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  1. Oh, hey I played the H*ck out of THPS2! That was so fun back in the day. Shame it doesn't unlock anything, that's how they used to do 'secret content' back then, but now it's probably just gotten moved into DLC. Still, props for the 100%! Bragging rights if nothing else.
  2. You might find this ANN article from 2018 to be of interest, then.
  3. I welcome them to the fandom and offer them recommendations.
  4. Hoo boy that's a big yikes from me. But anyway, I don't think this question is framed right. It's indirectly implying that finding underaged children attractive at the age of 70 is any more unacceptable than at say, 35. Teen anime characters are often oversexualised and that's just one of the many characteristics of anime as a whole that set it apart from Western media. This is in part thanks to Japanese culture and age of consent, which, when put into context, makes it a little more bareable. At that point it falls on you and where your own boundaries lie. However, anime char
  5. Happy (belated) birthday @efaardvark! Take a day off work and celebrate yourself! . . I swear I want to get a calendar together for all your birthdays. Yo everyone send me a pm with your month and day.
  6. Everyone has to have their first two posts approved after they join. This is to help filter out spam/bots. You should be good to go from now on!
  7. Happiest of birthdays @RuthisianCodex!!
  8. BXYYT: Botched X-Rays Yellowed Your Teeth UVJML
  9. Saw your comment about not knowing where to start with sports anime, and I raise you Iwatobi Swim Club. That was my bridge into the genre and you might like it.

    1. EnviousEnvy


      @wikkidgrace Thank you,  I'll definitely check it out!

  10. This is very true. The OTM arc seemed so promising and it's a shame what happened. I had hope she would stick it out with them because for once she seemed pretty confident in herself, even going so far as to tell Ton that he didn't own her. I guess what bothers me so much about Haida is that besides his wild crush on Retsuko, the series hasn't given him much of a personality of his own and it makes him seem like this underdog character whose only function in life is to chase after the MC. I would love it if the anime gave me more of a reason to like Haida other than just overstating how
  11. So, if you've been watching Aggretsuko, you can probably recognise how relatable it is. The characters are all a part of this adult 9-5 ecosystem. I can't help but root for Retsuko and her quest to find happiness and fulfillment in her life. Currently, we've made it to season 3. I have to get something off my chest here. So-- spoilers ahead. The whole dynamic between Inui, Haida, and Retsuko. I don't feel good about it. This entire time, the series has been spotlighting Retsuko making hard decisions for herself. FFS she has turned down life as a billionaire's sugar baby and rockstar
  12. Hmm. I can't say I feel empty, necessarily? Whenever I finish a good anime-- or, more broadly, a good series of any medium, books especially-- I do feel a bit sad that there isn't any more to consume. It does provide content to reflect on and digest, however. And there's always another series to begin and fill the 'void' left by the last. You know it's good when you're left longing for more.
  13. Boomerang // Smash Into Pieces :: My whole life took a tumble when I was around 18, ended up homeless for a brief period and everything. But I can proudly say I picked my own ass up and cut the toxic people out of my life, and I'm generally better off now than I was a decade ago. How Did You Love // Shinedown :: I can't think of a single song that more accurately describes my philosophy on how to live better than this one does. Very Busy People // The Limousines :: I do what I want. Lol. Definitely nails my more eccentric side. Semi-Automatic // Twenty One Pilots :: I frequentl
  14. I'm in the process of repurposing one of my clubs- Gaming Hub- into a totally different type of club. At the time it was made, I believe the gaming forum was out of commission. However, since its return, the club has become obsolete. Since I'm maxed out on slots, one of them needs to be sacrificed to make room, and it made more sense to reform GH. So please don't be alarmed if you are removed, I'll open it back up again when I'm ready to introduce my newest little corner to AF, and anyone will be welcome to the new one. :)

  15. Death Note was brilliant and I would love to read the manga if I ever find the time. Welcome!
  16. That's a frowned upon marketing scheme on Nintendo's end to create artificial demand and push presales. Disney did this for years with their Vault scheme. I won't be pre-ordering it for certain, as I'm opposed to both practices on principle. I might consider buying it at some point however, because I did enjoy SMS. Can't say I'm impressed with Nintendo's tactics here to say the least. Especially in the midst of a pandemic where some people are tightening their coinpurses just to be able to afford to eat. In the future, when those people are able to afford something fun, they would have t
  17. What a scene you've painted here. I can smell the cool rain and coffee beans and picture ritzy little multi-colour lights reflecting off of puddles. There's something so uniquely cozy about autumn.
  18. I didn't make that connection before, but I love this sentiment. Well-spotted!
  19. Another heartwarming Yuki-centric episode, with a few more plot breadcrumbs. Did anyone notice the Kyoko teaser? I can't wait for the reveal-- I'm interested to see what you guys all make of it. It's so remarkable how Kyo can go from needing to be smacked upside the jaw, to melting your heart in the very next scene. Watching him cuss out Yuki, and knowing what we know about Yuki and how Kyo really has no idea was frustrating, but there was a somewhat redeeming moment where Kyo realises Yuki is absolutely right and that he needs to take it down a notch. At least he knows that,
  20. Net-juu susume comes to mind; it's a more slice-of-life type, but has isekai themes and there is some gender-bending. Slime datta ken also fits the bill after a few episodes.
  21. Wedgy

    Kyoko Honda

    I want to say this one is my favourite.
  22. Sinus headache again, but the warm air in my mask is oddly soothing... 😷 Maybe I'll rub a little menthol inside it haha

    1. Myouya


      Have some well earned rest~

  23. There are a few 'older' members around who are also a joy to interact with, so no need to feel strange, you aren't alone at all and are quite welcome in AF! We're a big basket of variety if anything. I can totally relate to the rp itch. I heavily frequented some rp communities myself 10-15 years ago, and while I don't have time for them anymore between my career and family, they remain some fond memories of very formative years. I learned many a lesson in not only how to post six-paragraph replies, but about respecting the person on the other side of the screen and other fun friendship th
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