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  1. Things you hate but have to do

    I don't hate my job, but something I really, really dislike about it is when I have to put my foot down, because it always makes me look like a jerk and I'm genuinely not. I'm in a supervising position which means not only do I have a list of duties like everyone else, I have to babysit my coworkers. I want to be able to trust them to do their jobs, but the reality is, you'd be surprised how many things you expect should go without saying but people somehow manage to tiptoe around and hope it escapes your notice. And then I have to go hunt them down and give them a talking to, because guess what if something gets screwed up on my shift, I'm the one who gets chewed out for it not them. With some of them, you only have to say something once. I know who my stars are. But others... you try to adjust them one way and they end up swinging into another extreme, not always because they are plain stupid but because they don't like being told what to do, I expect, so they emulate how a robot would process their job instead of trying to use their own brain and common sense to solve problems. Perhaps to prove a point? Who knows. Some adults make me wonder how they get anything done at home. In any case here, it's extremely irritating that we can't all just come to work to get the job done that we are asked to do, and stop making everything a personal attack on themselves. It isn't. I am doing my job by enforcing policies, not having some sort of power trip because I have authority. I like to have fun at work, too. I'll top this off though by stating that for the most part, I love my coworkers and a lot of them have been working there for years and most of them I feel we respect each other. There's only a small handful that I have to basically micromanage because I guess thinking for themselves hurts too much.
  2. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    It's simply GIMP. : )
  3. ... This is really the first I've heard of it. I'll give you my word I'll give it a watch when I get time in between work and let you know my thoughts when I do. I'm a bit leery however just looking at the casting right now, but I'll try to be fair and reserve my opinion until I've seen it. I'm a firm believer of 'don't knock it til you try it.' And, not to swing the conversation, but I said the same thing about the Death Note film and it turned out I was not a fan of it at all, although maybe not for the same reason everyone else seemed to be. "White-washing" or "Americanising" the cast/characters was easily the least of that film's shortcomings. I had a huge problem with them changing around the nature of the plot and watering down what was a beautiful canvas of colours and grey areas and painting over it in matte black and white. That they basically made Misa (or was it Mia here?) the film's antagonist was probably my biggest woe of them all. They completely missed the point. Everything I loved about Death Note was Light's descent into madness, how he starts as this "means to an end" sort of anti-hero and gets twisted into a villain who kills for the sake of preserving his God complex. Netflix wiped their bottoms all over that and didn't even flush. So I suppose what I'll be looking for when I get around to it is how true they can stay to not only the actual plot, but the hows and whys of FMA and the encompassing themes going on under the surface. If they can get this right, I can forgive cheesy acting- which I'll be bracing myself for because this really does look like it's going to be cosplay with amateur acting.
  4. I answered something similar to this question recently. It has a lot to do with how we as humans become invested and tend to start to feel a connection to characters in media, even if they are fictional. We start to feel as if we know them personally, we form a sort of bond or friendship with that character and feel as if they were a close friend. So, when something bad happens to them, we feel hurt from the same place we'd feel as if it had happened to somebody real (although yes we are obviously aware of this fact, but it happens nonetheless.) Yeah, I get pretty upset when something bad happens to a character I like, but I try to look at it as part of the story. It's a bit unlike reality where sometimes things just happen and are unpredictable and etc. In fiction, things happen for a narrative reason, even if just to motivate the main character to do something or move the plot in another direction. To me that makes this character who has been wronged important to the overall story, and therefore I can justify loving that character even more. Also, I tend to latch onto more than one character, so that helps keep my interest if something happens to one of them. I can even forgive Kim Harrison for killing off the most perfect couple (13/10 cry every time) in the Hollows series because if it didn't happen, there's no way we would have gotten the beautiful ending we did in that series. Alternatively, you can also turn to fan fiction / fan art. Either read one or even write one about an alternative direction where X event didn't happen. For example I know there is a BH6 story out there where Tadashi gets firey superpowers from the explosion at his lab rather than dying, and it's actually 10/10 fantastic. Don't underestimate fanworks. ; )
  5. Are you learning a new language?

