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  1. Something in me decided that having BH all day wasn't a good enough reason to call out of work, so I went anyway hoping they would chill out. They didn't. Developed muscle spasm. Got headbutted several times in the bladder. Work was crazy today, stayed busy well past midnight. Pretty sure every one of my patients managed to urinate on the floor at some point. Scarcely got a break tonight. I am an idiot. Never again.


    1. Shiroe


      BH? Sound like a rough day. Hope your day/night gets better, Wedgy. 🤗

    2. Wedgy


      Braxton Hicks contractions i.e false labour. They usually stop if you get up and move around but the problem was that I was moving around so much they kept happening anyway. I'm stubborn and don't know what "light duty" means, I guess. 

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