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  1. Your style is very cute! I especially love the fairy girl. Keep on drawing!
  2. Wedgy

    What do you drive?

    Agreed, I see it as a step in the right direction. From where we are now, going straight to full electric would be too far of a stretch for most people. There's not enough will to make that leap. HEV as you say is a more incremental middle ground and certainly more realistic if we are speaking short-term. Long-term, who knows? More research can develop substantially more efficient energy, and as efaardvark pointed out what we have today will look like stone age technology compared to what may emerge in the future. It's all an exciting concept to me.
  3. Wedgy

    What do you drive?

    I would love to invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle when charging stations are installed in my region! Everyone seems to have great experiences with them. My Edge (which I bought last October after @The History Kid talked me into it, shout out to him) also needs a bath. My driveway is under a tree and it gets frequently targeted by birdie-butts.
  4. This thread is making me very hungry. My breakfast has been the same for about a month. I think I might be having a phase? Two fried eggs, one slice of toast with hummus spread, and my morning tea to get me moving. I haven't gotten tired of it yet, surprisingly.
  5. Welcome Ayu! We have lots of art enthusiasts here. @Xyro, @Nyxnine,and @XII360 come immediately to mind, but there are plenty other very talented hands around! I would love to see some of your work.
  6. Yeah that's what I'm seeing too. I was hoping they wouldn't repeat the Miroku thing. But we do have newer animes like 7DS with that juvenile 'gag' present, so I'm well aware it's not a dead trope.
  7. Please please don't let this fall prey to ecchi tropes. I love seeing women in lead roles but when it happens with anime, there's always a 50/50 chance they become needlessly sexualised to the point some only watch "for the plot." I'll be watching this when it reaches my region, I hope they treat the original series with due respect and make this a worthwhile standalone.
  8. Welcome Celes! What are some anime series you like? Are you currently watching anything?
  9. I'm absolutely smitten with the Handmaid's Tale. I tried watching it a couple years back when it was beginning, but I had to read the books first to really understand what was going on. I'm almost caught up. I'm sad that season four isn't anywhere in the near future.
  10. I generally prefer a dub where I can find it. For me having to read subtitles incurs a sort of disconnect between what is being said and the tone it's being said in (perhaps thanks to putting more focus on the act of reading and trying to absorb the visual at the same time.) This is also me speaking as a habitual multitasker who is nearly unable to simple sit down and watch something- I need to be folding laundry or getting something productive accomplished. But, speaking to the broader debate, when the question is subjective in nature it's important to remember we're not going to come to an objective answer. To that end, I'm not concerned too much about how others choose to consume their anime. If you like subs, watch subs! If you like dubs, watch dubs!
  11. Wedgy


    Welcome Nova!
  12. I was way off the mark. I'm glad I asked.>o<
  13. Welcome to the staff. I know it will suit you well. 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Congrats 🥳 

    2. Sauron


      Congratulations! You'll do great! 🥳



  14. So this is going to drive me crazy if I don't ask: how does one pronounce Ruthisian?
  15. I think you could pull off Tyki?

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