    All the fractured language I know comes from living around it. My mother is from Germany and I grew up on the border between SoCal and Mexico, so at home we spoke German/English, in school it was English, and there was some Spanish I picked up here and there with my friends and classmates. Ultimately I am most fluent in English, and haven't really had to use German for some years since my mom has improved her own English vastly and prefers to speak in English now. I almost never have to use Spanish, and I understand it better than I can speak it lol I would like to learn French and/or Mandarin in the future, when I'm not being intellectually lazy.
  6. Turtle Beachs BRoke After a month!!

    A decent headset will run you about $70 and up. If you're paying any less than that, don't expect them to be of quality. I use HyperX. They've been good to me.
  7. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    That's a bit rude, no? Maybe you might not like the game, but Lildoop does. Why the disrespect?
  8. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    Sooo.. This one is stupid but probably counts. My bf and I have recently been watching FMA: B together. I watched the series in 03/04, he didn't and is new to the story. Half way between each episode there is an advert slide with a character portrait and a VO announcing "Full Metal Alchemist!" We both find it pretty silly because we watch it on CR with no ads, so it just pops up and does the VO twice and resumes the anime. We managed to invent a sort of meme between ourselves. Stop at a red light? "Fullmetal Alchemist." Waiting in line at the market? "Fullmetal Alchemist." Laying in bed trying to fall alseep? "Fullmetal Alchemist." Return from toilet? "Fullmetal Alchemist."
  9. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Ehhh... somewhat. Hah.
  10. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    When I was in high school, I noticed that generally the crowd that was open about liking anime were the kind of people I might describe as an 'acquired taste.' As young and impressionable as we were as teenagers, some of us tended to mimic the sort of interactions we see in the anime genre, and if you'll notice, it's not typical. For example, some I knew were loud, easily excitable, and had this habit of pointing at other people when they are talking to them. I'm talking arm fully extended and pointing at you. It was uncomfortable... And we all know 'that' guy running around like Naruto. Yeah. What I'm getting at is that the kids who were outwardly fans of anime seemed to give off this vibe that you'd be associated with their strange mannerisms if you liked anime. That was just the impression that was given off. Nowadays I couldn't give less of a spit about people knowing I like anime. I'm really past caring what others think of me, because I know who I am and that's really all that matters at the end of the day. But I find it likely that this 'stigma' has been planted early on in some way and some who like anime in the closet might in fact find it embarrassing in some way.
  11. PotatoNoob2006 at you service!

    Welcome to the family! Have you met our local community of Potatoes? I'm certain you'll run into them soon, don't worry. Cheers!
  12. Little witch academia like or dislike?

    Not trying to derail the thread here but I thought I could pitch my ten cents on this one. I feel that shipping characters almost always produces an emotional reaction in the person doing the shipping. If you look deeper here and ask yourself why we as humans get so attached to certain characters in the first place, it's because we empathise with those characters in some way or another. That's why you might cry when the writers kill off so-and-so's parent. You're experiencing an emotional reaction to that fictional character as if they were somebody you knew personally. That said, when two characters seem like they might have feelings for each other, that empathy emerges and you become emotionally invested in this unresolved romantic tension. That's why shipping happens. Even if you think it's crazy, it happens nonetheless and is perfectly psychologically normal. In any case, I came here really to say that I just adore Sucy. She's my favourite. It's been a hot minute since I've actually sat down and watched LWA, and I have some catching up to do. Overall however, the anime is super cute and refreshing. I also like that the anime isn't afraid to show Akko's flaws- for example, she is quick to jump to conclusions and can be very immature at times. But she can also learn from her mistakes and grow from them. Meanwhile they are able to portray Diana as not only her rival, but a very level-headed and calm character in comparison. For an anime with such a tame rating, I think it's doing quite well in touching on character development without being overly dramatic.
  13. A while back I'd have probably ignored just about any anime having to do with sports... but after watching Free! and falling in love with it, it's really opened up my mind to other animes in the same genre like Haikyuu and Ookiku Furikabutte. Turns out it is very refreshing to venture outside your usual interests. Never thought I'd like them, but here we are.
  14. That's her chin, right?
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