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  1. This is totally cheating because technically this is a web comic rather than anime, but just look at Nol here I love this goof. Still team Q-tip.
  2. Thanks @Wodahs I found them. Looks like mine are expired all except two, but they recycle new ones. That's nice.
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    More than 130 champions are all running their mouths out there on the Rift. Whose line is it, anyway?
  3. @flamer180 Mate you're really stirring the pot here for someone who said they didn't want a big debate over this. The bridge has been built, most of us are over it.
  4. Wedgy


    Welcome! Things are generally pretty chill here, that's why I like it. Here's hoping you like us, too.
  5. Wedgy

    I am New

    Hiya Glitch! Careful, I'm a biter. They're more like love-nibbles, but you try telling that to whoever put the muzzle on my face. If you find them get the key yeah?
  6. Wedgy

    Log Horizon Season 3

    Not at all! Just been stuck at the work place a lot. I can appreciate the input. I'll give it a chance!
  7. Wedgy

    Log Horizon Season 3

    I've been eying it for some time now, though never actually committing to watching it yet. Maybe I'm just being ignorant, but it just feels as if there are a lot of anime with that same plot structure going on. What does Log Horizon bring to the table that is different? If I knew better, I might consider adding it to my To Watch list but as it is now I'm skeptical.
  8. Wedgy


    Welcome Izzy! You seem like a nice person. : ) I'm sorry to hear that all happened, people can be so socially inept, blows me away sometimes! I've had about the same happen to me as well, although not from a twelve year run. Admittedly I'd served as global mod on a different forum between 2009-2014, I like to think I was kept around for a reason (my name allllll over those logs,) however I was forced to leave when the admin's husband, for lack of a better term, went absolutely glue-sniffing insane and logged into his wife's account to basically troll the whole site. Demodded and banned the entire staff. Lifted the spam restrictions, had loads of bot accounts all over the place. Wife gets back on, fixes the whole mess and then blames us for not telling her. Yeah. About her own husband... the drama that followed was way too much for me (as well as the rest of the staff,) to want to stick around for. Lol. Still have no clue what the heck happened, it was weird. I take it you're an anime fan, yes? What has your interests?
  9. The title says 'sex' and that appears to be the intention.
  10. I have premium myself, how do I go about sharing codes @Wodahs? I'll share mine of you happen to run out.
  11. Wedgy

    Voice game

    @txGemgal3084 For you I've chosen... Nana Mizuki
  12. Wedgy

    Monster Hunter World

    Thought I'd share this here! Helped my friend out with a hunt recently, and got a pretty neat kill screen. Daora is frustrating enough because it moves around a LOT and for two glaive-users, he's a real pain in the neck... somehow... SOMEHOW I killed him with a Nitrotoad. Here he is going 'boom,' and the beastie dropped a second later. I was pleased.
  13. Wedgy

    Unpopular opinions.

    Wedgy does not like mayonnaise!
  14. Hey, how did your school work turn out? 

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