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  1. Picked up a shortwave OWVL frequency through the baby monitor that woke me in the middle of the night. Couldn't sleep after that. I am thoroughly creeped out.

    1. Wedgy


      If you don't know what an OWVL frequency sounds like, here's the infamous UVB-76:


  2. Welcome to AF! Your struggle is all too familiar to me. I live in a scarcely populated, small-minded, and rural town in the middle of nowhere that's covered in snow half the time. Seriously we don't even have a Starbucks anywhere closer than maybe a couple hours away. There is nothing here but places to drink, a few churches of varying denominations, and sometimes we do rodeo and play hockey. Despite all that, my husband and I managed to identify a handful of other weebs. I suppose the key item here is being able to ask it up front if they like X or Y. As long as you have a little circl
  3. Wedgy


    Welcome Kagi! What titles are you watching?
  4. I'm bi as well and find it especially frustrating that a bisexual who just happens to be in a relationship with the opposite sex is no longer 'accepted' within the LGBT community itself. If that's not gatekeeping I don't know what is. My experience was similar to yours in that I internalised the idea that the assessment of my own identity was wrong, and it only caused more confusion and self-destructive habits until I was able to reassure myself that it was just bad actors gaslighting me. Not trying to derail here, just wanted to add that. I made my points above. Gatekeeping is silly
  5. I feel like people who engage in gatekeeping of any sort are insecure in some way and feel threatened by invalidation occurring when larger volumes of people identify in the way they do. I guess the suggestion here is that if you like "mainstream" or popular things then you're not putting in the work to dig through titles and find the lesser known gems. There are so many different ways to gatekeep, but I think that's the core of it, really. And the more something gains in popularity, the more of it you see, because inevitably you will find individuals who aren't content being categorised with
  6. Can't wait for y'all's reactions. If this is the last season, then they have a lot to cover so it's going to move fast I expect.
  7. At this time I don't think there are any apps that af is supported on. Sorry. As for topic suggestions, that appears to be hard-coded into the platform. All I know how to do is use the "Clear" button which seems to at the very least make it disappear for as long as the cookie lasts.
  8. Just finished reading This Book is Full of Spiders (David Wong) Legendary.
  9. I'm going to be perfectly real with you guys, I think I only watched one anime this year and that was Fruits Basket season 2. (and maybe the odd anime movie mixed in sometimes, but I'm not sure those count exactly.) It's just been too wild of a year for me. At least I can say the one I was able to watch faithfully was a gosh darn good one. I hope next year I will have a little more time for R&R. Maybe I can even catch up on some 2020 titles I've missed.
  10. When you say "on what to do" are you meaning everything? Or do you need writing ideas? Help with art direction? How to setup panels?
  11. I don't know, but it's a trend I hope goes quietly into the night.
  12. The animation style took some getting used to on my part, but it certainly grew on me. That whole series is just delightful and the fact it's totally PG and still manages to be inclusive is super refreshing. Going to have to agree, I like it far better than Avatar.
  13. This song is such a freaking mood. Feels like being wrapped snugly in a warm blanket and kissed and told everything's going to be alright. Exactly what I need now.


  14. Wow! Your colours really pop! Looks like a combination of traditional and digital?
  15. Welcome Tudor! I'd like to see your art sometime if you'd be comfortable sharing it?
  16. Came to name-drop Kazuma Sohma, but @Ohayotaku beat me by a whole day.
  17. @Zila Stay safe and take care of yourself, hun. Times have indeed been especially scary but I'm glad to hear some of us can still appreciate the little things. Get to feeling like your best self again soon.
  18. Answered your survey! Best wishes in your research!
  19. I have a small one but an observation I find a little irksome in writing. When referring to a body part, why is it always necessary to specify if it is left or right? It's never just "My arm is injured", it's always "My left arm is injured." Establishing whether it is left or right is prudent only once, past that it becomes repetitive and irritating. But you see this in anime all the time. It's never just Allen Walker's eye, it's always Allen Walker's left eye. It's never just "I lost my arm and leg," it's always- every time is it mentioned- "I lost my right arm and my left leg
  20. Welcome to AF! Thanks for joining our community. I hope you're able to find some good anime to watch and talk about here! I love your signature, by the way. I'm jamming out with it.
  21. Just a quick rant.

    Please, please, please practice safety and responsibility. Follow guidelines. Keep yourself, friends, family, safe. You know what is right. I know you're all tired of hearing about it. I am, too. But I'm faced with it every day. I've seen patients suffering and in some cases losing their lives to this. 

    Don't be part of the problem. Choose to be a part of the solution. This is getting bad. Worse than it has been all year. Stay safe, everyone. ❤️

    1. Myouya


      We may each do our part~

  22. Sounds a lot like Kokkoku https://myanimelist.net/anime/36548/Kokkoku
  23. Welcome! I'm not familiar with yaoi/BL myself, but perhaps this club might be able to point you in the right direction https://animeforums.net/clubs/19-the-yaoi-corner/
  24. I like this theory, it's not super far off from the truth. But it looks like we'll have to wait for season 3 to have that discussion. I'm honestly surprised they cut it off where they did... but now I know the next season is going to come in with a strong YEE-HAW. Can't wait.
  25. Wedgy

    Fruits Basket 2nd Season

    If you’re here, you may be asking: “What’s all the hype about this anime?” It’s not exactly action-packed like Attack on Titan, or over-the-top with political caricature as in Hetalia. It isn’t a brilliant cat-and-mouse supernatural thriller like Death Note. So what exactly has people talking about a slice-of-life fantasy anime where people get turned into animals? Assuming you’ve seen season one already, (and if you haven’t-- you should watch it like, yesterday,) then you should be familiar with the basics. Tohru Honda finds herself entwined with a cursed family- literally cursed in
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