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  1. I think what stands out the most to me is the huge improvement in animation quality. The televised series looks like it was made with Adobe Flash. While unique, it just doesn't hold up in feature film quality, so I'm glad that the animation in this film appears to be done properly. Besides that, I'm not entirely certain what to make of this right now. Doubtless I'll end up seeing it regardless.

  2. @Wedgy


    Odd! I wonder if this might be a matter of permissions. :-/


    @Optic is this something that could be opened up to other users, assuming it isn't already intended to be? I'm actually growing very fond of the All Pages chat bar that follows me around now. <3


    Yes, that's what I was concluding as well. That seems a bit silly considering there is no harm done in where you choose to display it for yourself. I did miss that anchored chat. It was so tempting to always pull it up.

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  3. Actually - this is possible in the chat's current configuration. :o




    Under the settings pull-down, you have a surprising depth of configuration options for the chat, including the Display Mode option at the bottom, which has the following options:


    • All pages (places the chat in an expandable bar at the bottom of all pages that can pulled up at any time)
    • Above / Below content (places the chat app, as it exists on the front page, on the top or bottom of most pages.
    • Above / Below Forums List (below being the current default)
    • Sidebar Below Visitor Panel / Sidebar Bottom (places the chat in the forum index's side bar... tiny bit too scrunched up to be useful imo)

    Actually, I wonder if the All Pages mode might be a nice default for the chat. :o


    We may not be getting the same version of this chat then, zoop. :(




    I do not appear to have these "Display Options" you speak of, unless I'm still missing something here. I did try changing site theme to make sure it wasn't something crazy like that, but they simply are not there. However, if there are some options out there, I think we may have just found a possible solution. If there was a way to make that all default, I think it should be done, because not everyone who visits the site is going to have the mind to switch the chat into the most user-friendly mode.

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  4. For what it's worth, I have been using Discord for a very long time, long before joining the forum, and tend to have it open at the very least in the background. As a gamer, it's quite nice to have, especially when I want to VC with someone while I'm busy in-game. Yes, I do use it to chat and connect with some other users here, which coincidentally I would have not have been able to do without the AF server, because I wouldn't know who among us also uses it.


    That said, I don't feel as if Discord has at all affected my usage of the forum. I still have ongoing private conversations with other users, and still participate in discussions. Just as I always have. I didn't just now pick up Discord only to join the AF server, because like I said earlier, I use it for many other communications. In the end, I will still use it whether or not the AF server survives. (Yes, the Push notifications are a huge plus!)


    I tend not to use the built-in chat here for a couple of reasons, neither of which have to do with Discord. If the system were better integrated into the site, I might just use it. However it is limited one page, and your only options are to keep forum list open on one page, or pop it out either into its own window or own browser tab. I might blame this on the fact that a forum I moderated myself for a few years had a chat that was anchored to the bottom of each page (you could click to collapse it into a bar if you didn't want it open,) so it was accessible from all areas of the site. It was easy to moderate, and the presence of the chat box meant that more people used it. And I did. I used it all the time.


    If the chat were somehow improved upon, and the Discord server were disbanded, I think there would certainly be more traffic. But as it stands, I think right now I prefer Discord.


    Just my opinion...

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  5. I discoved my eyes change colors :D


    Mine kind of shift between steel grey and hazel. Supposedly eyes can change colour depending on a lot of factors like your age, health, diet, emotions, etc.

  6. Yup, none of the above! :D


    I'm terrible and shallow. :'(


    Well, at least you're honest. DBZ only came to mind as my SO has been buying them all on Bluray recently and we've just been binge watching them together. I'd say the quality of the art is rather simplistic in comparison, and the story is also quite simple, and... awh who am I kidding, there's not a whole lot going on with DBZ other than a bunch of fighting and yelling and power boners.

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  7. And with all that said, probably best to move right along with the thread now.


    As for myself, my main guilty pleasure is... honestly, placing probably too much weight on visuals - if an anime is beautiful, I'm much more likely to stick with it as compared to something that is just average. This makes it extremely difficult for me to get into older shows, no matter the quality. :-/


    Are you implying you don't like Dragonball Z? :o (Sailor Moon?? HAMTARO??)

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  8. I cleaned my laptop today. It was much needed. There was some strange hair-looking things caught in between the fold of the screen and keyboard. And little who-knows-whats speckled in places. It feels so fresh and new. ^0^

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  9. ^ That is hilarious. It's the driver's license designation in Ontario. A G1 driver is a new driver (you can get it at age 16). And then you take a road test after some time, and if you pass you get your G2 license (which is the full license), if I remember correctly anyway. In BC it's designated as L (Learner, can go for it at age 16), and then you do a road test and if you pass you get your N (New Driver or Class 7, there's restrictions but now you can drive on your own), and then after a year of having the N you can go for a second road test to get your full license (Class 5)



    Positive things of today (so far)

    -My writing has been really neat and tidy

    -I've been able to get around the house without the crutches

    -I successfully got up the stairs and managed to have a shower (would have been impossible yesterday or the day before)

    -Leftovers for lunch <3


    Oooh that makes sense now. Thanks for explaining ^-^ and please be careful without your crutches, please don't hurt yourself further D:

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  10. Oh ho ho ho easily 48hr+ games of Alterac Valley back in classic WoW. There was some crazy turtling involved. You could log out for the night, go to sleep, go to work/school, come home, and reenter the same match, still ongoing. Those were the days. For the Horde!

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  11. Today, I managed to sweep up all of the messes that I made at work over the last few weeks! (Before anyone found out.) Yay! (o^.^o)


    You and me both. I am like the queen of mess-making in the workplace. I'm seriously sloppy when I work; the messes I make can range from trivial to oh-my-god-who-let-a-swamp-monster-in-here epic messes. But I'm also neat because I can reliably clean up after myself right after the fact. So there's that I guess. :crazy:


    Went to gym same as usual, booked my test for my G license


    Pardon my ignorance... what is a G license? Google gave me too many answers and I can't pick one.

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  12. Oh wow, I think I can really use this right now, after the awful day I've had. So I'll do my best to list some little positive things from today, despite everything that happened ^-^


    Awwh Kohkoh *hugs* I know you've said before you were having a rough go of things lately. :'( But I'm glad you could still find the good things, little as they may be. I guess that's the whole point here, right? I hope things start looking up for you soon. By the way, what was dinner? You have my curiosity now.

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  13. I woke up early.



    Awesome. Sing me praises, hurry.


    I seriously cannot get up early in the morning unless I have to work, so kudos. It's funny because I love to be up early with a nice cup of caffeine to enjoy the morning. But my body usually is like "nah, you're going to be knocked out until noon."

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  14. If I'm being 100% honest here, I'm articulate because I used to write a ton of fanfiction back in the day (and still do,) and I've learned a thing or two about writing. I also read a lot of books. I just don't contribute very much to the whodunit discussions in twelve+ paragraphs since a chunk of my thoughts on it, ironically, are hard to actually put into words. My brain is literally baked sometimes.


    I apologise for getting off on a tangent.


    I'm standing by my previous sentiments. I think Nectar has said more than enough on it, and I have nothing else of value to add.


    But if it turns out that Sekky is the one we're looking for? Truthfully I'm just going to laugh my guts out because Sekky has been the most hilarious troll and I love it. :angel: So Sekky won't be getting my vote... not this round.

  15. a good point. but you gotta give me more credit than that, theres no way id use that as a comment after i just brought it up in the thread.


    Don't worry, I still suspect zoop over you. Whether you're our villain or not, I'm sure you'll have no qualms about that. And if you really are the one, well then I guess you can just stab me with the scissors next?

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