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  1. Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.
  2. I try to avoid sugar where I can, but it's very hard to say no to a butter tart.
  3. Wedgy

    One Punch Man Season 2

    You're convincing me I need to go find the webcomic. Pacing translates a bit differently when you're reading as opposed to when you're viewing. Books tend to either move at a crawl or develop quickly chapter to chapter, and further depends on your own personal reading speed. Some people could read a book in a day while others it would take a week. Viewing speed on the other hand doesn't change. It sometimes feels like you're held hostage. Therefore the pacing is a lot more noticeable.
  4. Northwest here. There's probably more of a difference with north and south poles than east/west.
  5. Wedgy

    One Punch Man Season 2

    I thought he looked a bit different. Now I know I'm not crazy.
  6. I have never encountered this shoes in the house nonsense. People always take their shoes off around here no questions asked. It's expected. It could be because we get obnoxious amounts of snow and mud. Idk.
  7. Nice to meet you. We used to have an on-site chat which was dropped after moving forum softwares. For now, to my knowledge, it hasn't been re-instated and I'm fuzzy on details whether or not it's been discussed to bring it or something similar back. But I do not believe it is a priority, no. A number of us use discord and while we no longer have an 'official' server, that's likely the closest alternative I can think of for IM platforms here.
  8. Thread may contain spoilers ** Haven't seen a thread for this. Any thoughts on this second season so far? I'm not super thrilled about it just yet. In fact, my husband and I have decided to take a break from it for a while because the pacing just isn't doing it for us. It doesn't feel as good as season one and I'm concerned. Maybe I'll change my mind later. We still intend to finish it eventually. I hope things pick up soon.
  9. Glad to have you, T.
  10. I've seen, of your list, Fruits Basket, Madoka Magika, and When They Cry. Since others have already weighed in on FB, there isn't much I have to say about it other than it's a sweet, feel good story that really just continues to make you smile. Then we have Madoka and Higurashi. Totally and explicitly in the opposite field. MM is in my opinion a must watch. On the surface it might make you think of something along the lines of Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor Moon. And that's about where the similarities begin and end. For the cutesy looks, the anime is insanely mature and explores some muddled grey areas. Madoka is one of those anime that keep you on edge, and at only 12 episodes I can assure you there is a new intense development every 20 minutes. It's an easy binge watch and the twist at the end might just have you in tears. As for When They Cry, it's been roughly a decade since I've watched it and I still remember it sending chills down my spine. It's another fairly quick watch, but it's frighteningly good at making your mind work and keeping you guessing along the way. I don't watch many in the horror/psychological genre, but this whodunit had me involved from beginning to the grisly end. Just a heads up- it's known for being quite graphic.
  11. Not everyone has seen what it is you want to discuss. Have some patience and wait for someone to come along who might have seen it. This is not Twitter. Some of us only log in every couple of days, or once a week. Some even less. Up until today, you have not made an effort to describe what you wanted to actually have a discussion about in the first place- this is information that should have been in your very first post. Making demands and harassing other users and their threads is an almost surefire way to deter anybody who might even want to participate in yours. If all else fails, it may be time to look elsewhere. If it's a quick answer you're looking for, may I suggest reddit's r/anime forum?
  12. My faith in this anime's makeover has skyrocketed as of this week's episode. Why? I'm not a huge fan of fillers, and I explicitly remember the 2001 anime turning this entire episode into an entertaining but rather pointless one. Bravo, Furuba 2019 team. You're making this long-time fan proud. And now, for one (super minor) complaint, and one praise. LATE MANGA SPOILERS BELOW On Momiji: On Akito:
  13. I can't weigh in very much with YT in the context of your blog post. The one thing I have heard about is that YT has been trying to further monetise bigger channels' content to add more bricks into their own streaming service. This has put a strain on mid-range sized channels which rely on donations/Patreon support to remain afloat, as their exposure will dwindle as a result of the monetised channels getting darker shadows to stand in. I could have that a bit inaccurate, but I'm not what I'd consider at all active on that site so take that with a grain of salt. The extent of what I've learned about it comes from David Pakman after he explained what it meant for his own channel in one of his podcast/videos.
  14. Seems to me @Seshi has been willing to have this discussion with you, but you really can't expect her to guess what this "something particular" is and you have not specified even after she asked you. If you explain what it is about this episode that you say bothers you, I think you'll have better luck.
  15. Shush, you, with your pragmatism! But you're unfortunately not wrong. This is probably the subconscious reasoning that has kept me going on this series. I am really hoping some redeeming qualities show their faces soon, though. I think it would have been so much better if we as the audience could sympathise with his enemies, as you would expect out of any well developed character. A character's flaw being that they are hopelessly stupid is disappointing to say the least.
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