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  1. On 5/15/2020 at 7:31 PM, Musuko said:

    Argh, I'm so jealous. I can't read traditional books and light novels for this very reason: I have aphantasia.

    I've been hearing about this so often in recent years and it still just blows my mind. Like... how do you just... not? It's crazy and ironically I can't imagine what that would be like.

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  2. Can't agree enough. They seem to run more like jrpgs. I feel like, if I'm in the mood for that form of storytelling, I would pick up a game like Fire Emblem. If I want to simply read a story, that's what books are for. 

    I can understand why someone may like them, however. They do offer a different form of entertainment, which relies heavily on dialogue and art. Almost entirely, in fact. And that's probably why I don't care much for them. I like reading and visualising the details for myself. A VN leaves very little to the imagination.

    As an opinionated aside... The dialogue is cringey as all heck.

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  3. Found myself nodding my head at just about everything here. Trying to execute a character that is afraid of confrontation and just wants to please everyone almost certainly results in an irritating one. Presented with option A and B, they try too hard to think outside and find an option C when the choice appears to be too hard to make, and this often comes across as a narrative choice. The writers are trying too desperately to make them more relatable somehow, but on focusing on their hangup to make a tough call they end up doing exactly the opposite. You know what real people do? They make mistakes. Real people make real, stupid, sometimes selfish and short-sighted mistakes. I love using FMA as an example of an anime with well-written characters. No matter what your feelings are about FMA, you have to admit that it boasts some really believable characters because they have their flaws, they make their mistakes, and sometimes they're just flat out wrong about them. Their actions have consequences and resonate with their peers and environment both positively and negatively. Having a character flat out avoid taking any action that can potentially pull them out of a hero trope is just lazy writing.

    If you have the same exact character you started a story with by the end of the plot's resolution, then you've utterly failed your audience.

  4. You know I rarely see any anime characters who accurately reflect my own personality, so while I'm not criticising your assertion at all, I'm just finding it hard to relate to any examples you presented. My observation is that it's extremely common in anime for characters to be written into an archetype- and as far into that extreme as possible. It's easy to fit them into categorisations. Real people, on the other hand, have so many sides to them that you couldn't possibly stamp a label on them and even dream of that being accurate. Anime characters are often so much more expressive and wear their hearts on their sleeve- their personality traits are practically an open book. This is of course a product of narrative, but it's also precisely why I've never been able to look at just one character and think, "Oh yeah, that's 100% my clone." 

    Now if you're taking an approach to it like "Inside Out" and consider your flaws and qualities reflected in a collection of different characters, then I can agree with that!

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  5. 15 hours ago, Kinbaryu said:

    This could be remedied with a user vote option that shows how accurate a recommendation would be. (Something like "56% of users agree with this suggestion.")

    Of course this would be assuming @Ryan Dave Jimenez's site supported user accounts, otherwise it would need to either pull that data from an outside source or rely on anonymous submissions which can sometimes be problematic if bots or trolls get invovled. Otherwise I think this would be far more accurate than associating anime using keyword tags or something similar. Alternatively you could put in the legwork and do the research and manually add the recommendations (again, sourcing from another website I would think.)

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  6. 16 hours ago, Kinbaryu said:

    I completely agree with all of your points. Reddit has been feeling more and more like a piece of social media than a forum, and discord does seem more like an messenger device now that you mention it. I just wish there were more alternatives to having intelligent discussion. Youtube videos have a balance between entertaining and educational, but it's also got its share of problems.


    Thanks for the read and reply, I wish you a great day.

    I can't weigh in very much with YT in the context of your blog post. The one thing I have heard about is that YT has been trying to further monetise bigger channels' content to add more bricks into their own streaming service. This has put a strain on mid-range sized channels which rely on donations/Patreon support to remain afloat, as their exposure will dwindle as a result of the monetised channels getting darker shadows to stand in. 

    I could have that a bit inaccurate, but I'm not what I'd consider at all active on that site so take that with a grain of salt. The extent of what I've learned about it comes from David Pakman after he explained what it meant for his own channel in one of his podcast/videos. 

