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  1. Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi have such a fun dynamic that never gets old.
  2. Might have found a house? Going to get an inspector in there to be sure but we love it and the yard is incredible. Beautiful porch and big lawn for Bria to run around in. 😍

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RuthisianCodex


      Best wishes for your new home :) 

    3. IIVIsouljam


      Good luck, Wedgy! Sounds absolutely wonderful. 😍

    4. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      Might move soon too , just moving plans stopped due to coronavirus , so might be a while .

  3. I for one welcome more Kyo fans. And there's still so much more to him! Akito's abuse and the dysfunctional culture of the Sohma family make him seem so abrasive when we first meet him. What I still find curious about how the anime is being handled is how Akito is being referred to simply as Akito. As in, never once have I seen Akito spoken of with a pronoun. Which I find strange because it's actually a very important detail about her character. I guess we'll see how they tackle that later.
  4. I haven't finished this latest season yet... I got so burnt out on it. Maybe I'll do that sometime soon.
  5. I'll second The Promised Neverland- admitted it's a tiny bit slow-going, but I expect it will pick up some in the next season. Still worth a watch. @Ohiotaku pretty much went over the good ones. You might enjoy Goblin Slayer (fantasy)? I hear Vinland Saga is pretty good but I haven't seen it yet myself.
  6. I member you. Welcome back!
  7. These are a guess, but I think rank 2 comes at 100 posts and rank 3 at 300 posts. I know you get rank 4 at 500 posts, and rank 5 at 1,000. I could be wrong about the first two.
  8. I like seeing how creative ya'll can be with signatures but when 2/3rds of a post is your signature I have to turn that eyesore off.
  9. I wasn't aware this got postponed-- but also, totally expected given current events. I'll thankfully be plenty busy in the meantime, and there is always tons of other anime out there to watch while we wait for the ones we're excited about!
  10. I've been hearing about this so often in recent years and it still just blows my mind. Like... how do you just... not? It's crazy and ironically I can't imagine what that would be like.
  11. Wedgy

    Username Updates

    There used to be a function on profiles that revealed past names, which was useful in keeping track of who changed their names. Since it disappeared, I've lost track of some people. I like this idea.
  12. Can't agree enough. They seem to run more like jrpgs. I feel like, if I'm in the mood for that form of storytelling, I would pick up a game like Fire Emblem. If I want to simply read a story, that's what books are for. I can understand why someone may like them, however. They do offer a different form of entertainment, which relies heavily on dialogue and art. Almost entirely, in fact. And that's probably why I don't care much for them. I like reading and visualising the details for myself. A VN leaves very little to the imagination. As an opinionated aside... The dialogue is cringey as all heck.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there were 4 seasons. Season 1 covered up to right around volume 6 of the manga. So if we see similar pacing, and so far that's what it's looking like, season 2 should end around volume 12, and so on. With a total of 23 volumes of the manga, that does leave a little wiggle room.
  14. Copying and pasting the full YT url into post editor should, by default, automatically format it into a player within your post.
  15. You're close. Akito's upbringing is brought up very, very late game. But it's a good healthy speculation.

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