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  1. And beyond that, from what I've heard, it was a bit of a nightmare for the employees to deal with - there were apparently ingredient shortages which prompted some locations to go so far as to procure and make use of unauthorized substitutions in order to keep up with the ridiculous demand.


    So I've heard as well. It seriously looked like sugar overload in a cup though, and I don't know if you've ever consumed too much sugar at once but let me tell you your stomach likely won't be very thankful for it. All that work just to be disappointed.


    And ice drinks in winter.... You all are just crazy.

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    The f****** Tardis appears, and Doctor Who beckons you inside.


    Tell him to pause time or something so I can go watch Doctor Who for the first time.


    One day you wake up totally invisible with no explanation at all for your condition and no discernible cure. What will you do?

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  3. B-b-b-b-but... frappuccinos. :(


    Do you frown upon mochas, too? Frappes? Macchiatos? D:


    Nah, I'm just being a jerk again. Frappuccinos are alright if you don't mind a brain freeze. And I can't eat chocolate so I'm rather impartial to cocoa based drinks. It just makes me turn my head when I see people with blended iced coffee drinks in, say, winter. I drink coffee for the caffeine, not necessarily the taste.


    But I will always always frown upon that Unicorn drink. That's not even coffee.

  4. Medium blend, two sugars, irish cream. Sometimes I'll add a little frothy milk to it but a coffee ain't a coffee if you fill it up with milk and sugar now is it. And don't even get me started on the coffee imposters called frappuccinos.


    Tea is good if black with two sugars and none else. Green tea is only good if it's Glengettie.

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  5. I have heard of Wolf's Rain, but never watched.


    I am glad you could find your favorite series though.


    However, these Blu Ray releases sometimes annoy me, since many companies are putting anime that is old enough to possibly not have HD masters on BD (e.g. Yu Yu Hakusho).


    Yeah that's a consideration. It's kind of like how films from the early to mid Y2K were filmed digitally in like 720p and you can't make it better than that, yet film from say 1950 can be remastered in 4K easily due to the type of film used. I did do a bit of checking in on it and so far it looks like it renders quite well in 1080p which is good news. :D

  6. I am so stoked, my day is just made!! Wolf's Rain was one of my all time favourite animes and I owned the whole series on DVD a long time ago, but it was stolen from me and I was very, very sad about it for a long time. I was stalking the web about a year ago only to be more saddened that the series was not available anywhere anymore.


    Then today I found that it was recently as February released on Blu-Ray and I pretty much bought it immediately. :crazy: I AM SUPER EXCITED to watch it again. Nostalgia at its finest.


    Anybody else remember Wolf's Rain? Anybody else loved it? If you haven't you really should go watch it. It's freaking amazing.

  7. I for reals am mega excited for all the recommendations guys, thank you! Since I posted this thread I have actually picked up a few volumes of Wolf Boy, Attack on Titan, LoveCom, Tegami Bachi, and Platinum End. Before I pick up more manga though, I should probably finish the heap of novels I have also accumulated in my Kindle. Thanks! I'll still keep an eye on this thread for manga to add to my 'list.'



  8. OMG skillet. *Shook*


    Eee hee hee I ought to follow up on this, huh? Devour the Day and Sick Puppies were also playing, and I actually ran into Mark and Bryan from Sick Puppies in the bar across the street after the show and they were sad I didn't buy one of their shirts. But I was was too scared to sound like a creeper and ask to take a photo with them and DOH I'm still kicking myself in the head for it. I did buy a Skillet shirt, though. Oh yes. It was a super fun show even though I was a bit wasted.


    Anyway here's one of the terrible photos I snapped before I gave up and just enjoyed the show. :D



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  9. I'm going to second Optic's comment. I've looked into many different graphic tablets over the years and owned a few different ones myself. Pen displays are well into the $900+ range, and that's just the bottom of the totem pole. Professional artists will probably be using monitor PC hardware at around $2,500 or more. Even a professional pen tablet is about $300. Getting something that high end and good quality doesn't come cheap.


    If you're just a newbie at your art, it might be a better investment to get yourself a "low end" tablet to start with and simply practice your skills. And beware, while yes Huion's products are much lower price than say Wacom/XP-Pen, the quality takes a hit. Be careful where you buy from. I've owned a Huion tablet before and the casing got a crack in it after even light use which made it near impossible to use since the pen would stutter across it.


    Once you're more established as an animator and can ideally be making money off of your art, that is when I would start looking into more expensive hardware. For now though, you should be looking at tablets that have a realistic quality for the price tag.

  10. I just wanted to say that I just picked up the manga and read the first two volumes and liked it. :crazy: Yes, I am very behind on "the big" animes. But seeing as AoT is so popular, I reckoned I better get myself in the loop. So far I like the concept, it's got a dystopian feel to it and they are usually very appealing to me. So far my favourite character is Mikasa, but I'll admit I am not very far in yet so that could change.


    I'll keep reading. :angel:


    edit: I went ahead and switched to the anime since it was on Netflix. I'm interested in season 2 now, but I'll wait until I catch up in the manga to continue. Very cool series.

  11. I prefer PC for my desktop. Right now I've got it running Win10 (it was a very difficult decision to let go of Win7.) My laptop is a Mac Sierra. Mac tends to be more stable in my experience, and laptops are expensive.

  12. My sleeping pattern is never consistent since my work schedule can vary too much. Some days I'm working 5am-2pm, some days I work 11am-8pm, and some days I work doubles 5am-8pm. Sometimes I'll have an evening shift followed the next day by an AM or double, I just never know. My job is physically intensive, so when I'm off work I am either so tired I fall asleep instantly, or so awake that sleep becomes near impossible. And it doesn't help that I rarely get two days off back to back, so there's often little time to recharge batteries. It wears a person down. I have depression as well which contributes to being tired constantly, but if I slept as much as I wanted to I'd never get anything done.


    But when I do get that rare chance to sleep... man I have slept 16 hours before. It. Was. Glorious.

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  13. Nice to meet you Tefutakato (I tried to say your name three times fast, it did not go well for me lol!) You'll find a lot of friendly faces here who will happily share anime recommendations and who will also give you an outlet to talk about those series, too. I've discovered a lot of new anime here since I joined and I'm so happy I did, so far all have been good! Hope you stick around!

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  14. Welcome Andrés great to have you! I like them too although I've only seen a couple of them. Maybe I will explore some more of the magical girl genre later on. Looking forward to seeing you around! You seem like a fun person.

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