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    i wouldve just asked them if i could join, killing them would be a silly idea. now that theyre dead, i have no harem to join :S


    That's just the motive, then, isn't it? You could form your own harem, now.

  2. i was thinking it might be a misdirection too, but on the other hand being so obvious could be completely on purpose, so we wouldnt think it has a real meaning.


    I prefer to consider it genuine, just to be safe. Perhaps that would be giving in to the bait, but if I'm wrong, then so be it. After all, zin, the other clue points to you.

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  3. I reckon there's about nothing I can say at this point that would make me not suspicious. Except for Nectar, who seems to be overly comfortable with the idea that I'm totally innocent here. To which I shall lean back in my chair and may or may not inwardly cackle a little bit.


    I know who is getting my vote next round. That crime scene practically had their name written all over it.


    And I'm really sticking my neck out here, this might get me murdered.

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  4. i did consider that actually. but this early on in the game there's not much to go on, and taking a shot in the dark also seems like a dangerous approach no?


    i'd agree w you if everyone else werent laying extremely low to the point of zoop and i standing out rather than blending in.


    im curious why me over zoop? if its because someone has voted for me already, doesnt that prove that voting for scrooge was the safer approach?


    Simple. I don't suspect Scrooge, despite all of Scrooge's votes. And I wasn't prepared with an attorney for zoop's expected line of questioning.


    Let's be real the only villain here is Orius, folks.

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  5. I thought the same thing, you evil little rabbit thing Orius. And I can tell you exactly why that happens. With so many votes already pouring into just two candidates, if one were to vote for anyone different, the vote would be not only meaningless but also draw attention to the voter.

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  6. Me? Suspicious? Who knew saying so little would be so incriminating. :| It looks like the suspicion is stacked against Scrooge isn't it? Did anyone stop to consider that perhaps Scrooge knew it would happen that their PM would get out into the open? After sending to everyone no less. Perhaps this was the totally innocent intention. I believe the real traitor wouldn't be reaching out to everyone and drawing that unwanted attention to themselves. They would be acting like the rest of us, riddling things out. Kind of like zoop and zin, no?

  7. This post might be unpopular but here we go.


    I tend not to listen to songs pre-70s due to recording quality. It's not even that the music itself is bad- it's not bad at all. The music is just as good as any. It's just that I'm stupid and can't get over the constant unfiltered static and tin-can recording room sound that a lot of older music had. I have extremely sensitive ears and when I hear it that's all I can hear. I would absolutely adore to hear the music live, re-recorded, or even remastered. As much as I love James Taylor and the Beatles and etc. I've been spoiled with newer music with filtered tracks that just sound much nicer.


    Example: This live recording of James Taylor's Fire and Rain sounds AMAZING



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  8. Scrooge is probably working with someone as we speak. A partner in crime, and one of poor sods are going to be double-crossed. We just don't know who that person could be. Everyone is a suspect.

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  9. I've never faked sick, actually. I wasn't a very smart kid. Always bad at lying.

    I remember in my last year of high school, I stayed home for an entire week just being lazy and smoking all my mom's grass. I was quite frank about just not wanting to go. I remember she finally told me the next monday morning that I should probably go back to school and I did.

    Adult me is kind of the same, but more responsible™. I don't fake sick and I only call in when I actually am. I suppose it's gotten me a rather reliable standing within my workplace, so I get away with a lot (meaning I can be myself around the bigwigs,) because they can't fire me. (lol)

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  10. You've all been quite chatty while I was gone. I feel like I'm sitting in a courtroom jury silently observing while the attorneys duke it out. The PM was an interesting bit of evidence to discuss. I wonder what direction we're headed in.

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  11. Uh-oh I've been tagged. I don't know what Bocu no Pico is but it sounds scary and I don't want to find out. So now I have to play.


    edit: MFW I misspell Boku no Pico

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  12. I consider all forms of language beautiful. I don't see how one certain word is more foul than the next, in fact, there is a certain 'bad' word in the English language specifically which has far more uses than any other, which is totally fascinating to me. I don't go throwing around profanity in my day to day speech as if it were an article, but I am not offended by the presence of a word if it fits the context and does its job as far as communicating a feeling or situation. I don't think any words can be 'bad' words if they can be used just like any other.


    As such, profanity in fiction itself doesn't phase me whatsoever if used properly.

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