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  1. Thank you for the advice, @Musuko @efaardvark I'll be sure to ask if I find I need any more pointers.
  2. I just started playing this game and am textbook newbie. Could be just me but I feel it has a learning curve, and I don't get much time to play. I'm figuring out a few things like how to raise animals and keep crops, things like that. Once I learn the ropes well enough I want to start a game on a higher difficulty because I'm not sure what you're supposed to be doing. I guess one sets their own goals?
  3. I've finally watched this week's episode. Kocho gave me some feels, but I find her character a bit hard to read. She comes across as a tough love sort of mentor to Tanjiro. I got the first impression when she was introduced that she would be an adversary, but now it's unclear. She both empathises with him and yet seems perfectly willing to shut down his plans at any given moment.
  4. That's surprising, you'd think a title like that would have existed long ago. Anyway, very well done with that logo! Looks professional! I love the quirky barefooted character, nice touch.
  5. I would also like to go back to school, although it may take some time to reach a point I'd be able to. I'm interested in mortuary science.
  6. I'm excited to see Rin. It was her along with Kureno who weren't included in the old anime. And now that we're pretty much caught up with the old one, we can finally expect some of those deeper character developments that blossom in the latter portion of the story. I hope it's not a super long wait for season 2.
  7. To the fairest, of course.
  8. Guess you have to really want it, yikes.
  9. That's rad, HK, makes me want to do it too. How long does it take to procure said license?
  10. Either short or long-term, I always find myself working toward the next benchmark in life. Often it can be as simple as getting a room organised or completing a writing project. And sometimes it's as big as paying off a debt, making a big purchase, or moving up the ladder career-wise. Have you got any ongoing goals? Let's talk about them.
  11. How was your rendezvous?

    1. VampireKnight19


      It was perfect thanks :) I was so nervous at first but as soon as we hugged and started talking it calmed down. We are meeting again this Friday :)

    2. Wedgy


      Awesome! I'm glad it went so wellΒ 

  12. Can you possibly provide a more clear photo? Screenshot maybe?
  13. I have an audiobook marathon of all seven books every couple of years. Harry is one spicy sassafras.
  14. I've met a lot of people through the net, as does my husband (who I also met online.) They have all been friends I've talked to for several years before meeting up, so they were comfortable meetings with people I already felt that I knew. Of course, always take caution and don't do anything that you aren't comfortable with.
  15. That sounds really fun @Seshi, I'll try to remember it if I ever make it over to that neighbourhood.
  16. Oh, speaking of haunted houses... a sad little story about why I haven't gone in one for years. I was probably 13 or 14 when this happened, my brother talked me into going into a haunted house with a 'The Ring' theme. Near the end of the path, there was a girl dressed up as Samara hiding around a corner and just waiting for people to walk by and scare the betelgeuse out of them. I happened to be the unlucky candidate, and she kinda did this thing where she reached out toward me without touching. Unfortunately for her I'm on the 'fight' side of the fright response and I punched her in the
  17. So, besides Three Houses on the Switch, I've found this puzzle game on mobile to be a great distraction when I'm tied down with one hand feeding the baby or just need to veg out. This is my life now.
  18. Accurate. Being honest though, having those spooksters wandering around really added to the fun atmosphere. I'd love to go again.
  19. If Kazuma is in the picture then I'm hoping it will at least cover the events of volume six before the season is concluded.
  20. I used to love going to Knott's Scary Farm! The haunted houses they setup and the actors flying around the park on their spark wheels catching people off guard, and the one that carried the chainsaw around... it was always a blast!
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