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  1. @alupacard It's here!!!!! Look at all these freebies!! I'm so excited


    1. alupacard


      Omg!!!!!! Have you tried them? Thoughts please!!! <3


    2. Wedgy


      S&P Beauty Water is an absolute godsend, I think it needs to be a staple in everyone's routine. First toner I have ever had that did exactly what it said it did (soooo smooooth!) Haven't played with the masks just yet but the propolis ampoule is alright. It's got a dropper so you can portion it and the portions you get are perfect. A little goes a long way and absorbs quickly. I tried a couple of the moisturiser samples (Nivea creamyboi is on its last legs,) and the hydra bomb... Felt amazing all day, loved it so much I actually ordered one. 

      I'll get around to the masks, I usually only do them once a week. 

    3. alupacard


      Oooh my toner is about to run out so I think I will try the beauty water since it has such high praise from you! Masks are usually hit or miss, but they're quite fun ^^ I've tried hydra bomb too! You won't regret buying the full size for sure :)

      As always, would love to hear your thoughts on those masks as you try them! ^^ your haul is amazing tho and I am v jealous hahah

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