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  1. It's still snowing. ε-(>.<;; We don't typically get what you would call 'spring', just 'second winter'.
  2. Wedgy


    Oh man that's a sexy laptop. I've been thinking about getting a new one in the near future, probably once I pass my board exams. I'm still running on a 2015 Macbook as my main computer, but the thing has been surprisingly resilient. Nonetheless its age is beginning to show. Might have to watch this line.
  3. Your profile page background: Totoro &

    Bernie Sanders?!


    1. Wedgy


      And his cute lil mittens!

  4. I'll recommend my favourite that I read over the New Year. It's called The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, V.E. Schwab. It's fiction, with small tidbits of history, but largely supernatural in theme. I found it just the right amounts clever and dark, and respectably bittersweet. It's about a young woman in 1690s France who, rather than being forced to wed, calls out to an Old God for salvation in a moment of desperation. Don't want to say too much as it was an excellent book to dive blindly into.
  5. How anyone chooses to characterise an anime is both inconsequential to my life and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. If you're someone who is very passionate about anime I just can't imagine a circumstance in which such a phase would at all change how you think, considering that particular sequence of words most likely came from someone who is only trying to bait a certain reaction from you. What better way to respond than to roll your shoulders in a shrug and smile?
  6. After initial registration, your first two posts have to be approved by a human before you can post freely. This was an anti-spam measure put in place to help reduce the amount of bad faith actors and, well, spammers that tend to gravitate to forums. Since you're no longer queued, you should have no problem sending messages. Welcome!
  7. Wedgy


    I think it just comes down to what people want in the gameplay, and the reality is that most people who play multiplayer games are not interested in the bells and whistles. They're not interested in who the boss is, or why they're fighting them, they want to hit it until it dies so they can brag to their friends that they did the most damage to it. That's not to say everyone is going to rush off to endgame content, but when the diving board and floaties are at the deep end and the kiddie pool is in your way, it doesn't matter how pretty you paint the bottom or how much you hope someone will no
  8. I take it you like heavily action, then? A couple of mature titles you might like are Goblin Slayer and Castlevenia. Samurai Champloo might also be your kind of thing. FMA Brotherhood has a magic-lean but there's tons of great content. @Ohayotaku is better at this recommendation thing than I am.
  9. Your pretty Poggers!

    1. Wedgy


      Why thank ya!

  10. Hey, welcome! What have you watched, and what genres do you like? It would help to know so we can point you to some anime to try.
  11. I, too, have acquired a new lid.
  12. Wedgy


    Ah, good ol MMO games. I would like to share my experience with the few I've played without writing a whole novel about it but egad was it a huge part of my life. I think what you should consider first when starting an MMO is the most important bit: do you have the time for it? It doesn't make any difference how many mechanisms the developers put in place to make it feel like less of a grind or a chore. If you intend to commit to an MMO, you're going to be sinking potentially hundreds if not thousands of hours of your life into it. Especially if you intend to play with others, which is ar
  13. A date's better than a perpetual state of Soon™
  14. Picked up a shortwave OWVL frequency through the baby monitor that woke me in the middle of the night. Couldn't sleep after that. I am thoroughly creeped out.

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    2. Wedgy


      I often hear braying in the middle of the night because my neighbour keeps a donkey among their animals and they have been known to get in my property.

    3. Ohayotaku


      @efaardvarkwhen I lived in the country we had packs that would pass through periodically (several weeks straight, than nothing for months or a couple years). Hearing them while laying in bed at night was absolutely terrifying. The sounds were even worse after they made a kill. I never actually saw them in the daylight . But you’d find blood & fur in the field in the morning.

      @Wedgy and now I got that Jersey Devil legend stuck in my head.

      Thanks for sharing guys 😱

    4. efaardvark


      @Ohayotaku  Yeah, when they catch something it is even worse. 

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