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  1. I'm stingy about spending money until we're talking Korean skincare products. I may have a problem...

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    2. alupacard


      Yep!! My friend uses that toner ^^ Her skin has always been so clear, but she says it's her secret weapon lol. (That, or her serum). Ahhh how are those masks?? I have never tried one. I've just been using Innisfree stuff for the past year or so~ (they're okay, but they smell pretty good ^^) I'm going to Korea next year actually with my best friend, but I agree. The secret stuff is all there~ That and I am really interested in seeing some of their procedures like laser skin treatment ^^

      Yeeeesss.<3 I have heard of Dr. Jart but man do I need the money for that T^T Have you tried it?

    3. Wedgy


      WOW jealous, here. Hope it will be a fun time. :)

      I haven't tried any of the masks I ordered yet, but I'll try to remember to report how it goes later. There's some aloe, propolis, green tea, snail, and a couple others, so I'll have a variety to sample. Innisfree has a lot of fruity masks which are fun but I only tried them once and they didn't go so well for me, sadly. That's all part of exploring your routine since one product can work differently from person to person since we all have different skin types. That's why sample packs exist!

      And yes, absolutely yes! It's a little thick but it works better if you pat it in and then blend rather than rubbing it on like a moisturiser. I can recommend A'Pieu Madecassoside cream if you want to try a cica product that won't hurt your budget so much. :) 

    4. alupacard


      ^^ I'll probably end up posting a lot about the trip :D (and any haul I end up buying~ I have been trying to save up for it)

      For sure! I am curious how they work :) I have heard a lot about snail recently. Especially in any glass skin blogs and videos. Green tea and aloe seem like they'll also do wonders for your skin ^^ As for Innisfree, did you have a reaction to the masks? I remember my skin reacting to the kiwi one in particular. I mainly stick to green tea and rose masks nowadays. But I totally agree about samples! Super helpful in making a personalized routine. 

      Oh my... I am so jealous!!! Do you also refrigerate it or anything? I like some of my products chilled because it helps reduce puffiness overnight :D Thanks for the suggestion! Totally going to check that out bc my routine isn't set in stone yet ^^ I am trying to focus on hydration this season 

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