stopped breathing. My heart is breaking all over again. 

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