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  7. Reddit is an interesting beast. It’s hard to call it a community platform so much as its own brand of social media. I’d say it’s a little of both, and I think it depends largely on how populated the sub is. A lot of the points you made still apply. I participate in several small and private subs which do feel like an actual community because you do see a lot of the same names more than once. Discussions only seem to go so far, however. Due to the voting system, some threads may or may not see the light of day or get the proper discussion they deserve. Even in the comment section, the earliest comments often snowball to the top simply because it’s the first one somebody sees, and not everyone takes the time to venture to the bottom where the new comments are, or even sort by new. I’ve seen much better results in subs which the mods have enabled randomising post order and hidden scores- but these subs are few and far between, and it may even be possible a lot of them don’t even know they can do that.


    When a sub breaches a certain popularity threshold and starts appearing on r/all is the point at which I have personally decided it’s a lurk-only sub at best. At this point, it is subject to not only the general ‘reddit hivemind’ (as many have come to call it,) but it becomes flooded with r/all tourists and their social media behaviour. Scroll, upvote, scroll, downvote. Very little actual discussion outside of a witty comment which gets thousands of upvotes and maybe a gild. As a reddit user for a number of years, it actually makes me laugh whenever I see the common argument about how reddit somehow isn’t social media. It is. It’s basically Twitter with anonymity. It’s gotten to be a massive presence on the internet over the years, but has it ever changed? No. It’s always been a time-sucking social media. And I can only agree with you when you say it really is not a healthy platform for meaningful discussion, especially so long as the voting system can essentially bury unpopular opinions and therefore create the very same echo chamber reddit claims to hate so much.


    As for discord, I hear a lot of the same problems being repeated that people don’t like about it, and I think I have it worked out why that is; people who jump into discord expecting a community are going to have a bad time. I believe I’ve said this a few times here before, but discord is not a community. It isn’t made for thought-provoking or lengthy discussion. It is a chat/messenger platform, plain and simple. Can you make friends in it? Absolutely! But asking discord to serve the same function as a web forum is the same as expecting someone to read your blog post on AIM. People don’t fire up discord for that. I open discord to say good morning to my august bumpers group, or to share a meme with some friends from FFXIV. 


    The reason web forums still exist (admittedly, they aren’t as booming as they were 15 years ago,) is because they serve a specific purpose which still cannot be replaced. As much as people try to argue social media is adequate for what a web forum can do, I find it is simply not true. They are without a doubt the best way to form what you could call a community on the internet. I wouldn’t even bother looking elsewhere to fill that need.

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  8. On 4/24/2019 at 8:34 PM, Ryan Dave Jimenez said:

    As an older anime fan I also like One Punch Man more as I feel My Hero Academia's target audience are kids. 

    And I don't know if a lot of people know this, but MHA is Harry Potter. At least for me. All Might is Dumbledore and he will eventually die. (I haven't read the manga so I can't confirm). Which will leave the burden of defeating evil to Harry who is Deku. Dumbledore was the strongest wizard and the only one who can beat Voldemort. All Might is the strongest hero and the only character the villains fear.  And they are in Hogwarts, a school for heroes. And his Ron and Hermione are his classmates. And this is why MHA will have 4 or more seasons. Because Deku will mature and get stronger and graduate. Just like Harry. And so on. 

    But I do like both shows. I just lean to One Punch Man a bit more.

    I'm not disagreeing with you but I don't know if Harry Potter is the best comparison unless you're strictly basing it on structure. You would have to look at the dynamics to see where they differ. Deku for example is driven and knows what he wants to be, and is always working toward that goal. He wasn't born special like his classmates, but offered the opportunity he embraces it fully and both appreciates what it is to have such power and understands how much work actually goes into mastering it. 

    Compare that to Harry- a kid who was basically neglected and used from the start, had no vision of who he actually wanted to be and just went along with wherever the wind was blowing. You could make an argument here that, given the circumstances of his fate being thrusted upon him, it wouldn't have mattered much if he did have a clear goal in mind (beyond besting Voldemort, obviously.)

    That all said, what we are looking at here is a story about 'following dreams, proactively working toward a goal and bettering yourself along the way, ' versus a story more in the direction of 'surviving with the hand you are dealt and making pragmatic choices.' At least in my perspective, that's pretty different. 

    Despite the above I think I understand where you were going with it. People love stories in that format and they sell, and that's why it has potential to be long running and widely popularised among a ranged audience. 

