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    coffee or tea

    None of the above! As @Endynyp pointed out, coffee and tea are not dehydrating as they do by principle contain some amount of water in them. If you're feeling dehydrated when you drink caffeine, the culprit is not what you are drinking, but rather what you are not drinking. Simply put, despite containing some amount of water, any beverage that isn't water doesn't have enough to fill your tank, so to speak.
  2. Wedgy

    coffee or tea

    Coffee also helps you poop! It's a natural diuretic.
  3. Wedgy

    coffee or tea

    Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening. Perfect harmony.
  4. Lazy question sorry: where can I stream this?
  5. I noticed Cautious Hero browsing today, looks like there's already an episode available? I might check it out. Otherwise, I'm only looking forward to MHA at this time. 7DS really keeps losing its charm for me with the exhausting pervert "jokes" which I simply don't find funny.
  6. I've written a segment about my less than wholesome vision of tooth fairies in a fanfic once, it came to mind. I faced the same problem though- it's hard to capture the horror they could potentially be in just two sentences.
  7. They say the tooth fairy only visits in your sleep. Nobody alive can say what happens if you awaken.
  8. How do you do, Rin? Hope you have a good time here and stay around a while.
  9. Last episode was pretty crazy to me. Almost feel bad for the demons. Overall, what a treat this anime was. Honest 10/10. The writing, the fights, the beautiful animation, and great OST- everything about it was pleasing. Excited for this upcoming film. Looks like it'll pick up exactly where the anime left it.
  10. Was sleeping peacefully with the girls out and blanket thrown off as it was quite hot and I cannot sleep in the heat. My cat decided to bite my boob. Hard.
  11. I've seen a total of one anime film, and it was far from recent. I remember watching the first Yugioh film because my brother wanted to see it. Must've been 2004 or 2005. Surely it was Pyramid of Light. I don't remember particularly liking it, but it was something to do. Currently I live in such a tiny town that I cannot fathom an anime movie showing here anytime soon. We have one theatre in town and it plays one movie every week, with one or two showtimes in a day depending on the length of the film. I don't think we've even had the new Lion King here yet.
  12. @The History Kid Yes!! There's just something extra about live performances you don't get to experience if you are just listening to a CD or whatever else. The energy is intoxicating and you can feel the music in your bones. I feel like it's something everyone should get to experience at least once.
  13. Seconding what @Illusion of Terra said. @Xyrohas some very impressive pixel art already and is exactly the person for the job.
  14. Who else here is a fan of live entertainment? This could be Broadway shows, small stage skits, stand-up comedy, music concerts, demonstrations, cosplay shows, etc. I'm not exactly a regular, but I've attended a fair share of shows. Most recently, I went to visit my brother early June and got to see a performance called Be More Chill. It was really funny, I loved it! His fiancée is a stage director and she got me in for free. Also been to a couple of stand-up shows, with lots of alcohol served. But the most memorable shows I've been to were some big name music. In the last three ye
  15. Welcome! Happy to have you. What anime are you currently watching? There may be a topic ongoing about it- if not, feel free to start one for it. We love anime here.
  16. Check out an artist that goes by IrenHorrors. They're among my favourite, you might find some inspiration in her work. She does lovely pieces equally pretty/cute/creepy like you described.
  17. You have a knack for creepy art, and I mean that in the best way.
  18. Wedgy

    The Pet Thread

    Oh my gosh @XII360 they are beautiful!!
  19. I found a 30 minute window in which I had nothing important needing done and the baby was sound asleep, so I thought I'd take a crack at this. Chibi isn't my strong suit but it was kinda fun. Pencil and sharpies.
  20. Wedgy

    The Pet Thread

    They look like they could be twins!
  21. Wedgy

    The Pet Thread

    Do you have pet(s)? Want to show them off? Share a story about their day? Pets are a part of the family, too, so let's make them a part of the AF family. I'll start by introducing my lil boy Mustang. He's a year old today. He's a little booger but he's good with the baby so we let him stay here.
  22. Butter and jelly, sometimes peanut butter.
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