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  9. September 2017 I decided I wanted to improve my complexion. I decided to start working toward that with no time limit. There were sometimes I'd find myself discouraged due to some setback or another, but every time I saw another person's progress photo it would help me bounce back. People use the new year more or less as a marker. Because it's easier to say "my progress since 2017" rather than "my progress since 6 September, 2017." I'm on board with the whole "Why wait? Why not now?" thinking, but I'm not going to be critical of people who like to have a goal and decide to start at a certain time. And, sometimes, maybe it's just the fact that a new year is beginning that acts as a catalyst for some to think about what they want to change about their lives.

    Motivation is motivation, no matter how stupid or trivial it may seem to another person. Call me crazy but I am genuinely happy for people when they succeed and I want to cheer them on. I feel like saying people just want attention is really discrediting those who really did work hard to reach the goals they have set. Maybe it's not inspirational to a cynic, but for others trying to accomplish that same goal, seeing another succeed is reassurance and a reminder of where they want to be. But I guess as long as you're not trying to actively rain on someone's parade, that's just as well, too. We're all entitled to our opinions.

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  10. Thing about relationships is that they aren't supposed to be easy. They are a test of both parties, how you work through challenges together. You're going to have crappy times. You're going to fight and cry and want to quit. Even the best relationships have that. Why are they the best? Because they worked through them.

    On the flip side, they don't just work because they are forced to do so. If the bad outweighs the good, then it's time to communicate with your partner. If you are both unhappy, then maybe a split is inevitable. But if there is anything worth saving about the relationship, then do everything in your power to keep it alive if not only for those fleeting happy moments that make it all worth it.

    Best wishes to you both!

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  11. This is, I feel, the reason it is so important to be able to separate and balance work and home/family life. When work becomes too demanding- so demanding in fact that it consumes both of those things, that's when you know that job is dangerous for your health. I sometimes come off like a dick because I refuse to mingle too much during work hours. I walk away from overly personal conversations that have nothing to do with the work. Letting myself get emotionally invested with my coworkers' lives can only lead to drama, in my experience. And that's a lot of things others can use to manipulate you. 

    I don't know to what degree your (former) workplace committed these acts, and I'm not saying detaching yourself would have worked 100%. But working in healthcare myself, I find it sickening to hear that employees are threatened in order to silence them. It would not fly where I work, not even for a second. We are required to report all violations and incidents- yes even small ones like a cut. They don't mess around. To think there are facilities out there pulling shit like this just sounds alien to me.

    I sincerely hope, now that you have freed yourself from any hold they have on you, that you are able to take steps in turning the law on them. Neglecting patient safety is a massive fine on its own, and that's not even counting the bullying, harassment, and discrimination toward employees/patients. But if they brush something like that under the rug without even a bat of the ethical eye, they probably deserve every single penalty they incur. Your friend can certainly testify against them, for one.

    Speaking of your friend, I hope she is doing okay. I've lost two family members to suicide, it's not something you can dismiss as some mood or phase. Please do your best to check in on her from time to time, if not only just to remind her that there is someone out there who thinks about her.

  12. Thanks for sharing. :) It never stops amazing me how everybody's lives are so interesting and just as complex as the next person. It's fascinating on a scale I don't even know if my human brain can even fully appreciate that fact. 

    Hopefully you have cut that toxic friend from your life. I wish you the best and I hope you can keep on growing from here. 

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  13. Accomplish one goal, start working on another. Why does it matter if your splash isn't seen by the whole world? As long as I'm happy with my own splashes, it doesn't really concern me if anybody else knows about them. I guess if you just happen to make a giant wave at some point in your life- then, great- but don't let yourself get trapped with the idea that it's all or nothing; nobody gets out alive, and we only get one shot at this life so why not just try to make the best of it with what you have?

  14. I have exactly the same dilemmas, friend. Every time I start a new story, it starts very strong. Introducing characters and settings is the easiest part. I usually know where I want things to end (I may get more ideas as the story progresses,) but the meat in the middle of it all is where I struggle. Lately, I've taken to a sort of 'outlining my checkpoints' approach. I think of it as a timeline. I'll jot down the beginning and the ending. Then I'll make little ticks along the line, 'steps' or 'events' that lead to the conclusion. I consider cause and effect. From there I can get out the fine-tipped pen and fill in questions needing to be answered, such as how each event affects each character, and how they will react to it, and if those reactions affect the progression of the plot.

    Writing a good story can be fun, challenging, and give you headaches at the same time. But I wouldn't quit writing for the world. Would love to read any piece you feel like sharing, @Beocat!

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